Scientists have identified the "neurological patterns" of consciousness

A new study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) shows that the picture of the brain of a person who is in a vegetative state or the state of minimal consciousness differs from the picture of the activity of the brain of a person who is conscious, the article says published in Science Advances magazine by an international team of neuroscientists. The results of their work show that, in contrast to patients in a semi-conscious state, the brain of a healthy person demonstrates high dynamics and significantly more complex connectivity. “The results of the study demonstrate significant progress in determining the“ fingerprints ”of consciousness in the brain,” said neilbiologist Anil Seth of the University of Sussex, who did not participate in this research project. “This work opens new doors in defining conscious and unconscious states under various conditions.” A person may be in a state of temporary loss of consciousness Continue Reading


Ambulance is not ripe for the patient because of off-road

In the city of Barabinsk, Novosibirsk Region, an ambulance car slid into a ditch because of off-road. The 40-year-old man, to whom the doctors were rushing, died, reports According to the neighbor, the ambulance car, trying to drive around the mud, slid into the ditch – the paramedic got to the house on foot, but the victim needed hospitalization. “Then they called up a second car. She drove up, tried to pull out the first one, while the doctors in the house fought for the boy's life, but they could not save him – he died in their arms. ” The deceased left two minor children. “The youngest didn't even go to school. How can one mother raise them now? And the worst thing was that the person could not be brought home after the morgue, and the farewell was in the memorial hall. The reason is again on Continue Reading


How immortality in Russia is getting closer: Havinson's bioregulatory peptides

Friedrich Engels declared: “Life is a way of existence of protein bodies”. Alas, Engels knew that nothing lasts forever, and the human body is doomed to gradual degradation and destruction, in order to eventually find rest and return to the earth. Today, scientists – and just amateurs – are looking for all possible ways to prolong life, and the healthy part of it. But for longevity, resistance of the body to diseases is important. One of the ways that can be, without exaggeration, a panacea, became bioregulatory peptides of Professor V.Kh. Havinson. What are peptides? Today, the word peptides cause an uninformed person rather to be perplexed, about the same as that of a non-sportsman – the word "protein." Protein has come a long way for the majority to know that it is just protein in its pure form, and not “pharma”, in which bodybuilders mutate into supermen not by Continue Reading


In the Zabaikalsky village, the patients were treated by a cleaning lady while the paramedic was on vacation.

The cleaner of the feldsher-midwife center in the village of Ara-Ilya in the Duldurginsky district of the Trans-Baikal Territory, on the instructions of the deputy chief physician of the central regional hospital (RCH), treated the patients while the paramedic was on leave, reports IA Chita.Ru, referring to the prosecutor's office. Residents of the village appealed to the prosecutor in early September, when the cleaning lady began to bandage patients and give them injections. After the prosecutor’s office came to the leadership of the CRH, they convened a meeting there and decided to bring the deputy head doctor to disciplinary responsibility. Also, the hospital will draw up a schedule and will send it from the central hospital of medical workers to the village, until the medical assistant leaves the holiday. As the district prosecutor Alexei Ivanov specified, the supervisory authority will seek a more severe punishment for the deputy chief doctor. Continue Reading

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How do electromagnetic waves from lightning affect living cells?

At any time, in different parts of the world, about 2000 thunderstorms rattle. The energy from constant lightning strikes resonates in the zone between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere, which causes such a phenomenon as Schumann's resonance. It was believed that the emerging electromagnetic fields with a very low frequency did not affect living organisms, but scientists from Tel Aviv University proved the opposite. Fortunately, the impact of these fields has a positive effect on organisms. According to the lead author of the study, Colin Price, atmospheric fields have a protective effect on living cells. For example, it is especially noticeable during a lack of oxygen. To prove their guess, the researchers recreated a magnetic field as close as possible to the Schumann resonances created — its frequency fluctuated from 7.6 to 8 Hz. Subjecting the cells of the rat's heart to its influence for 30–40 minutes, Continue Reading


Russian doctor raped a patient after tonsil removal

In the hospital of Izhevsk, a 53-year-old ENT doctor abused a 32-year-old patient, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda in Izhevsk. A criminal case under article 131 of the Criminal Code ("Rape"). The attack took place on September 19 during a reception after an operation to remove the tonsils. The man was drunk and offered to drink the girl who came to the office. Having been refused, the doctor pounced on her. The victim could not resist, because she had not yet moved away from anesthesia during the operation. Having released the victim, the doctor demanded that the incident be kept secret. When she reached her ward, she called the police. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) A Russian doctor raped a patient after removing the tonsils


New cancer treatment successfully passed the test phase: what next?

In 2013, researchers from London began testing the drug tizotumab-vedotin, which destroys cancer cells in a completely new way. Its essence lies in the penetration into the cells and the release of a destructive toxin for them, which has already managed to prove its effectiveness. In the first stage of testing, the drug caused serious side effects such as diabetes and fever. They managed to be neutralized by decreasing the dose and now, in 2019, the drug showed excellent results in the second stage of testing. One of the main components of the drug is an antibody that quickly finds a receptor called "tissue factor" and, like a Trojan horse, penetrates the cells. There he releases a substance called mono-methyl auristatin E, which interferes with their reproduction and completely destroys them. At the first stage, the drug was tested only on 27 patients, but by learning how to manage side Continue Reading


The former head of the Federal Security Service Murov went to Switzerland for treatment as Arkady Ivanov

Former director of the Federal Security Service (FSO), Yevgeny Murov, while still on duty, under a different name traveled to Switzerland for treatment. About this, citing sources, writes the political telegram channel "Nezygar". The trip took place in May 2014. Murov was supposed to go to Switzerland for the treatment of the hip joint, and a few days before the head of the FSO had been put on the US sanctions list. “According to the source, in order to avoid problems with being in Europe, General Murov was issued a passport in the name of Arkady Petrovich Ivanov,” writes Nezagar. Yevgeny Murov was dismissed from the post of director of the FSO in May 2016. The message of the Kremlin on this issue reported that Murov leaves the post of his own accord. The Federal Security Service was headed by Dmitry Kochnev, who had previously headed the security service of Continue Reading

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We can recognize faces. But how do babies do it?

The ability to recognize the faces of other people is considered one of the main features of the human brain – without it, comfortable behavior in society is simply impossible. And although each person’s memory works differently (some are able to remember a person after 20 years of meeting, others forget him after a week), she still has it. But when does a person have the ability to recognize faces? Scientists from Italy came to the conclusion that it is even in newborn babies. According to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, babies are partially able to use parts of the occipital-temporal part of the brain. They are responsible for facial recognition in adults. The experiment was conducted with the participation of ten babies who were not even 4 days old. During the experiment, the babies were shown squares, which were arranged so Continue Reading


Broom in the face. How old people are treated in Kharkov in a geriatric boarding house

In the Kharkiv region a medical scandal erupted. A video appeared in the network as a nurse of a geriatric boarding house near Kharkov (not to be confused with a nursing home, it is here that severe diseases in elderly people are treated – Approx. Ed.) Beats the elderly patient's face and at the same time calls him obscene words. The prosecutor's office has already announced a criminal case. "Kharkiv City Prosecutor's Office No. 6 began criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 126 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (beatings and torture) on the fact of possible mockery of the elderly in a geriatric boarding house. The beating and humiliation of pensioners became known from the video posted on Users. In the video, a woman is probably an employee of the house, she beats an elderly man's face and body with a broom, and she humiliates him. High-priority investigative Continue Reading