Doctors talked about diseases that are worse than cancer

Doctors have denied the stereotype that oncology is the worst disease, naming five deadly diseases.

According to doctors, today malignant tumors can be treated in most cases, if detected at an early stage. Meanwhile, there are diseases that leave a person almost no chance.

For example, "mad cow disease" or Creutzfeldt-Chkob disease affects the spinal cord or brain, which is destroyed, leaving the patient without vital feelings. In second place on the list is fatal insomnia, a genetic disease that can last from seven months to three years, during which a person gradually dies, experiencing hallucinations and panic attacks.

In the case of incurable rabies, asphyxia leads to death. If the infected person does not vaccinate within two weeks, the irreversible stage occurs when, after external sedation, the patient suddenly dies from heart paralysis or breathing.

Next, doctors identify Marburg hemorrhagic fever, also known as "green monkey disease". First detected in Europe in the 60s of the last century, the disease was not widespread, but mortality from it can reach 90%. The disease begins with a sharp increase in temperature, a few days later the abdominal pain appears, and in the second week a person may die from an toxic toxic shock.

Closing the list is progressive fibrodysplosia – a rare disease due to which the human muscles turn into bone. Note, scientists have not yet found any proven methods of treating this terrible disease.

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