Hi, my name is Heather B. Williams. Thank you for visiting my blog, and welcome! And since you are on this page, you are obviously interested to learn a little more about the blog and its author 🙂

I have been keeping my electronic diary since 2015. For all this time, it has accumulated a sufficient number of interesting and useful notes. Therefore, for the convenience of site search, I suggest using simple navigation at the top. You can search for notes by categories or topics, as well as in the keyword cloud. If the numbers are closer to you, you can search through the archives by year.

I write the materials posted on the blog myself, and I would be grateful if you read the “Materials Rights” section before using my information for your own purposes or on your own behalf.

I do not have the ability to track the further fate of all the links that I leave in the notes. Unfortunately, some of them break, so if you notice a broken link, feel free to contact me, and I will gladly correct it.