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Tuberculosis can be defeated until 2045

The world can eradicate tuberculosis by 2045 if the fight against the deadly disease is properly funded, a group of international experts said. In their opinion, inaction will entail enormous economic and social costs, and the world needs to improve screening, treatment and public awareness in order to reduce the more than 10 million cases of the disease that are recorded annually. How to beat tuberculosis? Tuberculosis is a chronic lung disease that can be prevented and cured if detected in a timely manner, but more than 1.6 million people die from it every year. “This is a huge problem and an economic burden for both developing and developed countries,” says Eric Goosby, the United Nations special envoy for this issue. “This is not rocket science, it’s just common sense. We need to start a new prevention strategy. ” Tuberculosis has been around for thousands of years and lurks in Continue Reading


"Dry out" – why treat sick old people?

My girlfriend's mom lives in a village near Moscow. Last month she felt bad, fell in her room. Well, the grandson was at home, called an ambulance. They took her to the hospital, and here she is there for a day, another week. And do not do anything with it. A friend decided to talk to a doctor: what is it with my mother, what is the diagnosis, how to treat? The doctor, a woman of about forty, was surprised: “What do you want from me?” “I want you to examine your mother, find out her problems and prescribe the appropriate medications,” a friend explained. – At seventy-eight? The doctor said and looked at her friend as the last fool. “So what if she is seventy-eight years old?” —A girlfriend was surprised now. “Nothing,” the doctor shrugged her shoulders and ended the conversation with useful advice. “I didn’t even immediately Continue Reading


The military, who fell into the abyss on the BTR, are in serious condition

The surviving Russian servicemen who were in the armored personnel carrier that had fallen into the abyss in Abkhazia are in serious condition. “The condition of the officer and conscript soldier who suffered after the fall of an armored personnel carrier from a 40-meter height in Abkhazia is assessed as stably heavy, he underwent operations,” a source in Russian military medical circles told TASS. He clarified that one of the victims had been operated on at a military medical institution in Rostov-on-Don, and the other in St. Petersburg. The survivors were diagnosed with fractures and damage to internal organs. As reported, on January 18, the BTR-80, in which there were five Russian servicemen, followed in a convoy to a mountain range in Abkhazia. Previously, because of the fall of the ground, the combat vehicle fell down – three soldiers died on the spot, two were hospitalized. Upon the incident, a Continue Reading


The official told the parents of sick children that "she needs to return youth"

Residents of Saratov actively oppose officials closing medical facilities in the city. At the meeting of citizens with officials, the authorities behaved rudely and were rude to members of the initiative group of citizens. According to Svobodnye Novosti, a member of the public chamber of the Russian Federation and the United Russia party, Elena Stolyarova threatened to call the police at the meeting, and her colleague Tatyana Topilina responded to the words of the citizens that they needed a hospital, said: “I need to return youth And left the meeting. As the deputy of the regional Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bondarenko told the Rosbalt correspondent, the process of “reorganization” of medical institutions, which boiled down to their closure, met with resistance from parents of children who were treated in Polyclinic No. 10 and Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 6. “Some time ago, parents were Continue Reading


In Chebarkul, after a ski race, a soldier fell ill with pneumonia, and then died in a hospital

A 20-year-old soldier of the military unit of the Chebarkul garrison, Dmitry Popov, called up from Perm, died in a hospital in Moscow after becoming ill with pneumonia. This was reported to Znak.com by an expert with the ombudsman for the Chelyabinsk region, the coordinator of the human rights organization “The servicemen also have rights” Alexei Kovalev, who will soon start working with the family of the deceased. The soldier’s mother, Elena Popova, is sure that her son could be saved. The young man died on February 3 in Moscow at the Central Military Hospital named after Vishnevsky, where he had already been brought in serious condition. Now, on the fact of the death of a soldier, a pre-investigation check is conducted, the results of which will be a procedural decision. As the mother of the deceased serviceman, Elena Popova, told Znak.com, her son fell ill in early January after Continue Reading


Russian medical assistance arrives in Venezuela

Russian doctors and a batch of medical equipment arrived in Venezuela, the Associated Press reported In the reports of the Russian state news agencies RIA-Novosti and TASS, neither the total size of the cargo, nor the peculiarities of its content are specified. According to RIA Novosti, a diplomatic source reports that the ship with a cargo of assistance was assembled under the auspices of the World Health Organization. Russia is an ally of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whose rights are challenged by opposition leader Juan Guaydo due to the resumption of the political crisis in the country. Guaydo collects international humanitarian aid against Maduro and calls for international support. Maduro promises to block the importation of aid into Venezuela, saying that these efforts are part of an attempted coup led by the United States. . (tagsToTranslate) Newsland (t) news (t) latest news (t) Russian medical assistance arrives in Venezuela Please Continue Reading


Israeli billionaire Ehud Laniado died during an operation to increase dignity

According to French media, a 65-year-old billionaire Ehud Laniado, a citizen of Israel who died in Paris during a penis enlargement surgery. Laniado, who also has a Belgian passport, was a co-owner of the Antwerp company Omega Diamond. He made a fortune on diamond mining in Angola, with which the president was on friendly terms. Although in Israel the name of the deceased was not known to the general public, according to experts in the diamond trading market, this is one of the largest players in the diamond market. The Belgian authorities suspected Laniado of tax evasion on a large scale. . (tagsToTranslate) Newsland (t) news (t) breaking news (t) Israeli billionaire Ehud Laniado died during a dignity increase operation Please follow and like us:


On the dancing uterus did not stop. Malysheva came on the air with his head in his hands

The host of the program “To Live Healthy”, Elena Malysheva, brought a model of her head to the studio for recording the program. Also received and her co-hosts. Thus, the program decided to illustrate the development of Alzheimer's disease. According to Malysheva, in case of a terrible malady, I would like to have a spare head. “Will you recognize loved ones and loved ones? Will you remember something or will time take your head off your shoulders like we did today with our heads torn down? ”- Malysheva asked the audience. Previously, she had to respond to criticism about the dancing uterus. The TV presenter noted, as the National News Service writes, that the format of the program provides not reading a lecture, but entertainment education. Therefore, there is nothing unusual in using growth figures. The scandal, as written by “URA.RU”, caused a dance performed by actress Svetlana Galka in Continue Reading