Due to the negligence of doctors killed 3-year-old baby

In Bukovina, the wife blames doctors for the death of his 3-year-old son.

According to TSN, Sasha Gorday, who suddenly had a fever and a cough, could not make a diagnosis for several days, and then did it with an error.

“How was it possible to kill such a child? How can you live with it, how do you tell me? ”- Lesia Pride’s mother cries. In early June, her Sasha began to cough, his temperature rose. The doctors of the district hospital made different diagnoses. “The first doctor said there is nothing terrible, this is coughing fever. On the second day – purulent sore throat, stomatitis, on the third day – perhaps it is measles. Three doctors listened to him. Three doctors said that the lungs were clean, ”the boy’s mother said.

Since there is no infection department in the Putyla hospital, Sasha’s parents were advised to go 120 km to the regional center. An infectious disease diagnosis is measles. “Inspection lasted no more than a minute. Immediately he – measles. He sat down at the table and immediately began to write this conclusion. Not offering us a thermometer, not listening, and not offering us hospitalization, ”says Lesya Gordey.

The family returned home, but the boy did not stop temperate and cough. When Sasha became ill, the family doctor decided to hospitalize him. “He was gray, his lips were blue, thin. I went in and saw that it was a very difficult child, ”says Tatiana Teren, a family doctor at the Putyla dispensary of family medicine. Sasha was taken an X-ray at the district hospital, and the doctor immediately saw pneumonia, but did not find any signs of measles. “On examination, the child had no rash. When they saw the picture with the pediatrician, they were very surprised. The picture showed expired pneumonia on both sides of the pronounced, ”said Mikhail Gavrilyak, doctor of the resuscitation department of the Putilsky central hospital.

An hour and a half later, Sasha died in intensive care. Parents for the death of a child blame the doctor from Chernivtsi – sort of how he made an erroneous diagnosis. He says he saw signs of measles in the child, and the mother refused hospitalization. “I examined the child, diagnosed it, wrote an advisory opinion. In conclusion, it says what is written, what he saw, he wrote. I cannot write something else a priori, ”says Roman Goncharuk, doctor of the infection department of the Chernivtsi Regional Children's Hospital.

Lesya Gordey insists that her signature on the documents does not mean a refusal of hospitalization. “I signed in that journal in front of my data. There was no conversation about hospitalization at all, ”she says. The conclusion of the pathologist – bilateral purulent pneumonia. In addition, the child was diagnosed with hepatitis, which doctors did not diagnose in all three years of Sasha’s life. The police are now collecting all medical records and interrogating witnesses.

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