The expert told how technical palm oil provokes cancer

Glycidyl ethers contained in industrial palm oil account for 37% of cancer cases. The statistics were cited at a press conference by the first deputy director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Applied Medicine and Food Safety of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Dmitry Edelev. According to him, the danger of glycidol was established during experiments by the Cancer Institute of the World Health Organization (WHO). It turned out that every third cancer occurs in people who consume products with industrial palm oil. That is, the scientist continued, if you put things in order with food regulations in Russia and refuse high concentrations of glycidyl ethers and glycidol, then the incidence of cancer can drop by one third, "RIA Novosti reports. Glycidyl ethers are formed in vegetable oils and fats, primarily palm, which are processed at high temperatures. About 83% of palm oil contains glycidyl ethers in an amount Continue Reading