A Chinese citizen with a coronavirus complains about a hospital in Chita

A Chinese citizen Wang Yunbin, who was hospitalized with coronavirus in the Trans-Baikal Territory, complained about the conditions of detention in the Chita hospital. His letter and video from the hospital published the portal Chita.ru.

“Hello, I’m that Chinese from Russian news from the Trans-Baikal Territory who is allegedly infected. I just cough, nothing else bothers me, doctors don’t tell me that I’m infected, and they don’t give me test results. I learned from the news that I may be infected, ”the translation writes.

The man apologizes for his illness, explaining that he simply went with his wife and child to rest in China, not knowing about the coronavirus.

“Despite the result, I hope for help, since my child has a fever and has diarrhea – from the Chinese news I realized that it is very dangerous, but the conditions in the hospital where we are are not enough for our rehabilitation,” he writes.

According to the patient, many doctors do not work on weekends. “I found myself in such a situation that I don’t know if my child needs emergency help, whether doctors can provide it in a timely manner.

In China, the doctor is in a similar situation for 24 hours near the patient, as the patient’s well-being may suddenly worsen, and the necessary equipment may be required. I hope that my child will be able to help. My daughter is Russian, she is only two years old, she is very small, ”the man writes.

According to him, during the week he and his daughter donated blood for analysis six times, but the doctors did not give results.

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“On health, apparently, we have no questions. I have a small child in my arms, she has the whole pen already in the wake of the injection. Is it possible to take blood from a small child so many times without the results of the analysis ?! We would like to receive the results of the analysis, to know whether we are sick or not, if suddenly we have a disease, my child needs urgent help, ”he writes.

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