As in the US, medical expenses are paid by foreigners without insurance

Last week, TUT.BY published a story about a Belarusian who was involved in an accident in the United States and did not have insurance. He underwent several surgeries, the boy spent a month in a coma. Hospital bills are likely to pay. But, according to relatives, the young man will need a long rehabilitation, which can cost a lot of money. Now they are raising funds for it.

Yuras Zyankovich, a Belarusian politician and public figure who lives in the United States, a lawyer in the state of New York, explained what Belarusians in the United States should do if they are out of insurance and need help from doctors. He told why you should not be afraid of large bills from the American hospital and how to recover the costs of the hospital without the participation of the victim.


If you have ended the insurance, and you got into an accident, you will not be treated?

– Treat will be in any case. I have not seen a single case in which a person who has had an accident remains without medical support. Either way, the expenses of insurance are borne by the guilty party or paid by the state itself.

Some details on insurance may vary from state to state, but the basic principles will be the same. In all states, there is a system of insurance, and insurance always covers three types of damage – medical expenses, economic, for example, a broken car, non-payment of wages for the time of illness and damage associated with pain and suffering. For pain and suffering, people receive the greatest compensation. Payments for economic damage, pain and suffering depend on who is to blame. If a person is innocent, then he is entitled to this compensation.


Who in this case will pay the expenses of the clinic?

– Medical expenses are usually paid for by insuring the guilty party. If it is not enough, then the personal property of the perpetrator is used. Also, such costs may cover the state.

In this case, medical insurance never covers treatment after a car accident, it is the task of car insurance of the guilty party.

I remember a specific case in New York, when a woman without documents and insurance, an illegal woman from Poland, got hit by a bus. She barely survived. Despite the fact that the company that owned the bus and the insurance company went bankrupt, it was cured and she still received $ 100,000 in compensation. In this case, the state assumed all costs.


Who can help figure out how to cover the costs of the clinic?

– You need to contact a lawyer, they are the ones who deal with such issues in America. You can find a lawyer at www.avvo.com. There you can choose the state, city, language spoken by the lawyer. You need to meet and explain the situation.

In this case, the lawyer does not have to pay anything in advance. As a rule, he receives 1/3 of the compensation for pain and suffering. However, he does not claim any money for treatment, nor for economic damage. The lawyer receives the money only after the victim receives compensation.


What to do if there is a shortage of insurance for the guilty driver, and he only has a mortgage from his property?

– Mortgage can be partially paid, which means that there is something to take. If a person works somewhere, then you can take his salary. There are no hopeless situations. Plus, there may be a thousand nuances: if a person went to work or from work, then you can judge his employer.


Can the perpetrator of the accident also not be insurance?

– Riding without insurance is a felony. Everything will depend on the state. But in most cases, if there is no insurance, then the state assumes obligations for compensation. Moreover, there is a special insurance in case the guilty party does not have it.


Who will cover the clinic's expenses if a person slipped and broke his leg?

– If you broke your leg, you should be taken to the nearest hospital, first cured, and then deal with the payment. In this case, you can also contact a lawyer.

At the same time, all expenses incurred by the hospital must be discussed and bargained with it. This is what insurance companies are doing: due to the discussion, the amount can be reduced several times.

I had a case where the manager had appendicitis and had no insurance. The clinic billed for 20 thousand dollars, but of them he paid 500, because he said that there was no money. This is how this system works. Here, patients are treated, that is, they are treated more than necessary. For hospitals, this is big money and business.

There are many people in America who do not have health insurance and are unable to pay their expenses for a hospital. Therefore, there is a bill for you and that guy. The hospital always has patients who have not paid, and they need to cover these costs. And this again explains why you can discuss any account of the hospital. In this case, you can make arguments that you are an emigrant, have worked for three months and now you have a thousand dollars, and if the hospital wants, you can pay it.

Also, if you are billed and while you pay at least $ 100 a month, no one will sue you. Pay as much as you can, and no one will do anything to you.


What happens if you do not pay and go to your country?

– Your business will be transferred to collectors, they are professionally engaged in knocking out debts. If you are already in another country, they will try to get this money back. Therefore, it is better not to ignore any accounts and remember that as long as you pay at least something, there is no reason to do something bad to you.


How much can work with lawyers take?

– Medical expenses are paid immediately. And this is a hospital problem when they are compensated. The client sends the hospital bill to a lawyer, he sends it to the insurance company. People can go home. If the hospital has any complaints, he can solve them with the insurance company.

The situation with compensation for pain and suffering can take a year or a year and a half. But all the courts – this is the problem of a lawyer.

If a person needs money, and the courts for compensation for pain and suffering are not over, then you can contact the special companies that give loans in such situations. They are not very profitable, but nevertheless this opportunity can be used.

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