Personal experience: how in Moscow they kill free medicine

Despite all the victorious reports of the Moscow authorities that any Muscovite can be quickly checked by an oncologist, this can be done with great difficulty Trueadviser writes in his blog about the catastrophic level that healthcare has fallen in the Russian capital. The blogger said what a terrible problem turned out to be an ordinary check-up by an oncologist of moles on the skin to detect melanoma. Firstly, it turned out that it is impossible to make an appointment with a specialist in a district clinic, first you need to go to a dermatologist who decides whether to send him a patient further. Moreover, the Sobyaninsky media loudly sings that any Muscovite can easily turn to an oncologist about moles as well. It's a lie. Secondly, dermatologists accept only dermatovenerological dispensaries and you can only sign up for them in a week. Moreover, if at the reception he cannot Continue Reading


In the Kaliningrad Polyclinic appeared coupons "just ask"

In Kaliningrad, in the polyclinic of the city hospital No. 3 they figured out what to do with visitors. who would just like to ask. Now the option "just ask" has appeared in the clinic. Any visitor can take a ticket in the electronic queue. According to the Ministry of Health, 500 visitors have already taken advantage of the service in two weeks. After receiving a ticket, visitors go to the window of the senior registrar. Usually, citizens want to find out how to get a consultation with a specialist when they need a doctor, where to get a referral to a regional hospital, etc. The option "just ask" appeared in clinics in other regions of Russia. Photo: ok.ru . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) “Just ask” coupons appeared in the Kaliningrad clinic


In Kurgan, certificates for children in the pool became paid

In Kurgan, parents are unhappy that certificates for children in the pool have become paid. A mother of many children complained about this to URA.RU, who asked not to give her last name. “I have three children, I take them to the pool to improve their health. Now I have to pay for the certificate for everyone. There is nothing more to profit from, except for the health of children, ”resident of Kurgan was indignant. The chief doctor of the children's clinic, Eduard Weber, explained to URA.RU that the fee is not taken for reference, but for one of the tests included in the examination. “An analysis of enterobiosis is not part of the state guarantee program, so we charge a fee to compensate for the cost of reagents,” Weber explained. According to the head physician, the cost of the analysis is about 160 rubles. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news Continue Reading


The main cancer center in Russia revealed the salaries of doctors fleeing from there

The medical staff of the main cancer center of Russia – the National Medical Research Center for Oncology named after N. N. Blokhina – receives the same salary as always. The reduction in incentive payments was only in July, which led to salaries of less than 20 thousand rubles for nurses and less than 40 thousand for some doctors, the cancer center press service said. “There was a decrease in incentive payments for July. Now the salary level of all staff has been restored, ”Reedus quoted the representative of the medical institution. The press service also clarified that there would be no layoffs. “Nobody wrote a letter of resignation,” the cancer center said. In addition, the institution denied information about restricting the work of volunteers. “The only thing we limit the volunteers to do is to bring to the clinic products that are prohibited for sick children,” the press service Continue Reading


Who is killing medicine?

Profit at all costs! Vladimir Putin recently, a little over a week ago, spoke about the state of affairs in our healthcare. And if you remember, he did not say anything good about this. The primary link was especially given, the position in which was recognized, to put it mildly, unsatisfactory. In my article on VO, I already tried to quickly analyze the situation, and you can familiarize yourself with some conclusions. But, as it turned out, a deeper study of the issue reveals to us the real abysses of "common sense" and managerial "genius". What are we going to talk about today … As usual, a look at the problem from the inside, although not without some subjectivity, nevertheless reflects its distinctive features much more accurately and more fully. And often it allows you to see at all that which, unfortunately, is almost indistinguishable from the outside. And it Continue Reading


In Russia, the incidence of syphilis over 18 years fell ten times

At the end of 2018, the Russian Ministry of Health fixes a decrease in the incidence of syphilis. Indicators fell ten times compared with 2000, reports RT. In 2018, the incidence rate of Russians was 16.5 cases per 100 thousand people, 18 years ago it was 165.7 cases per 100 thousand people. In total, 24.5 thousand people lived in the country with a diagnosis of syphilis in 2018 (239.3 thousand in 2000). The highest incidence rate is registered in the Republic of Tuva, where 43.5 cases of syphilis account for 100 thousand people. Irkutsk Oblast (33.7 cases), Primorsky Krai (31.6), Altai Republic (31.6) and Kaluga Oblast (31.4) follow it. The least likely to suffer from syphilis are residents of Kalmykia – 2.5 cases per 100 thousand people. Also, a low incidence rate was noted in the Kostroma region (3.3), the republics of Karelia (3.7), Komi (3.8) and Dagestan (3.8). The Continue Reading


Unexpected medical discoveries that changed the world

Scientists are always in search of something new and unusual. It often happens that in the course of their research they make discoveries that forever change a person’s life. Some of their discoveries are related to medicine, and sometimes their preparations and methods are also used in the 21st century. Anesthesia Back in the 19th century, the American dentist Horace Wells decided to use nitrous oxide as an anesthetic for patients. He spied such a method in one performance, where during the performance a man breathed “laughing gas”, and laughed so much that he fell. The fall was difficult and the man broke his leg, but did not feel pain and continued to have fun. The doctor began to conduct experiments, and was pleased with the result. But in order to gain fame, he decided to introduce this to the public of dentists. His presentation was not very successful, and Continue Reading


After the surgeons of Nizhny Tagil massively resigned traumatologists Stavropol

After the surgeons of the Nizhny Tagil hospitals massively wrote the letter of resignation, a similar case occurred in the Stavropol Territory. All trauma doctors, headed by the department head Roman Alfimov from the Central City Hospital of Pyatigorsk, wrote a letter of resignation. “Roman Alexandrovich no longer works for us, he quit along with all his colleagues. Doctors were not happy with the system of remuneration, workloads and other working conditions, ”URA.RU was told in the Central City Hospital of Pyatigorsk. The Ministry of Health of the Stavropol Territory refused to comment on the mass dismissal of traumatologists by telephone and asked to send a request, which was poisoned. At the end of July, all surgeons of the Nizhny Tagil Demidov hospital quit. After them, they wrote a letter of resignation to the surgeons of the City Clinical Hospital No. 1. The surgeons of the City Clinical Hospital No. Continue Reading


The lethal outcome of Russian medicine: doctors quit, patients die

The Health Foundation, having studied the statistics of the Ministry of Health, released data on the growth of nosocomial mortality in Russia. Over the year, it grew by 5, 5%. Mortality growth was noted in 79 regions. The fund also reported an increase in hospital admissions in the country. This means one thing: there are more patients, but their treatment has become worse. Two scandals shocked the medical community in just the past week. In a maternity hospital in the Stavropol Territory during a cesarean section, a 24-year-old woman in labor died. Seeing that the patient’s condition began to deteriorate sharply, the doctors of the Andropovsk regional hospital together left the operating room. The 72-year-old doctor retreated first, citing pressure. Her younger colleague simply did not want to take responsibility – especially since there was not her change. She urgently needed to leave for family reasons. As a result, 24-year-old Continue Reading


Tagil surgeons talked about the true reasons for their dismissal

Doctors from Nizhny Tagil explained the reasons for the mass layoffs. In August, six surgeons from City Hospital No 1 on Vagonka wrote a letter of resignation, and in July three surgeons left the Demidov hospital. As one of the resigned surgeons told AN Between the Lines, during the year, due to a catastrophic lack of personnel and the lack of round-the-clock diagnostics, surgeons worked 24 hours a day. There were a total of five surgeons and 11-12 shifts per month. It turned out that the surgeon was on duty either a day after two or even a day after a day. “They processed it, but paid the same as before. I got 60 thousand rubles a month, this is taking into account my duties. But with such a load, you simply earn this money for treatment, ”the surgeon explained. However, he emphasized that the money was not in the Continue Reading