In the Urals, a doctor is judged who gave the patient illegal drugs

In the Urals, a scandal unfolding around a new “case of doctors”: a gynecologist prescribed an elderly patient who suffered from severe pain, the medicine left after the death of his mother. But the head nurse of the hospital "surrendered" him: now the doctor faces eight years in prison. Medical colleagues, a human rights defender, and city residents demand that the doctor be acquitted.

Case of doctor Baksakova was conducted by police investigators

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Oleg Baskakov is the only gynecologist in the city of Novaya Lyalya, Sverdlovsk Region (the population is slightly more than 10 thousand people). At one time, they promised him to provide official housing, but they didn’t give it – he lives right in the hospital, in the premises of a closed maternity hospital – in the ward where once the newborns were lying. In March 2018, his mother died of cancer, she left a lot of drugs that the doctor brought to the hospital.

“What she didn’t have – for example, good insulin pen syringes (she was a diabetic). I brought a whole bag with medicines – I gave everything to the treatment department, ”the doctor told URA.RU. From all this "wealth" he only had a few ampoules of tramadol and sibazon (strong painkillers) – he kept them on the nightstand. More recently, these drugs were sold in pharmacies without a prescription – today they are considered psychotropic drugs.

In March 2019, an elderly patient was brought to the hospital with a prolapse and a uterine ulcer – Baskakov immediately hospitalized her. My grandmother was suffering from pain, and the doctor decided to help her – he gave the very medicines left from his mother.

“Formally, he had to make a note about the prescription of these drugs, to inform the senior nurse about them, but it was already evening, he wouldn’t have time,” doctor’s lawyer Georgy Krasnov told URA.RU. The doctor simply asked the nurse to give them to the patient, and even explained how best: tramadol immediately, and sibazon – at night, so that she would fall asleep.

The head nurse Tatyana Smerdova, according to the doctor, disliked him for something

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But in the corridor the nurse was seen by the head nurse Tatyana Smerdova and took the medicine. According to Baskakov, he has a protracted conflict with the head nurse. “She and I are from different worlds: she speaks obscenely, and I communicate culturally, she perceives this as weakness – she“ ran into ”me more than once, shouted,” the doctor told the agency. – She wrote reports on me. "I considered it below my dignity to get involved with her – I simply avoided her."

Smerdova said "where necessary", and two days later Baskakov was detained by police department operatives. The case was instituted under Part 1 of Article 234 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Illicit Traffic in Potent Substances” and part 1 of Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Illegal Sale of Narcotic Drugs”. “I have never encountered drugs and anything criminal – I worked all my life, didn’t touch anyone, and they didn’t touch me,” the doctor says. – I tell the investigator: “What is the sale? I gave it away for free! "But it turns out that even if you gave it to someone, it’s still a sale."

The case of the doctor was started by the police investigator Svetlana Yaroslavtseva, but signed the indictment and the case was brought to court by the investigator Roman Gaev. According to the lawyer, the case is clearly not finalized: it contains only reports of the police themselves, interrogations and examinations that confirmed that tramadol is tramadol, and the sibazon is a sibazon. But there is no study of the patient’s medical record and examination of her condition – this has not been done.

The trial is conducted by the chairman of the local court Igor Makarov

Photo: Alexander Mamaev © URA.RU

The first court session was held on August 13, the trial is being conducted by the chairman of the local court Igor Makarov. “We have the full feeling that the judge is clearly determined to convict,” says lawyer Krasnov. – When the nurses spoke, who spoke about the patient’s painful condition and that the preparations prescribed by Baskakov could help her, the judge confused them and rudely interrupted them. The court categorically does not accept the answers of witnesses confirming the availability of medical indications for prescribing drugs. ”

Doctor Baskakov continues to work in the hospital, although he says that it is becoming increasingly difficult for him. “When they first seized me, they took me to a medical examination, threatened that they would put me in a pre-trial detention center. I was turned inside out by interrogations, now here is the court. I became afraid to operate. But it’s necessary: ​​I’m the only gynecologist here — either placental abruption during childbirth, or someone needs to be scraped, ”he told URA.RU.

The doctor even finds the strength to joke – for example, about a written undertaking not to leave the place of residence.

“This is a very good option to tie the doctor to the outback: something is violated – on a subscription! And even better – a bracelet on the leg, so as not to leave the hospital. This can solve the problem of staff shortages. ”

Tatyana Smerdova, the head nurse of the district hospital, told URA.RU that she was acting absolutely correctly. “Everything that a doctor prescribes in a hospital should be on the appointment sheet. Go to put a gag to the patient – I can not take such responsibility. The person brought the drugs from nowhere, it is unclear how he stored and what in general in these ampoules, ”she said. – This doctor has more than once set up a nurse; this situation has been repeated many times. I informed the leader, and where he informed me is not my concern. ”

Police investigator Svetlana Yaroslavtseva. It was she who did everything to put the doctor in jail

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URA.RU provided an opportunity to comment on the situation to the investigator of the Intermunicipal Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Novolyalinsky Svetlana Yaroslavtseva (it was she who completed the bulk of the work in the Baskakov case). However, she did not take this opportunity. “Goodbye!” Said Svetlana, having learned that the journalists were calling her, and she hung up. According to unconfirmed reports, Yaroslavtseva is the sister of the wife of the district prosecutor.

“This is not a drug fight! – Tatyana Merzlyakova, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Sverdlovsk Region, commented on the case of the doctor. “This is an incredibly disturbing and terrible trend, when instead of fighting the real drug trade, when you really need to work hard, our law enforcement officers are hunting for doctors who are honestly doing their work.”

The next meeting in the Baskakov case will be held in the Novaya Lyale court on August 27: a doctor will be questioned at him, and his lawyers will make a number of motions. It is possible that the debate of the parties will take place on the same day and the defendant will be given the last word, after which the judge will retire to pronounce the verdict. Doctor Baskakov faces up to eight years in prison.

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