Patients from the Saratov hinterland are taken 200 km for hemodialysis in a car with cabbage

Patients with renal failure from the district center of Dergachi in the Saratov region are taken to hemodialysis in Engels by car with cabbage. On the record from social networks it is seen that patients with bandages on their hands are crowded on benches in the cabin, surrounded by nets with cabbages of cabbage and boxes of other goods. “Disabled people of the first group. On hemodialysis. In the car where vegetables are transported! Judging by the video, the place for people in the car is determined by the residual principle. On a vital procedure several times a week, people are taken along with bags of cabbage and boxes. The machine on which people are transported is intended for the hoariness of the Dergachev Central District Hospital, ”the authors of the recording commented. According to fn-volga.ru, representatives of the regional Ministry of Health replied in the comments that the money Continue Reading