The lawyer of the Ukrainian convicted in Ukraine, Pavel Grib, reported the deterioration of his condition

The condition of the Ukrainian Pavel Grib, sentenced in Russia to six years in prison for incitement to the terrorist act, is worsening, his lawyer Marina Dubrovina told MBH Media. “I was with Pavel – the tests are getting worse, he passed biochemistry. Blood coagulation rates and the rest are getting worse. In addition to pills, there is no other medical care. He complains of headaches, there is a terrible heat in Rostov, and it is hard in the cell, ”she said. Previously, Dubrovina told me that she was not allowed to visit her defendant in a detention center three times. He stated that Grib was still not provided with the medical care he needed. He suffers from chronic diseases – portal hypertension, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Now Mushroom is located in SIZO-4 of Rostov-on-Don. March 22, the court sentenced Grib to six years in prison, he was found Continue Reading