Personal experience: how in Moscow they kill free medicine

Despite all the victorious reports of the Moscow authorities that any Muscovite can be quickly checked by an oncologist, this can be done with great difficulty

Trueadviser writes in his blog about the catastrophic level that healthcare has fallen in the Russian capital.

The blogger said what a terrible problem turned out to be an ordinary check-up by an oncologist of moles on the skin to detect melanoma.

Firstly, it turned out that it is impossible to make an appointment with a specialist in a district clinic, first you need to go to a dermatologist who decides whether to send him a patient further. Moreover, the Sobyaninsky media loudly sings that any Muscovite can easily turn to an oncologist about moles as well. It's a lie.

Secondly, dermatologists accept only dermatovenerological dispensaries and you can only sign up for them in a week. Moreover, if at the reception he cannot determine the degree of danger of your mole, simply because of low qualifications in this matter, then there will be no one to blame, but the patient will lose precious time. When melanoma reaches such a size that it will not be impossible to determine it, and you still get a referral to an oncologist, then, most likely, you will be late to operate on inoperable cancer. And again, there will be no guilty …

The horror of the situation lies in the fact that the working person (in Moscow, as a rule, people go to work at 8 a.m. and return at 20 p.m.) there is simply no time left for diagnosing melanoma, because he has to go through many steps and spend a lot of energy and time just to get an appointment with a specialist.

And when a person works before the age of 65, thanks for the pension reform! – And only after that, when he has retired, when he has time, he begins a comprehensive examination, then most likely he will already be terminally ill and medicine will be powerless. This applies not only to oncology, the blogger writes, but also to everything else, including dentistry.

For example, in Zelenograd there are two dental clinics. If you come to one of them to pull out a tooth on Monday morning, it turns out that the surgeon works only after lunch, and therapists can not help. In another clinic, the surgeon works in the morning, but twenty people go to him out of turn with acute pain, one after another …

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