How general optimization optimizes our medicine

News from hospitals increasingly resemble reports from some invisible front. Happy who is healthy. He can ignore them. But everyone who recently had to resort to the help of state medicine cannot help but notice that something is wrong here.

Ominous optimization in Russian is translated as "reduction", and if absolutely verbatim, the dismissal. And this very optimization has covered health care after education. Disbanding, consolidation, transfusion from empty to empty. One goal – money.


“In the southern Urals, medical workers complain about the cancellation of long-service payments. 1200 employees of the hospital in Troitsk received notifications of cancellation of payments. The situation is similar in the medical institutions of Chelyabinsk, Miass and Yuzhnouralsk. There, a notice of a change in the wage clause was received by the employees of the city hospital in November last year. Those who refused to sign the notice were threatened with dismissal. They canceled not only payments for long service, but also for work in hazardous working conditions and additional days to leave. Salaries have become less by 3-10 thousand rubles. "

If you mark on the map all the points where such news comes from, it will be covered with a rash. It is enough to drive two words into the browser search box — polyclinic and merging to feel the geography of the problem.

Children's hospitals are merged with adults, polyclinics with hospitals. Laboratory tests and nutrition are transferred to private companies. Instead of the triad instituted by the accursed communist Semashko – the nurse-nurse-nurse – the so-called FAPs – obstetric stations are spread everywhere. Medical assistant – secondary special medical education. On the paramedics kept royal, pre-revolutionary medicine. This, however, corresponds to a common vector.

In the reports of officials at the site of successfully optimized hospitals, something called the fashion word cluster arises. Clustering moves successfully in the first place because very few people know about it. However, the scale and coordination of the process – from Kolyma to Kaliningrad – is fascinating.

Discontent quickly and fairly successfully extinguish. Rebel doctors are declared to be Navalny's provocateurs or CIA agents. Perhaps the biggest resonance of the week was the situation in Novgorod, where the regional hospital as a result of such optimization lost the entire ENT department.

After optimization, the doctors had to be on duty at night, and not to arrive by telephone call, as before. Some were offered to retrain as cleaners.

The new head doctor justifies himself – I bring the situation in the hospital in line with the law. True, Arsen Amirbekov’s relations with the law were not always cloudless …

In general, the local government with all its administrative and informational muscles supports such actions. Dismissed promise to find a replacement in St. Petersburg, in extreme cases – to forward the little patients there. Together with other unemployed Laura Rowland Kristoforovich Titrik is trying to find a job. A medical student from African Ghana, he came to Novgorod five years ago and became a local landmark. Titrik was shown local television and adored by the mothers of the patients, who now demand that they return the Negro. But Titrik disappeared. Apparently, along with the rest of the stubborn "blows the elephant out of a fly."

Young Novgorod Governor Andrei Nikitin, a graduate of the Stockholm Business School and former deputy director of the Teremok network, is entirely on the side of optimizers. Although his own spouse is also a doctor. But in the office – a portrait of Nicholas II and the desk lamp of the commander of the Red Army, bought at an antique auction. It is not surprising that the idea of ​​optimization was born here.


“Money for medicines from nowhere in the budget will not be taken. We will search inside, save on purchases. We will continue to deal with such stories as in a city hospital, when some citizens received salaries without coming to work. And this money could be directed, for example, to the purchase of test strips for diabetics … "

Well, they found the money in the pocket of the lors! And where are they still to get? Isn't the governor’s motorcycle up for auction? The Novgorod region, like the rest of the country, is the territory of a successfully continuing liberal experiment. By the way, let's not forget: Novgorod was burned by the fascists and rebuilt by the Soviet authorities. So, since 1991, many enterprises that gave people jobs have been destroyed or almost destroyed here. After all, there is no hospital without a factory.

Now the main taxpayer here is the mineral fertilizer-producing corporation AKRON. Former Novgorod Chemical Plant, privatized by billionaire, President of the European Jewish Congress Viatcheslav Kantor. In the early 90s, Kantor, Ph.D. from Moscow, came here to carry out an environmental assessment of the enterprise, and after voucher privatization he became its main owner. The main shareholder of AKRON, the company Redbrick Investments, is registered – just think! – in Luxembourg.

Kantor is known for his expensive patronage programs, which, however, are mainly implemented far from the children's regional hospital. Therefore, the unfortunate governor is forced to look for other foreign investors for the region, praising them for Novgorod Land.

The main article of the regional budget is connected, of course, not with diseases of the ear, nose and throat, but with the construction of roads and infrastructure. It is important not to hit the face in front of the guests. Suddenly they will want to walk along the river …

However, that Novgorod! All local health care for the 2019th year – 2 billion rubles. Of these, inpatient medical care – 800 million. This is less than one Moscow is ready to spend on the purchase of new ultrasound scanners to diagnose the heart and blood vessels.


“The Moscow Competition Policy Department held a public presentation of procurement of ultrasonography devices of expert class for heart and blood vessels research. The city allocated almost a billion rubles for the purchase and installation of 123 devices – this is the cumulative initial price of two announced contracts. ”

And in vain, the representative of the St. Petersburg Medofirm Electron was interested in the Moscow City Healthcare Agency why they buy only imported – Siemens, Philips, General Electric – after all, by law, foreigners should not be allowed to enter the tender. So it is necessary – was the answer. And why is it necessary? And therefore, why it is necessary to dismiss poor doctors and optimize, why it is easier to wait for foreign investors – by the way, they are already training at the border during NATO exercises. So do business. Capital. To which we have owned everything for some time – from the governor’s, ministerial or presidential chair to a pitiful flask with your analyzes.

TATYANA GOLIKOVA, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation:

“I can give you an example. Everyone is keen on healthcare. Why? Because in 2010 we were criticized, but a clear system of tariffication of medical services was created. For a long time to adapt to it. But she earned. And if in 2014 we had only 1695 private business organizations in health care, now there are 3029 of them. They are going to health care, and that is good. ”

Too bad public health leaves us.

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