3D glasses have been adopted by Polish heart surgeons

Cardiologists turned to three-dimensional technology to improve the accuracy of operations, reports Reuters. They operated on the patient in special glasses that allow them to see what is happening in the patient's chest in three dimensions. Surgeons already know the systems that collect information about the human body during the operation, but they present the data in the form of two-dimensional images on a regular monitor. Such images do not give the required depth, and doctors are forced to constantly re-examine themselves, touching the tissues of the organ.

The ability to see everything in a three-dimensional environment allows the surgeon to maneuver more freely during the operation. We are talking about the transmission of real-time information obtained during the ultrasound scan. These data are transmitted immediately to special glasses, which are a holographic display of mixed reality.

It is known: the method was tested during the operation of one patient who needed to expand the mitral valve. “Three-dimensional holographic displays will allow doctors to use valuable information and change their approach to work in real time, providing dynamic control during the operation. Synthesis of computer technologies and visualization in real time promises to increase the success of operations,” the report of the Polish experts says.

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