"Notebook in 12 leaves." Billions of Zakharchenko believed his mother

According to the prosecutor, the billionaire has entrusted this matter to the woman, since in the past she was a teacher of mathematics.

The mother of the ex-colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dmitry Zakharchenko, kept records of the money that came to her in a school notebook of 12 sheets. As stated by the prosecutor Sergei Bochkarev at a meeting in the Nikulinsky Court of Moscow, investigators found these records in the apartment for a billionaire on Lomonosovsky Prospect.

– Notebook in 12 leaves, in the ticker she executed. I regard this as a supplement to this huge amount of money, ”he said.

Bochkarev is sure that Zakharchenko entrusted his mother with counting money because in the past she worked as a mathematics teacher.

– All the calculations that are given in this notebook are made in a column. The amount is such and such amount. We later compared these amounts with the money withdrawn, ”the prosecutor concluded, noting that the handwriting of Zakharchenko’s mother in a notebook was established by examination.

Billionaire Zakharchenko officially received 70 thousand rubles a month. According to him, he saved nine billion rubles by saving money from his salary.

Recall Dmitry Zakharchenko arrested in September last year on suspicion of bribery. During the searches he found a huge amount of money. Recently, investigators discovered the entire state of the ex-colonel, as well as his relatives. This is more than 374 million rubles, more than $ 140 million, more than € 2 million, 13 apartments and 14 parking places, four expensive cars and one gold ingot weighing a pound half.

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