Veteran sues hospital for a scalpel left in his body

For several years, an elderly veteran from New Haven, Connecticut, suffered from abdominal pain until he found out the reason for his illness – it turned out that surgeons had forgotten a scalpel in his body during an operation. An alien body was detected during an X-ray examination, when 61-year-old Glenford Turner turned to a local veteran hospital with severe pain and dizziness. It turned out that the scalpel was forgotten in August 2013 in the same medical facility during a prostatectomy. The surgical knife was dangerously close to the patient’s intestines and stomach. Turner had to undergo a dangerous operation to eliminate the tool. Now the injured military demands damages. With the support of the law firm Faxon Law Group, he filed a lawsuit with the US Federal District Court. "It is unthinkable when a medical facility, especially serving veterans, is so negligent for patients … Better treatment can Continue Reading


Bio-sensor monitors body readings and then disappears.

UConn engineers have created a biodegradable sensor that can help doctors monitor chronic lung diseases, brain swelling and many other diseases before they dissolve harmlessly into the patient's body. The small, flexible sensor is made from medical materials already approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in surgical sutures, bone grafts and medical implants. It is intended to replace existing implantable pressure transducers that have potentially toxic components. These sensors should be removed after use, exposing patients to an additional invasive procedure, increasing recovery time and increasing the risk of infection. Since the UConn sensor emits a small electrical charge when pressure is applied to it, the device can also be used to provide electrical stimulation for tissue regeneration, the researchers said. Other potential uses include monitoring patients with glaucoma, heart disease, and bladder cancer. “We are very pleased because it happened the first time these biocompatible Continue Reading


Attach the plantain. Ukraine becomes a country without doctors

In the Ukrainian hospitals began a shortage of doctors. It comes to the fact that the remaining doctors have to be on duty for themselves and for their colleague who has left, and anesthesiologists are transported from office to department in order not to disrupt operations. The reason is that the specialists are leaving in large numbers to work in Europe, and there is simply no one to replace them. One instead of four The catastrophic situation has developed in Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region – there is simply no one for local people to operate. “Most of the operating surgeons of the“ Nikopol City Hospital No. 1 ”KP have quit, and now, on the daily shift, instead of the prescribed four urgent surgeons on duty in pairs, 12 hours each, only one works during the day. Also, a shortage of personnel arose among the nurses of the anesthesiology, intensive care and Continue Reading


Photo: golden toilet for management done in the Ural University

In the Ural State Economic University, they made a golden toilet for the management of the university. The restroom amazes with expensive tiles, gilding, stucco and other luxurious decorative elements. At the same time on the big elegant mirror there is an inscription: "A woman, firmly confident in her beauty, will be able, in the end, to convince everyone in it." In addition, the walls are decorated with lamps and paintings of stone. However, according to university students, the audience and toilets for students are in a very neglected state. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) Photo: a golden toilet for management was done in the Ural high school Please follow and like us:


The most anticipated scientific events of the year have become known.

Experts studied the events that this year await the scientific world, and identified three of them that can dramatically change the history of human development. The leader of this rating was the operation to transplant a human head, which the Italian surgeon intends to carry out. The doctor notified the world community in 2015 for the intention to make this breakthrough in science. A year later, an experimental operation was carried out on rats. It is expected that this year will be transplanted head human. "Silver" experts also gave an event in the medical field. In the next 12 months, the first robot with a doctor’s license may appear in the world. It is about the development of Chinese scientists – android with deep knowledge of medicine, which is able to cope with medical duties. The third position in the list is also occupied by the achievement of researchers from Continue Reading


Media: the investigation will never call the source of billions Zakharchenko

The funds have already been converted to state revenue. A source of “Rosbalt” in law enforcement agencies said that the origin of the gigantic amounts of cash found at Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko will never be officially explained. According to the source, this is due to the fact that “the one who actually transferred this money will not declare his rights to them. Zakharchenko is a crafty man. Even if he decides to tell you, he will not have much faith. " In addition, "the money has already been turned into state income", in connection with which, in the event of the appearance of their previous owner, "unnecessary problems" may arise. However, the same source recalled that one can speak of at least two sources of the origin of the funds of the colonel. The first of them is “Nota-Bank”, which kept the illegal money of one of the state-owned companies. Continue Reading


We will live longer, but suffer more, scientists say

According to researchers from Newcastle University (Newcastle University), the number of older people suffering from several chronic diseases will increase significantly by 2035. Diseases such as diabetes, senile dementia, cancer and depression will affect almost every elderly person in the future. Scientists from the Institute for Aging (Institute for Aging) argue that every third elderly person who will be diagnosed with chronic medical illness will suffer from dementia, depression or other forms of cognitive impairment. Scientists predict that over the next 20 years there will be a significant increase in patients simultaneously with several chronic diseases. The studies, which are part of the MODEM project, were funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the NHS research unit, the National Institute for Health Research (National Institute for Health Research). Life expectancy is also projected to increase by 2035: an additional 3.6 years for men and 2.9 for women. However, Continue Reading


Doctors are sounding the alarm: a stroke can catch up at any age

Doctors are concerned that over the past decade, the average age of people who have had a stroke is rapidly decreasing. The figures show that in recent years the number of people aged 40–45 years who survived the first stroke has increased from 33% to 38%. According to preliminary estimates, only in 2016, about 57 thousand people in England suffered a stroke. More and more young and middle-aged people suffer from strokes. The British Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes that the cause of this phenomenon lies in the unhealthy lifestyle that has become the norm in modern society. Therefore, doctors urge citizens to seek help with the manifestation of the initial symptoms of the disease in order to avoid tragic consequences. The slightest delay – and a person can remain disabled for life or even die. Professor Julia Verne (Julia Verne), director of public health in England, said Continue Reading


There are no more people in medicine

The article “Notes” about a pregnant woman who was put out on the street to die from the Simferopol hospital, for five days, read 300,000 people. Resonance is explained – we hit the nerve. Having slipped between the mass consciousness and reality, this story, like a spark, helped us to understand what kind of cruel car insurance companies turned our medicine into. And the latest news confirms this. Recall, on January 17, the pregnant and ill 21-year-old Russian citizen Tatyana Pimenova was put on a winter street in slippers from the Semashko Republican Hospital in Simferopol. Exposed due to the fact that she did not have a policy OMS. The next day, the girl died. The scandal after the publication broke out federal. Officials report that the doctor who refused to Tatiana to be hospitalized is dismissed. Network guards argue that this is an isolated case. But this week, with Continue Reading


The state will remove the cost of medicine

The authorities are discussing the reform of compulsory health insurance (MHI) to increase the liability of insurance companies, while removing some of the responsibility from the state. This writes the newspaper Vedomosti, which belongs to the family of Demyan Kudryavtsev, citing sources. The issue of the MLA was discussed at a meeting with Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, and representatives of the Central Bank and major insurance companies participated in it. The idea was that the role of insurers in the process of CHI was insufficient: they only let in cash flows, the source said. The national health care payment system needs reforms that will be tested in several regions, the meeting participants stated. Russian health care is funded according to the Soviet budget principle, said Alexander Troshin, chairman of the working group of the All-Russian Union of Insurers on OMS Development. Every year in January, a commission from representatives of Continue Reading