In the Ural hospital introduced test coupons

In the Central City Hospital of Krasnouralsk, in which scandalous situations periodically arise, tensions arise again. Now, in order to pass a blood test, you need to get a ticket. “In our hospital, blood for tests began to pass on coupons. All patients cannot donate blood due to the lack of test tubes, ”Dmitry Ivashevsky, a deputy of the Krasnouralsk City Council, told URA.RU. This news was categorically denied by the press secretary of the Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk region Konstantin Shestakov. “I asked the head doctor of the hospital about this, and she was surprised. Claims that they have no problems. I have no reason not to believe her words. ” Patients are advised to come for tests with their tubes, which are now sold in pharmacies Photo: "URA.RU" However, the words of the head physician were refuted by her subordinates in the hospital itself. The correspondent Continue Reading


How in Ukraine the second stage of the medreform started and how the first one ended

Ukrainians have prepared another batch of medical surprises. The Ministry of Health has officially announced the beginning of July 1 of this year, the second phase of health care reform. It provides for a fundamental change in the financing scheme of polyclinics. Institutions that managed to sign contracts with the National Health Service, will receive insurance premiums for each patient by the middle of July (UAH 370). And they will treat Ukrainians by the new rules. The profile ministry announced the list of services that our citizens can receive as part of a free package guaranteed by the state. It contains only basic analyzes and manipulations. Even annual fluorography is now available only to those at risk. But patients of polyclinics who have not signed contracts with the National Health Service, while the majority of them, are at risk of not getting even this minimum. “Everything is aimed at cutting Continue Reading


In Karelia, the ward for mothers was placed opposite the men's room

In June, protests against the closure of the maternity ward in the district hospital took place in Pitkyaranta, Karelia. The authorities of the region, under pressure from residents, promised to reconstruct the department. “It was decided to create a new maternity hall within the surgical department with equipping it with modern equipment. On the first floor of the hospital, where the maternity ward is now located, repairs and reconstruction will be carried out, after which a new children's consultation will be opened there, taking into account all modern standards and rules, ”said the head of the region in early June. The other day, the Pitkäranta social activists visited the “separate maternity unit”. As it turned out, this is just a name, writes Federal-Press. “There is no separate maternity unit there!” The delivery room is located opposite the surgical dressing room, the toilet for women in labor and the examination room Continue Reading


The wonders of free medicine

I was directed somehow to an x-ray, a polyclinic in Vladivostok. I sit in line. Reception from 10:00 to 12:00, then lunch until 13:00, then only the issuance of results. The line practically does not move – the radiologist is constantly distracted by extraneous affairs, always goes somewhere, returns and takes each patient for a very long time. The time comes to 12:00, people are already beginning to noticeably nervous and stick around the door of the office, everyone understands that only the first 2-3 people will have time. And here comes the dock and announces: "The reception for today is over, I will not accept anyone else, I have lunch! Come back tomorrow, after lunch only give results!" There was a pause in the queue, everyone started half-swearing, half admitting to accept them today, everyone has a job / child / dog … "If everyone is so urgent, so Continue Reading


“Целебное” фото Лаврова приложили к российским дорогам, нищете и Госдуме

Публикация Министерства иностранных дел России в Twitter «целебной» фотографии главы ведомства Сергея Лаврова с триколором стала поводом для многочисленных мемов и шуток. Так, участники сообщества «Лентач»представили, что с помощью снимка можно улучшить российские дороги и победить нищету. Некоторые решили, что фото способно исправить работу Госдумы, которая принимает непопулярные законы. Участник сообщества «Лентач» Илья Кашуба Участник сообщества «Лентач» Павел Сеньков Участник сообщества «Лентач» Виталий Мелехов Другие пользователи приложили фото с Лавровым к построенному к ЧМ-2018 стадиону в Волгограде, который размыло после мундиаля ливнями.  Участник сообщества «Лентач» Павел Искандеров Кроме того, футбольные болельщики представили, что «целебное» фото способно избавить от страданий бразильского футболиста Неймара, которого высмеивают за частые симуляции на поле. Участник сообщества «Лентач» Александр Спавлин Напомним, МИД России опубликовал в Twitter фотографию Лаврова с российским триколором. «Фото целебное. Прикладывать к больным местам на планете. В ряде географических точек может вызывать эффект экзорцизма», — пошутили в министерстве.  Официальный представитель МИД России Мария Захарова Continue Reading


Rosatom: in Russia will create a unique gamma knife for radiation therapy

Health care in the Russian Federation is developing at a fast pace: advanced projects of high-tech domestic enterprises receive timely financing and in the shortest time possible produce unique high-tech products that have no analogues in the world in terms of price-quality ratio. Experts of the Institute of Reactor Materials JSC and NIIFTA JSC, which are part of the scientific division of the Rosatom State Corporation, and Vektor representatives have announced the creation of the first Russian radiation therapy apparatus, the gamma knife, used to destroy malignant tumors in humans. The principle of the "gamma knife" is very simple: the patient is fixed in a special frame, undergoes diagnostic tests, after which doctors identify malignant tumors and create an electronic treatment plan that is transmitted to the system control panel. "Gamma knives" focus on the tumor – there is a "bombardment" of the target with cobalt-60. The time of the Continue Reading


The wife of the president of Syria found cancer

The early stage of a malignant cancer was found in the wife of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The woman was placed in a Damascus hospital. The country's leadership wished the wife of the Syrian leader "strength, resilience and faith," as argumeni.ru writes. Also, everyone hopes for the speedy recovery of Asma Asad. In Syria, the wife of the president is very popular. Residents of the republic call it the “Rose of the Desert”. Earlier, “URA.RU” transmitted the statement of Bashar al-Assad that the West would not participate in the restoration of the republic after the hostilities. According to him, Syria will be revived by allied forces and its own. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) Syrian President’s wife found cancer


Polyclinics and hospitals decided to leave without imported medical equipment

The Ministry of Industry and Trade suggests taxing imported medical equipment entering Russia. According to Vedomosti, for distributors of foreign tomographs, ultrasound scanners, catheters, lasers and other medical equipment, it is proposed to cancel the preferential tax regime and introduce a full VAT, which from January 1 will increase to 20%. The increase in prices for imported equipment at the expense of fees to the budget will increase the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers, whose share in the market, according to the Pharma-2020 strategy, should double in the next three years – from 21% to 40%, the Ministry of Industry and Trade argues in the draft order approval of the Strategy for the development of the medical industry in Russia until 2030. " The problem with medical imports arose last year, when a new classifier of medical devices, OKPD-2, began to operate. Because of this, part of the imported equipment has Continue Reading


Maternity homes in the USSR

In the photo: relatives meet the young mother at the door of the Moscow maternity hospital №7 named after Grauerman. 1965 (by the way, I was born in it and in that, in 1965, but in the photo I and my parents are not, alas). “The child connects the past and the future,” wrote Oswald Spengler, and continued: “The idea of ​​motherhood encompasses an infinite becoming. A woman mother is time, this is fate .. All the symbols of time and distance are also symbols of motherhood. Caring is the great-sense of the future and all care is connected with motherhood. ”In the USSR, agitprop spoke a lot about future generations and about what care in the country is surrounded by the mother and her child. This care, as I think, should have begun literally from the very first minutes, and even earlier – from the moment when the expectant Continue Reading


Why is medicine in Russia worse than in Afghanistan?

It is difficult to imagine that the most usual – the hospital – a photo, where there is neither horror, nor ruin, nor drama, can cause a storm of emotions. But this, rendered nnoe as the title picture – could. Why? Yes, everything is simple. The secret is in comparison. Andrey Nalgin, LiveJournal The title picture is from Afghanistan’s ravaged by years of war. a dozen the world's poorest countries. This is the most common hospital in Kabul, where the victims of a recent terrorist attack were taken. And here are analogs for comparison from the Russian reality. Not the most chernushnye, by the way. For example, a relatively recent photo from the St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Ambulance named after Dzhanelidze immediately after the incident with a massive poisoning with mercury vapor in the village of Murino, Leningrad Region. Does it seem to me, or is the Kabul Continue Reading