Coronavirus in Israel: hundreds of quarantined, new recommendations and restrictions

As of February 23, only one patient with the COVID-19 coronavirus was identified in Israel – this is one of the former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which had been quarantined for a month in Japan. This woman was in a group of 11 people who returned to Israel on February 21, and now all these people are under the supervision of doctors in quarantine for two weeks in specially designated rooms at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. Against this background, the number of Israelis quarantined due to the fact that they could contact tourists from South Korea on February 8-15, among whom were infected with the coronavirus COVID-19, is growing. Currently, this is about 200 people: schoolchildren and teachers from Afula, Be'er Sheva and Kiryat Haim, as well as border police officers who accompanied a group of tourists from South Korea while visiting the Forefather Continue Reading


Russia still mumbles

Research: smoking causes 15.1% of deaths in Russia. It is noted that Russia remains one of the most smoking countries in the world. MOSCOW, February 20. / TASS /. Smoking is the fourth most dangerous risk factor for Russians and causes 15.1% of deaths. This follows from a study by the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, available to TASS. “Smoking provokes 22% of all new registered diseases in adult Russians and 45% of oncological diseases,” said Natalia Komarova, director of the center. It is noted that Russia remains one of the most smoking countries in the world. According to Skolkovo, more than 35 million Russians continue to smoke cigarettes. At the same time, every fifth Russian smoker smokes more than one pack per day. Skolkovo experts believe that the legislative leveling of electronic cigarettes with tobacco will reduce smoking levels from 29% to 16% by 2035, and the proportion of Continue Reading


The fruits of the "reforms": lung diseases in Russia are growing at a catastrophic pace

The state of the capital’s health care, despite the “optimization”, continues to deteriorate An extremely alarming post was left on his blog by a famous politician and municipal deputy Ilya Yashin: “At our council of deputies yesterday, the heads of district clinics spoke. They presented a report on the work, cheerfully reported success. But if you delve into the details – a very difficult impression. Firstly, residents immediately began to resent the lack of local doctors, which are difficult to make an appointment with. People are annoyed that doctors are constantly changing: they want to go to an appointment with one doctor who knows the history of their illness, but there is simply no such opportunity. Secondly, citizens are unhappy that according to the instructions, the doctor of the clinic should spend no more than 12 minutes on the patient. “It’s true, there is such a standard,” agreed the head Continue Reading


Chief physician fired for escaping patients suspected of coronavirus

The chief physician of the Botkin Hospital was fired after the escape of patients with suspected coronavirus. The chairman of the St. Petersburg Health Committee Dmitry Lisovets fired the head doctor of the city clinical hospital named after Botkin Alexei Yakovlev, reported the publication "Doctor Peter." Earlier, three patients escaped from the hospital who were hospitalized due to suspected coronavirus. According to Mr. Lisovets, the dismissal took place “on the initiative of the employer”. Acting head physician appointed Ivan Fedunyak. Alexei Yakovlev is an Honored Doctor of Russia, a member of the European Association of Gastroenterologists, a member of the Society of Immunology and Immunorehabilitation (EASL), a member of the Ministry of Health's Methodological Commission on Infectious Diseases, including HIV. Mr. Yakovlev has been working in the Botkin Hospital since 1980, since 1994 – as the head doctor. As Kommersant reported, in late January, one of the escaped patients, Alla Continue Reading


Tragedy instead of American citizenship. Russian children died in New York

Russian woman lost twins due to the negligence of doctors in an elite American hospital. Russian woman lost two children during childbirth in the elite hospital of New York Lenox Hill. The woman in labor wrote about this on her page on Instagram. Lyubov Malygina wrote that in the 41st week of pregnancy, she started having labor pains and was taken to the hospital, where many American celebrities gave birth. The Russian woman claims that the twin pregnancy passed without complications and she arrived at the hospital in a good mood and well-being. However, Malygina writes, doctors did not notice a uterine rupture during attempts. The Russian woman accused the doctors of being left alone in the ward and did not provide timely assistance. According to Malygin, despite her numerous requests to call a doctor, she was examined and delivered to an ultrasound only after 40 minutes. She claims that Continue Reading


We don’t leave our own! Golodets experience in optimizing medicine is useful in Sberbank

Olga Golodets was appointed to the post of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank. She will oversee the medical field in the bank, in the ecosystem and digital GR. MOSCOW, February 11. / TASS /. Former Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets confirmed that the Supervisory Board of Sberbank approved her candidacy for the post of Deputy Chairman of the Board of the credit organization. She informed TASS about this. “The Supervisory Board of Sberbank approved my appointment,” she said in an interview with TASS. In turn, the head of the bank German Gref noted that the appointment of Golodets to Sberbank should be approved by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Gref also said that Golodets will oversee the medical direction at the bank. "We decided to create a medical platform. She (Golodets) will oversee the medical direction in the bank, in the ecosystem and digital GR," he Continue Reading


Coronavirus patients in Russia began to recover

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that two Chinese citizens who have been diagnosed with coronavirus are now "preparing for discharge." It is reported by Interfax. According to her, the necessary anti-epidemic measures were taken in relation to patients, they feel good. As soon as the negative results of their examination are received twice, they will be discharged. Popova also said that all previously evacuated from China to the Tyumen region are doing well, no one has detected a coronavirus, the official channel on the coronavirus prevention headquarters of the Tyumen region said in a statement. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) Coronavirus patients in Russia began to recover


Prices for medical masks in Russia soared 500 percent

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) named the Russian regions where the prices for medical masks soared the most. This is stated in the message published on the website of the department. A multiple increase in value was found in 68 subjects of the country (out of 85). “The largest growth in individual names of medical masks was detected in the Ivanovo region (by 485 percent), in the Tambov region (by 431 percent),” the FAS said. In addition, in Ingushetia, masks rose in price by 400 percent, in the Nizhny Novgorod region – by 374, and in the Murmansk and Moscow regions by 354 and 305 percent, respectively. The agency explained that the rise in price is mainly due to the increase in purchase prices. To monitor the situation, the FAS will create an operational headquarters. Demand for protective equipment has risen sharply due to the spread of previously unknown coronavirus, Continue Reading


Bondarenko: Ukraine is on the verge of a medical collapse – people will die right on the streets

Health care reform is a great opportunity for black transplantologists. Ukraine has become a free donor platform, so the lives of millions of Ukrainians are at risk. This was in an exclusive commentary to the Kharkov News Agency, People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation Elena Bondarenko. The health situation in Ukraine continues to be disastrous. A new reform, which began to be introduced under the former and. about. Ulyana Suprun, US Secretary of Health just kills Ukrainians. Closed hospitals, feldsher points, specialized dispensaries. People in the village are left without the help of doctors; nobody cares about their life and health. Medical staff massively travels abroad. There is nobody and nothing to treat Ukrainians Since the “revolution of hydrology”, time in Ukraine “for the sake of economy” has decreased by 800 hospitals. The number of hospital beds decreased by almost a quarter, that is, by 97 Continue Reading


The shortage of oncologists in Russian clinics has reached two thousand specialists

According to the chief freelance oncologist of the Ministry of Health Andrei Kaprin, the shortage of oncologists in Russian clinics has reached almost two thousand people. This problem is less acute in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and most seriously – in the clinics of the Far East and the North Caucasus. "According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, today there is a shortage of oncologists in the outpatient clinics of 1987 people," RIA Novosti reports. Novye Izvestia has repeatedly written about the catastrophic shortage of doctors in the regions of Russia. The shortage of doctors in the Altai Territory, for example, was recognized even by the regional Minister of Health. According to official figures, the number of doctors there is 48.5%, and that of mid-level specialists is 60.8%. In the Novosibirsk region, 2,000 doctors are lacking, including 400 doctors and 1,500 mid-level specialists. Last summer and autumn, Continue Reading