In Russia, collected a million signatures for the ban on abortion

Orthodox activists of the movement "For Life!" brought to the walls of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation more than a million signatures for the ban on abortion and intend to transfer all documents to Vladimir Putin, according to the page supporting the action "Forty Forty" in the network "VKontakte" on November 21

The video, which is published on the social network page, captures how dozens of people lined up in a live queue, in their hands they have 100 boxes with captions. The boxes are decorated with children's drawings, each of them indicates which region it came from.

However, the Orthodox faced unexpected difficulties, the RIA "Novosti" reports. It turned out that at once the staff of the presidential administration cannot accept and issue all the subscription lists and will do it gradually. Now, activists will have to bring three boxes a day to the window to send correspondence to the president. The agency calls the number of boxes – 200.

In addition, on November 21, rallies are held near the embassies of countries with the most stringent laws regarding abortion in support of their policies. The goal of activists is to convince the authorities and society that killing a person on the basis of fetal or fetal age cannot be justified by any goals.

The transfer of signatures of the presidential administration is timed to the dates of legalization of induced abortions. Abortions were allowed in Russia 97 years ago, on November 18, 1920. After a partial ban on abortion in 1936, their re-legalization followed in 1955, also in November – on the 23rd.

Earlier, Orthodox activists have repeatedly advocated the ban on abortion. Back in 2014, they scored 100 thousand signatures against abortion, which the State Duma needed to consider the issue.

In September 2016, Patriarch Kirill signed the petition of the For Life and Orthodox Volunteers movements. Speaking about this in November of the same year, the Most Holy clarified that the ROC has a “realistic agenda” and at the moment it is impossible to ban abortions. It was only about the removal of abortion from the CHI system. The government rejected the petition.

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