[Правда 1951]: Weaning from Hippocrates

The editors will try to submit this article from the newspaper Pravda No. 15 of 1951 in a special way as a detective story with a continuation. Perhaps this technique is not new in journalism, but for our rubric it is a real experiment. Why not, if the article in the article “Truth” deals with the doctor-innovator and his revolutionary method for the treatment of serious skin diseases and soft tissue diseases for the USSR. So, the story will consist of two parts, two articles by different authors, written at completely different times. In conclusion, according to tradition, there will be editorial conclusions. = = = HIMPOINT EXTRACTION Under Hippocrates (the fifth century BC), the method of treating diseases, which is now given the name “radiation therapy with fusion,” did not yet exist. On this basis, some venerable medical figures do not want to recognize the new method. However, worshiping Continue Reading


"Conditions do not compare." Belarusian doctors about why they left to work abroad

According to the Ministry of Health, about 200 Belarusian doctors leave to work abroad annually. In reality, their number may be greater, because the statistics do not take into account those who went to work in Russia. Young specialists say they want to go abroad due to lack of career prospects, poor living conditions and low salaries. The government’s departure of doctors causes serious concern (although, for example, this does not bother the president). FINANCE.TUT.BY talked with Belarusian doctors who left to work in other countries about why they decided to move, how difficult it was to do it and how work abroad differs from work at home. The picture is illustrative. Photo: Olga Shukailo, TUT.BY History from the Czech Republic: “The hospital provides housing. There are dinners, medical insurance " Surgeon Anton (name changed. – Ed.) From Grodno has been living and working in the Czech Republic for five Continue Reading

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Ukrainians are offered to sell organs to pay for a communal apartment

On Wednesday, deputies of the Ukrainian parliament adopted the bill "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regulating the Transplantation of Anatomical Materials to Man." The corresponding decision was supported by 261 deputies. Later, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Dmitry Kuleba wrote in his Twitter that “The Verkhovna Rada on the 1st reading approved a bill that will remove bureaucratic barriers to the development of transplantation.” At the same time, the politician called him "a small but important step of Ukraine towards European practice, which will save 3-4 times more lives due to organ or bone marrow transplantation." To this, an opposition deputy from the Opposition Platform For Life party, Vadim Rabinovich, in an interview with NewsOne, stated that "Ukrainians are offered to sell organs to pay for a communal apartment." “Dear Ukrainians,” he turned to his compatriots. – I want to congratulate you! Today, Continue Reading


Anton Belyakov: "The deficit of vital medicines is growing in the country"

Today, Russia is the absolute leader in the consumption of generics among developed countries, 2.5 times higher than the EU average in this indicator. Only now, as practice shows, even at such a pace, generic drugs do not yet cover the growing shortage in the drug market. And not only patients, but also doctors who are forced to work in conditions of drug shortages with all the associated risks, become hostages of this situation. Ex-senator, head of the Vladimir branch of the United Russia party Anton Belyakov spoke about the reasons for the state of emergency: “In July this year, in the relevant department of the Ministry of Health and the Duma committee on health protection, they confirmed information that 700 drugs are in the application for withdrawal from the Russian market. In particular, Japanese companies warned of leaving Russia. A little later, the first deputy head of the “ER” Continue Reading


Nurses: in the Sakhalin Regional Hospital they inject stubs and sterilize a one-time

Nurses: in the Sakhalin Regional Hospital they inject stubs and sterilize a one-time Three nurses, working in the anesthesia and resuscitation department of the Sakhalin Regional Clinical Hospital, contacted the Sakh.com news agency. Go to the media, and before that, go to the prosecutor (a copy of the statement is in the editorial office) they were forced by intolerable working conditions and fear of being extreme in case of any incidents. The fact is that the usual practice in the institution, they say, is the use of expired medications and even sterilization of disposable consumables – tubes, dilatation kits for tracheostomy, "blades" for intubation, and so on. Handicraft packaging of “disposable” items after sterilization All this is superimposed on difficult working conditions – periodic processing, increased workload, lack of staff and disrespect from direct management. As a result, there is a constant staff turnover and fear that the next patient, Continue Reading


In the Smolensk region, a mother of two children died due to lack of medical care

In one of the villages of the Smolensk region, a woman died due to the fact that she was refused medical care. According to Readovka, a 38-year-old female pharmacist at the pharmacy in the village of Kholm-Zhirkovsky felt ill on November 22 and tried to see a doctor, but within three days the doctor did not appear on the spot. As a result, on November 25, the woman died. According to the publication, the cause of death was pulmonary thromboembolism. The woman left two children and a husband. The Investigative Committee announced the start of the audit. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) In the Smolensk region, a mother of two children died due to lack of medical care Please follow and like us:


All doctors quit Novocherkassk infectious diseases hospital

In the hospital of the infectious diseases hospital of Novocherkassk (Rostov Region), only nurses remained, all the doctors quit. About this writes "KP" with reference to the city health. The medical staff of the institution consisted of four infectious disease specialists, including the head. Two doctors older than 70 years and their younger colleague wrote leave of their own free will. Head of the department while on sick leave, but he also decided that he would leave the hospital as soon as he recovered. Whether the doctors quit due to low salaries, heavy workloads or other reasons, the publication does not report. Patients with infectious diseases in connection with this situation will be hospitalized in medical institutions Aksay and Rostov-on-Don. On the eve of in Russia, doctors went to protests because of the adversity in their industry. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) All doctors quit Novocherkassk Continue Reading


A large-scale action against the collapse of medicine took place in Russia: there are detainees

On Saturday, an action was taken in different cities of Russia against the collapse of medicine and poor-quality medical care. This was reported on Twitter by the inter-regional union of medical workers "Alliance of Doctors." In Moscow, patients and doctors went to the building of the Ministry of Health on Neglinnaya Street. They demanded to stop optimization in medical institutions and to return to the workplace dismissed doctors. Doctors [email protected] Thank you all, you are heroes! Dozens of cities, hundreds or even thousands of people today came out with demands to give decent medicine to all Russians. #We want live <a href = "https://twitter.com/alyansvrachey/status/1200764545301712896/ photo / 1 "rel =" nofollow "><a href = "https://twitter.com/alyansvrachey/status/1200764545301712896/ photo / 1 "rel =" nofollow "> 84 <a href = "https://twitter.com/alyansvrachey/status/1200710655860449280/ photo / 1 "rel =" nofollow "> thirty <a href = "


In Volgograd, died before the operation, a one-year-old girl

The one-year-old Nastya Orlova, one of the patients of the transplantologist Mikhail Kaabak, whom he had to operate before the end of 2019, died. This was reported to Kommersant by a representative of the initiative group of parents of patients of Mikhail Kaabak, Marina Desyatskaya, the author of a petition on the website Change.org, in which parents asked the Ministry of Health to give an opportunity to Mikhail Kaabak and his colleague Nadezhda Babenko to continue working at the National Center for Children's Health (NCHZD) ) In September, the head of the NCHA, Andrei Fisenko, told Kaabak and Babenko that they would not be issued full time at the institution because of claims to the drug they used, called alemtuzumab, which is used in organ transplants. Officially, the termination of cooperation with doctors in the center and the Ministry of Health was explained by the goals of maintaining a constant Continue Reading


Import substitution can kill cystic fibrosis sufferers

While in Western countries with this genetic disease people live on average up to 45 years, in Russia they with difficulty and agony reach 20 More recently, Harvard scientists have discovered a new way to change DNA, and even rewrite it. Using their find – prime editing – you can fix any type of mutation. Scientists have tested prime editing on different types of human cells. It turned out that it works more accurately than the advanced CRISPR / Cas9! – reported the most prestigious scientific journal in the world Nature This discovery will allow scientists to correct DNA "typos", that is, the genes affected by the mutation. So genetic diseases like hemophilia are cured, cystic fibrosisleukemia. However, Russia before these technologies as before the moon. It’s special to become, and patients with extremely serious genetic diseases, such as, for example cystic fibrosis, there’s actually nothing to hope for. And Continue Reading