Chief physician fired for escaping patients suspected of coronavirus

The chief physician of the Botkin Hospital was fired after the escape of patients with suspected coronavirus.

The chairman of the St. Petersburg Health Committee Dmitry Lisovets fired the head doctor of the city clinical hospital named after Botkin Alexei Yakovlev, reported the publication "Doctor Peter." Earlier, three patients escaped from the hospital who were hospitalized due to suspected coronavirus. According to Mr. Lisovets, the dismissal took place “on the initiative of the employer”. Acting head physician appointed Ivan Fedunyak. Alexei Yakovlev is an Honored Doctor of Russia, a member of the European Association of Gastroenterologists, a member of the Society of Immunology and Immunorehabilitation (EASL), a member of the Ministry of Health's Methodological Commission on Infectious Diseases, including HIV. Mr. Yakovlev has been working in the Botkin Hospital since 1980, since 1994 – as the head doctor.

As Kommersant reported, in late January, one of the escaped patients, Alla Ilyina, returned to St. Petersburg from Chinese Hainan, where she spent her vacation. A few days later she turned to doctors complaining of a sore throat, after which she was hospitalized at the Botkin Hospital. The girl was supposed to spend two weeks there, but already the first tests were negative. Nevertheless, they were not going to release her from the hospital before the quarantine expired. Then Alla Ilyina broke the lock on the door and left the department without permission.

Recall that the total number of cases in the world is 75.2 thousand people. During the day, the indicator increased by 1.9 thousand. In 26 countries of the world, except for the PRC, 922 cases of infection were registered. More than 2 thousand people died, 14.3 thousand recovered.

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