“Bury Patients!”

Recently, an unprecedented event took place in the Republic of Altai: audio recordings of people’s conversations began to be distributed in Internet groups in the region, their voices and topics of conversation giving the right to assume that the participants in the conversation were the Minister of Health of the Republic of Altai Andrei Makin, the head physician and head of the Ust-Koksinskaya district hospital Svetlana Adybaeva and Andrei Fishermen. The decoding of the audio recordings is given below: Record 1. (Inaudible) A voice similar to Adybaeva’s: And how should we defend ourselves? A voice like Makin’s: From whom? From the ministry or what? A voice similar to Adybaeva’s voice: Why from the ministry? From the fact that we do not have an anesthetist today. A voice similar to Makin’s voice: Guys, I say again – there is no anesthetist in three hospitals, the only hospital that wrote to the Continue Reading


Decomposition of medicine: bureaucrats become millionaires, doctors become poor

Catastrophic processes take place in Russian medicine, which in the end will completely destroy it. The class stratification of nomenclature and plebs in science, education and medicine began not 5, but 15-20 years ago. In the 90s, the directors of research institutes and university rectors realized that they were landlords of profitable real estate and their incomes no longer depended on their main activity. In the zero years, they learned to earn money on paid expert examinations of the world pharmacy and protect the “commercial segment”. Nowadays, they have known the joy of distribution and state security, which began to be distributed in the right hands. As a result, they became at the same income level with top officials and middle-class businessmen. But unlike them, they also gained administrative and political weight. The catastrophic events taking place recently on the medical front, according to the Moscow blogger Gleb Kuznetsov, serves Continue Reading