A matter of life and death: a big failure is not in medicine, but in its financing

For the national project “Healthcare”, the budget has planned six times less money than to provide for the apparatus of officials and state authorities, nine times less than the costs of national security and 13 times less than for defense The current situation in Russia has many different assessments, we will listen to the most authoritative. For if one of the domestic politicians is really not inclined thicken paintis Vladimir Putin. So it is considered, at least … – the analyst writes in his blog Andrey Nalgin. But even a calm and calm president described the state of affairs with the unflattering word “failure”. And this is a disturbing assessment, because it is literally about matter of life and death. Because failure ascertained in the vital primary link of Russian medicine. The Russian healthcare system in the regions is in crisis and is in dire need of modernization. This was Continue Reading