Coronavirus officially became a global emergency

WHO recognized the spread of coronavirus as an emergency of international concern.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the spread of coronavirus, which began in China, as an international emergency. This was announced by Director General of the organization Tedros Gebreyesus on Twitter.

According to him, the level of damage that the infection can cause in countries with less developed health care systems than China is unknown. However, the head of WHO does not currently see any reason to recommend the introduction of restrictions on international travel and trade.

The term “public health emergency of international concern” is defined in the International Health Regulations as “an extraordinary event that poses a public health risk in other states as a result of the international spread of the disease and could require a coordinated international response”.

This definition implies a situation that:
– is serious, sudden, unusual, or unexpected;
– fraught with consequences for public health beyond the national borders of the affected state; or
– may require immediate international action.

If international health emergencies are recognized, the WHO Director-General may accept the interim recommendations provided by the Emergency Council for countries in areas such as travel, surveillance, clinical management of diseases, and infection control.

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