7 things are named that the doctor has no right to do during the appointment

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation told reporters what a doctor has no right to do while taking patients. These rules are enshrined in articles in the Federal Law of Russia. A medical professional may pay a fine for an offense or even fall under a criminal case. What is forbidden to do to the doctor at the reception You can find a lot of information on the Internet about the rights and obligations of medical workers. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation periodically receives complaints about the violations of doctors. Few citizens pay attention to these points. Deputies published a document on the official website of the State Duma, which indicates things that are forbidden to do during a doctor’s appointment. It is strictly forbidden for a medical professional to raise a voice on a patient. He also faces a fine if he offends Continue Reading


Smolensk dies out

… And that's all you need to know about the real state of medicine in the Smolensk region. Without chatter and PR. There are no doctors, no sisters, no equipment, no money for repairs, no money for salaries. Only debts … And therefore, the results are “impressive”: Mortality has doubled the birth rate! So for 2018 in Smolensk births 3603, deaths 4497; in Vyazma births 637, deaths 1172; respectively in Gagarin 332 and 632; in Desnogorsk 228 and 382; in Roslavl 525 and 1062; Safonovo 400 and 892; Yartsevo 391 and 902. For areas even more terrible statistics. Mortality there sometimes is FIVE TIMES higher than the birth rate. Velizh – births 72, deaths 215; Glinkovsky – births 20, deaths 78; Demidovsky – births 69, deaths 252; Dorogobuzhsky – births 175, deaths 424; Dukhovshchinsky – births 80, deaths 244; Elninsky – births 70, deaths 240; Yershichsky – births 28, deaths Continue Reading


Russia has toughened the punishment for not allowing ambulances

Penalties increased several times. For obstructing the work of doctors, criminal liability is established – up to four years in prison if the patient dies. The relevant amendments were made to the Code of Administrative Violations. Previously, for refusing to give an advantage to an ambulance with special signals on, there was a fine of up to 500 rubles or deprivation of rights for up to three months, now the amount of the fine will be up to five thousand, and the term of deprivation of rights is up to one year. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) Russia has toughened punishment for not allowing ambulances


Primorye mourns a deceased girl soon and discusses the quality of medicine.

Paid vaccine, poor-quality equipment of medical institutions and careless doctors became the subject of widespread discontent among Primorye residents For more information: https://primamedia.ru/news/838486/?from=37. Stormy controversy unfolded around Primorye’s social networks around a terrible tragedy: the sudden death of 4-year-old Varvara right in the ambulance on her birthday. Doctors, residents of the village and just concerned people express their opinions about the quality and condition of local medicine, the system of compulsory vaccination and much more. What Primorye thinks about these pressing topics is in the publication PrimaMedia. The topic of lack of professionalism of doctors, as well as the state of local medicine, which does not allow providing qualified assistance to patients and doctors to receive decent pay, caused a great wave of public discontent. As noted by residents of the village of Yaroslavsky, where little Barbara lived, the situation with medicine in the village leaves much to be desired. Continue Reading


Putin supported the idea to send graduates of medical schools to work on the distribution

New graduates of medical universities in Russia, it seems, are waiting for the distribution of jobs. The idea to return to the practice of the Soviet years for young representatives of this profession was supported by President Putin, instructing the government to prepare relevant proposals by December 1, 2019. The protocol of presidential instructions is published on the Kremlin website. We are talking about assignments that were the outcome of the media forum "Truth and Justice", held on 16 May. To solve the problem of an acute shortage of medical specialists on the ground due to the distribution of graduates at the forum was offered by the Director of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal. Vladimir Putin responded with a promise to discuss this topic with the government. Now, the Cabinet of Ministers, with the participation of the National Medical Chamber, will have to develop Continue Reading


How general optimization optimizes our medicine

News from hospitals increasingly resemble reports from some invisible front. Happy who is healthy. He can ignore them. But everyone who recently had to resort to the help of state medicine cannot help but notice that something is wrong here. Ominous optimization in Russian is translated as "reduction", and if absolutely verbatim, the dismissal. And this very optimization has covered health care after education. Disbanding, consolidation, transfusion from empty to empty. One goal – money. ON THE EVE: “In the southern Urals, medical workers complain about the cancellation of long-service payments. 1200 employees of the hospital in Troitsk received notifications of cancellation of payments. The situation is similar in the medical institutions of Chelyabinsk, Miass and Yuzhnouralsk. There, a notice of a change in the wage clause was received by the employees of the city hospital in November last year. Those who refused to sign the notice were threatened with Continue Reading


The lawyer of the Ukrainian convicted in Ukraine, Pavel Grib, reported the deterioration of his condition

The condition of the Ukrainian Pavel Grib, sentenced in Russia to six years in prison for incitement to the terrorist act, is worsening, his lawyer Marina Dubrovina told MBH Media. “I was with Pavel – the tests are getting worse, he passed biochemistry. Blood coagulation rates and the rest are getting worse. In addition to pills, there is no other medical care. He complains of headaches, there is a terrible heat in Rostov, and it is hard in the cell, ”she said. Previously, Dubrovina told me that she was not allowed to visit her defendant in a detention center three times. He stated that Grib was still not provided with the medical care he needed. He suffers from chronic diseases – portal hypertension, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Now Mushroom is located in SIZO-4 of Rostov-on-Don. March 22, the court sentenced Grib to six years in prison, he was found Continue Reading


Due to the negligence of doctors killed 3-year-old baby

In Bukovina, the wife blames doctors for the death of his 3-year-old son. According to TSN, Sasha Gorday, who suddenly had a fever and a cough, could not make a diagnosis for several days, and then did it with an error. “How was it possible to kill such a child? How can you live with it, how do you tell me? ”- Lesia Pride’s mother cries. In early June, her Sasha began to cough, his temperature rose. The doctors of the district hospital made different diagnoses. “The first doctor said there is nothing terrible, this is coughing fever. On the second day – purulent sore throat, stomatitis, on the third day – perhaps it is measles. Three doctors listened to him. Three doctors said that the lungs were clean, ”the boy’s mother said. Since there is no infection department in the Putyla hospital, Sasha’s parents were advised to go 120 Continue Reading


Deadly "simulation": as in prison doctors treated a prisoner

Despite the obvious symptoms of a serious illness, the doctors of one of the Russian colonies actually brought the prisoner to death. Meanwhile, while in Kaliningrad, a criminal case was opened against doctors who allegedly “killed” a premature baby in a maternity hospital, the Russian penitentiary system is undergoing the usual horrors, and it is impossible to even imagine that doctors who condemned prisoner Nikolai Kolyubakin to the agonizing death once gave Hippocratic oath . A human rights activist wrote about this monstrous case in her blog. journalist Olga Romanova: “How everyday they killed a man. Nikolai Kolyubakin. Etapirovan in IK-2 of the Ryazan region in November 2018. At the end of April I began to lose weight strongly, spoke of indisposition and severe pain in the intestines, in June I stopped eating. In early June, he turned to the medical unit of the colony. He was examined by the Continue Reading


Fell, stand in line, die

Hip fracture is the second cause of death of elderly people after a heart attack, but there are almost no emergency operations that can save thousands of lives. The fracture of the proximal femur is by far the most common injury in people over 60 years old, said the chief geriatrician of the Russian Ministry of Health, Olga Tkacheva. Frequent dizziness, instability of gait, impaired vision, hearing, cognitive deficit, diabetes mellitus and various neurological diseases that progress with age are aggravated by osteoporosis associated with the aging of bone tissue. The combination of these factors leads to sad consequences. Every year more than 125,000 elderly people break the thigh neck. And almost 40% of them die in the first year after the fracture, said Acting Director of the National Medical Research Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after Priorov Nikolai Zagorodniy during the Eurasian Orthopedic Forum (EOF-2019). The death rates Continue Reading