How general optimization optimizes our medicine

News from hospitals increasingly resemble reports from some invisible front. Happy who is healthy. He can ignore them. But everyone who recently had to resort to the help of state medicine cannot help but notice that something is wrong here. Ominous optimization in Russian is translated as "reduction", and if absolutely verbatim, the dismissal. And this very optimization has covered health care after education. Disbanding, consolidation, transfusion from empty to empty. One goal – money. ON THE EVE: “In the southern Urals, medical workers complain about the cancellation of long-service payments. 1200 employees of the hospital in Troitsk received notifications of cancellation of payments. The situation is similar in the medical institutions of Chelyabinsk, Miass and Yuzhnouralsk. There, a notice of a change in the wage clause was received by the employees of the city hospital in November last year. Those who refused to sign the notice were threatened with Continue Reading