Deadly "simulation": as in prison doctors treated a prisoner

Despite the obvious symptoms of a serious illness, the doctors of one of the Russian colonies actually brought the prisoner to death.

Meanwhile, while in Kaliningrad, a criminal case was opened against doctors who allegedly “killed” a premature baby in a maternity hospital, the Russian penitentiary system is undergoing the usual horrors, and it is impossible to even imagine that doctors who condemned prisoner Nikolai Kolyubakin to the agonizing death once gave Hippocratic oath . A human rights activist wrote about this monstrous case in her blog. journalist Olga Romanova:

“How everyday they killed a man. Nikolai Kolyubakin. Etapirovan in IK-2 of the Ryazan region in November 2018. At the end of April I began to lose weight strongly, spoke of indisposition and severe pain in the intestines, in June I stopped eating. In early June, he turned to the medical unit of the colony.

He was examined by the doctor Taraskina Marina Ivanovna. Despite the fact that Nikolai was very thin and stopped eating, the doctor said that you just need to go to the toilet and everything will pass, he was prescribed omeprazole. After his condition only worsened, Nikolai lost 40 kilograms, experienced severe bowel pain, pressure 60/80, high fever and vomiting. He had not eaten for a month and did not go to the toilet.

After the second visit to the medical unit, Taraskina accused Nicholas of a simulation, and he was placed in the ShIZO for 7 days. 06/24/2019 Nikolay's relatives appealed to the prosecutor’s office, after which Nikolai was sent to the medical unit. 06/25/2019 Nicholas was sent to the prison hospital (FCLPU B-2), on the same day his relatives arrived at the hospital and spoke with the head of the department Kuzkina Viktoria Viktorovna, who also insisted that he simulates.

Relatives again appealed to the prosecutor’s office, the head of the department Kuzkina informed the prosecutor’s office that Nikolai was in serious condition with suspected intestinal obstruction. 06/26/2019 Nicholas was transferred to a civilian hospital and operated on.

As it turned out later, he had a twitch and collapsed appendicitis. Already on 06/27/2019 he was transferred back to the B-2. 06/28/2019 Nicholas died … "

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