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The first tests of a new pill contraceptive for men were successful.

Scientists for many years looking for an effective contraceptive for men, which can be a safe alternative to condoms. Different scientific groups offered various gels, injections and pills, but all of them actually proved to be ineffective, and in most cases dangerous to health. At the annual endocrine society conference (ENDO 2019), which ended today, scientists from the University of Washington made a report in which they reported on successful clinical trials of a new contraceptive drug for men. According to the authors of the development, the drug can be called safe. Description of the development and research contained in a JCEM journal article. The working name of the drug is 11-beta-MNTDC, which stands for 11-beta-methyl-19-nor-testosterone-17-beta-dodecyl carbonate. His test was conducted with the participation of 40 male volunteers. Thirty of them were given medication, the remaining ten were given a placebo. The study was conducted within 28 days. Drug 11-beta-MNTDC Continue Reading


Corruption of the Ministry of Health: how a Belarusian test site was made out of Belarusian children

About the tragedy in Gantsevichi district, when a child died after the introduction of the vaccine, the whole of Belarus heard. But few know how the Korean Eupenta vaccine hit our country. The history of the efforts of the Ministry of Health is very vague and therefore even more frightening. The Ministry of Health did not tire of repeating everywhere that the tragedy with a two-month-old child happened after the use of two vaccines: Korean Eupenta and French Imovax Polio. Therefore, in Belarus, until the end of the investigation, the use of these two vaccines is suspended. Representatives of the Korean plant immediately arrived in Belarus, expressed regret and condolences to the child’s family, and at the same time assured that they would do everything possible for an objective hearing. But the French are still keeping quiet silence and are not even going to go to Belarus. There is nothing Continue Reading


Proved: Bacteria sacrifice themselves to protect the colony from antibiotics

Despite its tiny size, the bacteria are incredibly cunning. To protect themselves and their colony from exposure to antibiotics, they can wait out the danger of being dormant, or develop genetic resistance to drugs. Researchers at the University of California at Northridge have discovered another defensive strategy for dangerous bacteria — some of them can take a hit and die so that the rest of the colony remains unharmed. To prove this, the researchers took a colony of E. coli and attacked it with an antimicrobial peptide called LL37. These peptides are naturally produced by human skin and organs for protection against external bacteria. To see how they move between the bacteria, the researchers painted them in glowing green. Scientists noticed that the colony was a small group of bacteria, which took the brunt. This group, of course, quickly died, but gave the rest of the bacteria the opportunity to Continue Reading

Tens of billions: how much money Ukrainians spend on drugs

26% of the money spent on drugs is money down the drain. In 2017, Ukrainians spent 54 billion hryvnia for the purchase of medicines in "target =" _blank "rel =" nofollow "> pharmacies, and a quarter of this amount went to drugs whose effectiveness has not been proven in clinical trials. According to "target =" _ blank "rel =" nofollow "> PEOPLE TRUTH, this is stated in the release of the program" Vesti.UA ". Among the most popular drugs – four have no basis for clinical use. Last year, 26% of Ukrainians' money went to medicines without proven efficacy and simply enriched pharmaceutical companies. Ukrainians spent 1 billion hryvnia on homeopathic medicines, another 2 billion hryvnia was spent on drugs that do not have certificates in modern world standards of medical care. As reported by "target =" _ blank "rel =" nofollow "> PEOPLE, in Ukraine temporarily Continue Reading

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Mice were able to recover amputated fingers using two proteins.

Perhaps, in the future, people will be able to recover lost limbs – anyway, medical experiments are hinting at this. Scientists already know that under certain conditions the body can grow bones, but so far they have not been able to fix the signs of growth of the joints. It seems that this moment has finally come – researchers from the University of Texas A & M gave mice with amputated toes only two proteins, after which they began the recovery process. At first, scientists used BMP2 protein to start the process of bone repair. After that, they added a mixture of BMP9, which began to repair joints. It is noteworthy that the regeneration process was carried out better if the last protein was added not earlier than in a week. It took about 3 days to form one cartilage layer, and even joints were formed between the bone and Continue Reading


Ministry of Health refuses to treat seriously ill patients

There is nothing to improve health – the ministry runs out of money The Ukrainian seriously ill patients (mostly with oncology) will no longer be able to improve their health at public expense – the Ministry of Health blocked the queue due to lack of funds for treatment. First of all, the restrictions relate to those who are supposed to be treated abroad. They will not be cured for sure in the near future: they will have to wait until the Rada approves the budget adjustment, and the Ministry of Finance finds the funds. It will take no less than six months, so the patient, frankly, you will not envy. The queues needing expensive assistance are thousands. Hundreds of them are literally counting for days. As it turned out that the Ministry of Health ended all budget allocations 4 months earlier than they should have ended, Acting Minister Uliana Suprun Continue Reading


Scientists have identified the "neurological patterns" of consciousness

A new study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) shows that the picture of the brain of a person who is in a vegetative state or the state of minimal consciousness differs from the picture of the activity of the brain of a person who is conscious, the article says published in Science Advances magazine by an international team of neuroscientists. The results of their work show that, in contrast to patients in a semi-conscious state, the brain of a healthy person demonstrates high dynamics and significantly more complex connectivity. “The results of the study demonstrate significant progress in determining the“ fingerprints ”of consciousness in the brain,” said neilbiologist Anil Seth of the University of Sussex, who did not participate in this research project. “This work opens new doors in defining conscious and unconscious states under various conditions.” A person may be in a state of temporary loss of consciousness Continue Reading


Ambulance is not ripe for the patient because of off-road

In the city of Barabinsk, Novosibirsk Region, an ambulance car slid into a ditch because of off-road. The 40-year-old man, to whom the doctors were rushing, died, reports According to the neighbor, the ambulance car, trying to drive around the mud, slid into the ditch – the paramedic got to the house on foot, but the victim needed hospitalization. “Then they called up a second car. She drove up, tried to pull out the first one, while the doctors in the house fought for the boy's life, but they could not save him – he died in their arms. ” The deceased left two minor children. “The youngest didn't even go to school. How can one mother raise them now? And the worst thing was that the person could not be brought home after the morgue, and the farewell was in the memorial hall. The reason is again on Continue Reading


How immortality in Russia is getting closer: Havinson's bioregulatory peptides

Friedrich Engels declared: “Life is a way of existence of protein bodies”. Alas, Engels knew that nothing lasts forever, and the human body is doomed to gradual degradation and destruction, in order to eventually find rest and return to the earth. Today, scientists – and just amateurs – are looking for all possible ways to prolong life, and the healthy part of it. But for longevity, resistance of the body to diseases is important. One of the ways that can be, without exaggeration, a panacea, became bioregulatory peptides of Professor V.Kh. Havinson. What are peptides? Today, the word peptides cause an uninformed person rather to be perplexed, about the same as that of a non-sportsman – the word "protein." Protein has come a long way for the majority to know that it is just protein in its pure form, and not “pharma”, in which bodybuilders mutate into supermen not by Continue Reading