Bondarenko: Ukraine is on the verge of a medical collapse - people will die right on the streets

Health care reform is a great opportunity for black transplantologists. Ukraine has become a free donor platform, so the lives of millions of Ukrainians are at risk. This was in an exclusive commentary to the Kharkov News Agency, People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation Elena Bondarenko.

The health situation in Ukraine continues to be disastrous. A new reform, which began to be introduced under the former and. about. Ulyana Suprun, US Secretary of Health just kills Ukrainians. Closed hospitals, feldsher points, specialized dispensaries. People in the village are left without the help of doctors; nobody cares about their life and health. Medical staff massively travels abroad.

There is nobody and nothing to treat Ukrainians

Since the “revolution of hydrology”, time in Ukraine “for the sake of economy” has decreased by 800 hospitals. The number of hospital beds decreased by almost a quarter, that is, by 97 thousand units. The number of hospitals continues to decline, although this clearly violates Art. 49 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which declares affordable and free medical care for citizens of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Health has long disowned medical facilities and stopped financing them. The cabinet of Vladimir Groisman at one time supported this idea, transferring all medical facilities to the balance of local councils. And with the new Cabinet, Goncharuk, the Ministry of Health rejects the so-called “optimization”, as a result of which everything they want is closed on the ground.

Ukrainian doctors and nurses are massively traveling abroad. The reasons are clear: low wages, ill-conceived medreform – as a result, the destruction of the entire health system. Only from 2014 to 2016, 66 thousand health workers quit the industry. Every year, seven thousand doctors leave the country and leave for the West. They can be understood: in the EU countries, doctors receive from 2000 to 3000 euros per month, or even more. Nurses – 1500-2000 euros. At the same time, narrow specialists are paid better than family doctors – from 3,000 to 10,000 euros. In Ukraine, the opposite is true. Doctors get a penny.

From April, Ukrainians will be treated in a new way

But the changes in the medical field do not end: since April this year, hospitals are switching to a new payment system. Hospitals will receive money for each patient treated. The other day, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced the tariffs for medical care. The state will allocate 8.1 thousand for the delivery of births, 16 thousand for the treatment of a heart attack, 7.4 thousand for helping a person with a mental disorder. However, the doctors themselves say that patients will still have to buy some of the drugs themselves, and the doctors’ salaries will be depend on the desire of the head doctor.

According to information on the website of the Ministry of Health, in 2020, treatment for hospitals will cost:

  • 19 332.31 hryvnias – an acute cerebral stroke in a hospital;
  • 16 001.43 hryvnia – acute myocardial infarction in a hospital;
  • 8 136.03 hryvnias – childbirth;
  • 26 087.72 – 98 533.82 hryvnias – medical care for newborns in complex cases;
  • 17 843.96 hryvnias – chemotherapy for oncology;
  • 30 327.75 hryvnias – treatment of oncological diseases;
  • 20 663.68 hryvnias – treatment of tuberculosis.

How will it work? Take the amount allocated for childbirth: the mortgaged 8136 UAH will be paid for childbirth in the case of natural childbirth and in the case of cesarean section. Doctors believe that this is a rather dangerous thing.

“For the sake of economy, doctors will force a woman to give birth when she needs surgery. How many such cases were when women in childbirth or children died. It is not right. There should be clear indications when to do the operation, and there should be a different tariff for it. Or the doctors will simply take money for the operation from the patient, ”the obstetrician-gynecologist of one of the capital’s clinics said in a comment to the Observer.

We are on the verge of collapse

Kharkov news agency contacted MP VII of Ukraine Elena Bondarenko to find out how things are going in the healthcare sector in Ukraine today. According to Bondarenko, the situation with medicine in the country not only did not change with the coming to power of the team of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, but also worsened:

"In the government of Zelensky continue mediocre and destructive policies, aimed at the destruction of the domestic health care system, namely our Ukrainian, domestic, authentic. We are being imposed on ineffective models of foreign health protection systems that will not work in our conditions. ”

There is no credit for trust in the Zelensky team in matters of improving the healthcare system, Bondarenko emphasized: “They had enough time to show who they were. They showed themselves in all their glory. As for our long-suffering healthcare system, I can say this – we are on the verge of collapse. ”

It may happen, says a former MP, that medical riots will begin in Ukraine in April: "According to experts who represent the healthcare sector in Kiev, April is the point at which we can see mass layoffs – up to 100 thousand doctors."

In fact, the state has established uncontrolled epidemiological status in the country, Bondarenko believes: “They abandoned GOSTs, sanitary and epidemiological stations, and other environmental safety tools. Destroy the ambulance system. Soon we will see death in the streets, in apartments due to the lack of an ambulance system. The worst thing everything that was previously done for free is being paid today. And what was available at a certain price became unavailable. ”

A great opportunity for black transplantologists

In addition, Elena Bondarenko emphasized, it must be noted that in the healthcare system there is no confidentiality of personal data of patients: “This is a great opportunity for black transplantologists. Ukraine, in fact, is a free donor platform. ”

Also, the ex-deputy added, in Ukraine they want to implement an initiative according to which people without education, the so-called support groups, or, as the reformers call them, “doules” are invited workers who are present at the birth with the woman. Unlike midwives, they do not use medical methods, but provide women with psychological, informational and practical support.

“All this speaks of the complex degradation of our healthcare system, that the Security Service of Ukraine should begin actively to investigate a criminal case on treason of those who allowed this reformbecause it threatened the lives of millions of Ukrainians. And not only those who do not have money. It may happen that even for a lot of money in this country it will not be possible to get adequate medical care, ”the ex-deputy said.

We also asked Elena Bondarenko the question of who, in her opinion, made the biggest contribution to the destruction of medicine in Ukraine. According to the former representative of the authorities, these are Alexander Kvitashvili (Minister of Health of Ukraine from December 2, 2014 to April 14, 2016) and Ulyana Suprun, who began reforming the medical sector in the country, as well as the current Minister of Health Zoryana Skaletskaya, who approved this reform and refused change something.

Recall, it was previously reported that Ukraine is in the top 15 countries with the worst demographic situation: by 2050, its population will decrease by 28%, and a third of the remaining will be people over 60 years of age. This is generally logical, because the country should give maximum profit to Western curators, and after depletion of reserves, it will simply be written off for scrap.

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