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Google has advocated the use of CRISPR to prevent heart disease

Have you ever wondered why some lucky people eat chips, do not play sports and, nevertheless, do not clog arteries? Perhaps this is due to the fact that they have happy genes. And here, Alphabet (the parent company of Google) is funding a start-up company that plans to use gene editing to distribute successful DNA variants using the CRISPR tool. You should already know what CRISPR is. Cardiologists involved in this movement say that DNA injection injections can "provide lifelong protection against heart disease." Google supports CRISPR Startup Verve Therapeutics raised $ 58.5 million from sponsors including Google Ventures. What makes Verve different? Most gene therapy companies are focused on rare diseases like hemophilia. But Verve believes that editing people's DNA will help eliminate the most common cause of death. Scientists know that some people have very low cholesterol levels, no matter how hard they try. They even have a Continue Reading

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# video | Created "breathing" analogue of the human lung

Scientists from Rice University used 3D printing technology to create a miniature analogue of the human lung. The artificial organ turned out to be quite tiny – no more than a coin, but as the Popular Mechanics portal notes, in the future this revolutionary model can have a serious impact on the development of transplantology and moving away from the shortage of organs needed for transplantation. Only in the United States alone, 114,000 people are waiting for their turn for the transplantation of certain organs. In addition, during organ transplantation, people have to take special medications that block the body's rejection of new transplanted organs. According to scientists, bio-printed organs will be able to solve both problems. “One of the main obstacles to creating an analogue of a functioning living tissue was the inability to print complex vascular systems, which in the body serve to transport blood, air, lymph and Continue Reading

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Wearable on the face "laboratory" allows you to replace a blood test

Engineers at the Fluid Interfaces Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a wearable sensor that attaches to a person’s cheek and collects information about the concentration of certain biological markers in saliva in real time. The developers of the device on the MIT website note that such a device can save a person from the need for blood tests. It is equipped with a compact biomechanical paper sensor that responds to substances of interest in saliva, allowing you to monitor the state of the body. A blood test is a fairly reliable way to find out what is happening and in what condition is the human body as a whole and its individual organs in particular. However, a blood test is not always convenient, it is difficult to carry out constantly, despite the fact that some studies require monitoring changes in the concentration of certain substances in Continue Reading


Ministry of Health promises to cure a new way

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has expanded the list of chronic non-infectious diseases in which patients need to remain under the scrutiny of medical professionals. Since May 7, the Ministry of Health of Russia has introduced updated rules for the implementation of dispensary observation. According to the new order, a much larger contingent of citizens with chronic diseases falls under the enhanced observation of physicians. In total, the updated list contains about thirty chronic ailments. First of all, the list includes diseases of the heart and vascular system, as well as the condition of patients who have only undergone surgery or are recovering from a stroke or heart attack. Also, dispensary observation should be subject to citizens with chronic lung disease, including those who have had pneumonia, as well as suffering from bronchial asthma. The list of diseases included by the Ministry of Health includes stomach ulcers, Continue Reading