A matter of life and death: a big failure is not in medicine, but in its financing

For the national project “Healthcare”, the budget has planned six times less money than to provide for the apparatus of officials and state authorities, nine times less than the costs of national security and 13 times less than for defense

The current situation in Russia has many different assessments, we will listen to the most authoritative. For if one of the domestic politicians is really not inclined thicken paintis Vladimir Putin. So it is considered, at least … – the analyst writes in his blog Andrey Nalgin.

But even a calm and calm president described the state of affairs with the unflattering word “failure”. And this is a disturbing assessment, because it is literally about matter of life and death.

Because failure ascertained in the vital primary link of Russian medicine.

The Russian healthcare system in the regions is in crisis and is in dire need of modernization. This was announced on Wednesday by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the modernization of primary health care. “The primary link is failure. That’s the problem, ”the head of state said. “If our primary health care link is in the condition it is still in, the number of heart attacks and strokes will not decrease.” And each of them, we add from ourselves, is fraught with catastrophic consequences for humans, and mortality from cardiovascular diseases, we have first place among all the reasons.

What is this failure?

The material and technical base of polyclinics and outpatient clinics consists mainly of the heritage of the USSR. Many hospital buildings have not been repaired since the collapse of the Union and are outdated. The population complains about poor conditions, queues for specialist doctors and their shortage. In general, the country now lacks more 25 thousand doctors over 130 thousand mid-level medical workers, as well as narrow specialists. In addition, at the beginning of 2017, thirdsmedical organizations had no running water, 35.5% – sewage, 40.5% – central heating. And the depreciation of fixed assets in the field of public health and social services exceeded the national average 56%.

This is in the literal sense – catastrophe.

But the disaster, unfortunately, man-made. Mass layoffs of medical personnel were carried out in polyclinics and hospitals last year for the implementation of the May 2012 decree. Having no resources to tighten salaries for the presidential election, the leadership of the regions decided to distribute the same size of the salary fund among fewer people. In the whole country, about 35% junior health workers. This made it possible to report on the increase in salaries in polyclinics and hospitals: the same size of the salary fund was distributed among fewer people.

Now, however, in medicine money began to flow again. For the national project "Health" in the budget is planned 1.36 trillion RUB for the coming 6 years, or average 226 billionrub. in year. However, this is in six times less than the budget annually spends on the maintenance of the apparatus of officials and state authorities (1.4 trillion rub.), in nine times less than the annual cost of national security (2 trillion rub.) and in 13 times less defense appropriations (about 3 trillionrub.).

And the question is, isn’t it too late pour fire, which also in large part plundered?

And for those who begin to remember that high medical expenses instead of the army were in Libya, another topic for reflection: how will we survive with such failure? "

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