Russian healthcare awaits modernization

Reduce the waiting time for medical care, create schemes according to which a person will most likely be able to get an appointment with a doctor. And also, the salary of medical workers, social support measures for people in white coats. Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the modernization of primary health care. Until November 30, an analysis of the technical condition and degree of wear of buildings, equipment, vehicles will be carried out. This will allow the regions to approve the passports of all medical facilities by the end of the year. Also expand the use of telemedicine. By the way, on Yamal it is almost everywhere. It is used for consultation with specialists from leading medical centers of the country. Particular emphasis was placed on the development of a network of feldsher-midwife points. Vladimir Putin – President of the Russian Federation: “We are talking about faps, polyclinics of Continue Reading


Migrants will help solve the personnel issue in medicine

Close vacancies for psychiatrists, oncologists and emergency doctors will help attract foreigners, according to the Ministry of Labor. The staffing potential of Russian doctors can cover the country's need for doctors by only 4%. This follows from the data of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health. About 1 thousand doctors are registered at labor exchanges, while the need for specialists is many times greater: the deficit of oncologists alone is 4 thousand people. To solve the problem, the agencies are ready to attract foreign labor – doctors from abroad are planning to issue Russian passports in a simplified manner. Replacing vacant places with migrants will help at least temporarily resolve the current situation, experts surveyed by Izvestia say. In Russia, there are acute shortages of oncologists, psychiatrists, orthopedists, oculists, neurologists, and many other doctors. According to the Ministry of Health, only polyclinics are deficient in more than Continue Reading


They promised to deal with the salaries of doctors

Russian President Vladimir Putin, TASS reports, instructed at the legislative level to approve the requirements for the structure of the salaries of doctors. The list of instructions says: "To adopt the necessary regulatory legal acts aimed at approving the requirements for the salary structure of medical workers, including the establishment of the share of guaranteed payments for official salaries in the salary structure, while providing for the reduction of compensation and other payments." Also, officials should provide for the establishment of a single list of incentive payments and a single list of compensation payments, as well as the conditions for the purpose of these payments to medical personnel and the introduction of a training system and the formation of a managerial personnel reserve for the healthcare system. Executors of instructions have a deadline of April 30, 2020. At the same time, amendments will be made to the Labor Code of Continue Reading


Doctors talked about the main benefits of grapes

It helps strengthen cells and has a rejuvenating effect. The grape seeds contain vitamins A, E and K, as well as natural oils. All these substances contribute to cell strengthening and anti-aging effect. But the berries are worth eating with the seeds, then they will bring more benefits. In addition, the grape contains a substance from the plant estrogen resveratol group. It lowers blood cholesterol and inflammatory processes in the vessels. Also in the grapes there are important phenolic compounds: caffeic acid, quercetin and miracetin. According to doctors, they protect the body from the development of cancer. Doctors also advise choosing darker berries, as they have more antioxidants. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) Doctors talked about the main benefits of grapes Please follow and like us:


Biologists first implanted memories into the brain

Scientists managed to implant information about the structure of songs directly into the brain of songbirds. Scientists have applied the methods of optogenetics – a scientific field, the methods of which can regulate the functioning of nerve cells with the help of light. The research of biologists is written by the scientific journal Science. Scientists have long been trying to figure out how a person learned to speak in the process of evolution, and what areas of the brain are involved in learning speech. The researchers tried to establish this with the help of songbirds, reports TASS. The object of the study, scientists chose zebra amadines (Taeniopygia guttata), whose process of learning to sing is in many ways similar to the process of teaching a person to speak. These birds listen to the singing of their parents in early childhood and, many times repeating individual fragments of the melody, in Continue Reading


Patients from the Saratov hinterland are taken 200 km for hemodialysis in a car with cabbage

Patients with renal failure from the district center of Dergachi in the Saratov region are taken to hemodialysis in Engels by car with cabbage. On the record from social networks it is seen that patients with bandages on their hands are crowded on benches in the cabin, surrounded by nets with cabbages of cabbage and boxes of other goods. “Disabled people of the first group. On hemodialysis. In the car where vegetables are transported! Judging by the video, the place for people in the car is determined by the residual principle. On a vital procedure several times a week, people are taken along with bags of cabbage and boxes. The machine on which people are transported is intended for the hoariness of the Dergachev Central District Hospital, ”the authors of the recording commented. According to fn-volga.ru, representatives of the regional Ministry of Health replied in the comments that the money Continue Reading


“Bury Patients!”

Recently, an unprecedented event took place in the Republic of Altai: audio recordings of people’s conversations began to be distributed in Internet groups in the region, their voices and topics of conversation giving the right to assume that the participants in the conversation were the Minister of Health of the Republic of Altai Andrei Makin, the head physician and head of the Ust-Koksinskaya district hospital Svetlana Adybaeva and Andrei Fishermen. The decoding of the audio recordings is given below: Record 1. (Inaudible) A voice similar to Adybaeva’s: And how should we defend ourselves? A voice like Makin’s: From whom? From the ministry or what? A voice similar to Adybaeva’s voice: Why from the ministry? From the fact that we do not have an anesthetist today. A voice similar to Makin’s voice: Guys, I say again – there is no anesthetist in three hospitals, the only hospital that wrote to the Continue Reading


Decomposition of medicine: bureaucrats become millionaires, doctors become poor

Catastrophic processes take place in Russian medicine, which in the end will completely destroy it. The class stratification of nomenclature and plebs in science, education and medicine began not 5, but 15-20 years ago. In the 90s, the directors of research institutes and university rectors realized that they were landlords of profitable real estate and their incomes no longer depended on their main activity. In the zero years, they learned to earn money on paid expert examinations of the world pharmacy and protect the “commercial segment”. Nowadays, they have known the joy of distribution and state security, which began to be distributed in the right hands. As a result, they became at the same income level with top officials and middle-class businessmen. But unlike them, they also gained administrative and political weight. The catastrophic events taking place recently on the medical front, according to the Moscow blogger Gleb Kuznetsov, serves Continue Reading


Doctors talked about diseases that are worse than cancer

Doctors have denied the stereotype that oncology is the worst disease, naming five deadly diseases. According to doctors, today malignant tumors can be treated in most cases, if detected at an early stage. Meanwhile, there are diseases that leave a person almost no chance. For example, "mad cow disease" or Creutzfeldt-Chkob disease affects the spinal cord or brain, which is destroyed, leaving the patient without vital feelings. In second place on the list is fatal insomnia, a genetic disease that can last from seven months to three years, during which a person gradually dies, experiencing hallucinations and panic attacks. In the case of incurable rabies, asphyxia leads to death. If the infected person does not vaccinate within two weeks, the irreversible stage occurs when, after external sedation, the patient suddenly dies from heart paralysis or breathing. Next, doctors identify Marburg hemorrhagic fever, also known as "green monkey disease". First detected Continue Reading


The expert told how technical palm oil provokes cancer

Glycidyl ethers contained in industrial palm oil account for 37% of cancer cases. The statistics were cited at a press conference by the first deputy director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Applied Medicine and Food Safety of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Dmitry Edelev. According to him, the danger of glycidol was established during experiments by the Cancer Institute of the World Health Organization (WHO). It turned out that every third cancer occurs in people who consume products with industrial palm oil. That is, the scientist continued, if you put things in order with food regulations in Russia and refuse high concentrations of glycidyl ethers and glycidol, then the incidence of cancer can drop by one third, "RIA Novosti reports. Glycidyl ethers are formed in vegetable oils and fats, primarily palm, which are processed at high temperatures. About 83% of palm oil contains glycidyl ethers in an amount Continue Reading