"Notebook in 12 leaves." Billions of Zakharchenko believed his mother

According to the prosecutor, the billionaire has entrusted this matter to the woman, since in the past she was a teacher of mathematics. The mother of the ex-colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dmitry Zakharchenko, kept records of the money that came to her in a school notebook of 12 sheets. As stated by the prosecutor Sergei Bochkarev at a meeting in the Nikulinsky Court of Moscow, investigators found these records in the apartment for a billionaire on Lomonosovsky Prospect. – Notebook in 12 leaves, in the ticker she executed. I regard this as a supplement to this huge amount of money, ”he said. Bochkarev is sure that Zakharchenko entrusted his mother with counting money because in the past she worked as a mathematics teacher. – All the calculations that are given in this notebook are made in a column. The amount is such and such amount. We later Continue Reading


As in the US, medical expenses are paid by foreigners without insurance

Last week, TUT.BY published a story about a Belarusian who was involved in an accident in the United States and did not have insurance. He underwent several surgeries, the boy spent a month in a coma. Hospital bills are likely to pay. But, according to relatives, the young man will need a long rehabilitation, which can cost a lot of money. Now they are raising funds for it. Yuras Zyankovich, a Belarusian politician and public figure who lives in the United States, a lawyer in the state of New York, explained what Belarusians in the United States should do if they are out of insurance and need help from doctors. He told why you should not be afraid of large bills from the American hospital and how to recover the costs of the hospital without the participation of the victim. one If you have ended the insurance, and you got Continue Reading


In Russia, collected a million signatures for the ban on abortion

Orthodox activists of the movement "For Life!" brought to the walls of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation more than a million signatures for the ban on abortion and intend to transfer all documents to Vladimir Putin, according to the page supporting the action "Forty Forty" in the network "VKontakte" on November 21 The video, which is published on the social network page, captures how dozens of people lined up in a live queue, in their hands they have 100 boxes with captions. The boxes are decorated with children's drawings, each of them indicates which region it came from. However, the Orthodox faced unexpected difficulties, the RIA "Novosti" reports. It turned out that at once the staff of the presidential administration cannot accept and issue all the subscription lists and will do it gradually. Now, activists will have to bring three boxes a day to the window to send Continue Reading


Head transplant surgeon promised immortality

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero (Sergio Canavero), known for his plans to transplant the head to a living person, is going to provide people with immortality. According to Kanavero, he launches a new phase of his project – BRAVE (Вrain anastomosis venture), within which the first transplant of the human brain will take place. The scientist believes that this will allow people to become immortal, because, unlike head transplants, a young body can rejuvenate old nerve cells without a risk to the immune system. The operation should be carried out in 3-5 years. Kanavero hopes to get ahead of the Russian specialists who are involved in the Avatar project and expect to transplant the human brain into an artificial body. The Italian surgeon also complained about the ignorance of the Americans, who were skeptical of his plans, and praised the Chinese, who gave him the title of professor and funded his Continue Reading


Academy of Medical Sciences has become a family business

A journalistic investigation revealed that many academicians and corresponding members push their close relatives to the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. This video was posted to the FB by Senator of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation Anton Belyakov with the following comment: “A very painful for the RAMS (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) journalistic investigation. I would not like to comment. However, this is not necessary … " It turned out that even such famous academic doctors as Yevgeny Chazov and Leo Bokeria participate in the “academic” frauds! Moreover, children, grandchildren, wives and husbands of academicians inherit not only academic mantles, but also quite rich nourishing posts in institutes and clinics, famous for their fathers and mothers … Moreover, for relatives and friends, respected doctors in the RAMS create special places! Thus, in the USSR there were 143 academicians and 183 members of the Academy of Medical Continue Reading


By hook or by crook. The authorities of the Russian Federation are taken for self-employed "from the other end"

Authorities continue to discuss ways to stimulate small entrepreneurs to get out of the shadow and pay taxes. As Vedomosti writes, online cash registers can offer them to simplify calculations and various bonuses – for example, participation in the system of private companies that will offer marketing services for them, tax deductions for those who use the services of such entrepreneurs. Both self-employed and individual entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs) without employees can take advantage of all this. According to Rosstat, in the informal (shadow) sector of the economy in the first half of this year almost 19% of all able-bodied Russians were involved – more than 13 million people. In 2016, their share was 21.2%. According to experts, the share of those who, in addition to their basic earnings, take part-in-time part-time jobs and do not pay taxes on them, is even higher – more than a third of the able-bodied. According Continue Reading


Rostec and Alisher Usmanov will deprive Russians of cheap drugs

The Russian government is inventing new projects to raise money from the Russians. The next step is mandatory labeling of goods The government announced its intention to outlaw all drugs produced from January 1, 2019, which do not have special markings. To do this, a special QR code will be applied to the medicine, which, according to the authors of the initiative, will guarantee that the product is not counterfeit, since with its help anyone who wishes can move from the manufacturer to the pharmacy counter using a special application. This whole system, which in the future should cover the entire Russian market (not only pharmacies), will be given into private hands, namely the Center for the Development of Promising Technologies to Alisher Usmanov, and the Rostec State Corporation, which has already offered its services for the production of the necessary equipment for implementation of the project, and the amount Continue Reading


The guard's wife Putin suddenly became a billionaire

Lyudmila Murova, spouse of the former head of the Federal Security Service Evgeny Murov, was included in the Forbes list, becoming the owner of a number of large enterprises. This is what the Interlocutor writes about, noting that the company previously belonged to the arrested businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who worked closely with state contracts from the FSO. According to Forbes, to which the Interlocutor refers, the pensioner Murova became the owner of a share in the United Medical Center, one of the largest Russian medical companies, in particular, “crushing the market for issuing official certificates for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Migration Service in St. Petersburg”. Murovoy also now owns half of Mikhalchenko’s “Ovsyanoye” estate (the second half is owned by a colleague of her husband, KGB Nikolai Negodov). The assets in Murovoy include the share in LLC “Property Management“ Plant “Izmeron”. The plant itself is engaged Continue Reading


Expert: Russians began to die more often from AIDS

In Russia, the number of newly registered HIV infections is rapidly increasing. Experts warn about this on the eve of World AIDS Day. “Unfortunately, the number of infected people is growing in Russia. We had 103 thousand new cases last year. By November, we already had another 75 thousand registered. That is, by the end of the year there will be at least 100 thousand, ”said Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS. In 2014, there were 89,808 new cases, in 2015 – 98232, in 2016 – 103,438. Pokrovsky also announced an increase in the number of deaths of patients with HIV-positive status. “Our number of deaths is increasing. Last year, 18.5 thousand people, according to Rosstat, died of AIDS. In fact, more than 30 thousand people died with HIV, but why did the remaining 15 thousand die – a Continue Reading


Artificial muscles have overtaken these

A technology has been developed for creating inexpensive artificial muscles based on a rigid frame enclosed in a soft chamber. Muscles are reduced by reducing the pressure in them, and they can be created using different materials. The article was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. + Engineers who develop robots often use designs in their inventions that resemble living beings in function. Despite this, robots still use electric motors or internal combustion engines, coupled with complex mechanical gears, to move. Some researchers take a different approach and develop sources of movement that are closer in structure to the muscles. There are already quite a few prototypes of artificial muscles that can contract like real muscles, but almost all of them require expensive materials and technological processes, while the effectiveness of many of them is still low. + Researchers led by Robert Wood (Robert Wood) Continue Reading