Primorye mourns a deceased girl soon and discusses the quality of medicine.

Paid vaccine, poor-quality equipment of medical institutions and careless doctors became the subject of widespread discontent among Primorye residents
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Stormy controversy unfolded around Primorye’s social networks around a terrible tragedy: the sudden death of 4-year-old Varvara right in the ambulance on her birthday. Doctors, residents of the village and just concerned people express their opinions about the quality and condition of local medicine, the system of compulsory vaccination and much more. What Primorye thinks about these pressing topics is in the publication PrimaMedia.

The topic of lack of professionalism of doctors, as well as the state of local medicine, which does not allow providing qualified assistance to patients and doctors to receive decent pay, caused a great wave of public discontent.

As noted by residents of the village of Yaroslavsky, where little Barbara lived, the situation with medicine in the village leaves much to be desired.

"Yes, we have a complete nightmare with doctors in Yaroslavsky! There is not a sensible child that a therapist .. who was already retired for a long time, and those who remained were to drive them in the neck along with the head doctor!" – user writes @ natalya125rus. "Our neighbors went with the children for help for the kindergarten, having previously made an appointment. They arrived and the doctor was not there (the working day is in full swing) .. At the reception they answered that her appointment was already over !!!! What is it like?!? "Our Yaroslavsky settlement is rather big, there are many children, and people come from Lukov, Voznesensky, Kamyshovki people to the hospital."

"This is not the first death … We don’t have in the village of resuscitation, you need to carry a person to the area. And this time! Time, which is not. Real specialists can be counted on the fingers"– writes Ksenia Moroz.

"This is terrible, I can provide quality services only by working in a private structure. There are no medicines in the hospital, well, there are none of them, at least in the villages, that's for sure", – notes @vero_nika_stom

User @ chuchundra61 shared her positive history of fighting with the terrible meningococcus.

“Yes, it's a pity, most likely we missed the time. My son picked up this infection at the same age. We were lucky to have an ambulance who was an experienced pediatrician, who immediately determined the diagnosis and saved the son. It was very scary.”– she writes.

The vast majority of Primorye, who entered into the discussion, local medicine is at a level that is far from perfect.

"There is no medicine in the region. Maximum is all in Vladivostok. They killed the medicine, and, as a result, people are killed by such medicine. Poor baby. I would call the insurance and raise everyone's ears. This is at least some chance."– writes Julia Kaskova.

"And who will answer for the wrong diagnosis, late assistance, and the death of the baby? … I doubt. And we seem to have ambulance helicopters with a leather interior. Why wasn’t I used to deliver a seriously ill child to the appropriate hospital? .. Unanswered Questions ……", – Andrei Kovalev.

A number of users stand on the side of doctors, noting the great pressure that is put on them from above, as well as low salaries and insufficient equipment of the medical institutions themselves.

"The situation is complicated. Doctors will be intimidated and they will be afraid to make decisions, and at the right time will be lost"– considers @alexeyyr.

“Someone writes, you need to plant the doctors. There was no equipment in the car – it was not the doctors’s fault. This is regarding resuscitation measures. In the hospital, where the drip was made, there, yes, they should have been sent to the hospital and examined, but apparently thought usual ARI, in such cases, meningococcus and usually do not think. Well, if doctors begin to plant packs, then in our country it will give a backlash: we will be left without medical care, and we will die like flies. on hand will be "– writes @ lina_iorgu.

“Soon we will have no doctors left and then no one will be guilty. Doctors are always guilty of everything …. and they are also people”– notes @anzhelik_s.

A separate line was the subject of vaccination of children.

– We do vaccinations, only from this infection was not. Now the whole family set, and even the whole kindergarten and class. I have two more kids, Varya was average, – notes the girl’s mother, Christina.

Vaccination against meningococcal disease is not included in the planned national immunization schedule. The vaccine medkam proposed to make only those who are "at the source of infection."

As the doctor Ivan Pankratov notes in the comments, "protected – if vaccinated." According to the specialist, it is possible to escape from lightning meningococcal infection thanks to an imported vaccine that has been approved for children from 9 months. However, the cost of such an vaccination, as noted by the user Maria Drobysheva, is in Vladivostok 5000 – 5500 rubles. But a child under one year of such vaccinations needs two. How much lifting can be called this amount for a family in rural areas with two – three children?

A separate discussion about what kind of vaccine will 100% protect against terrible meningococcus developed around the story of little Barbara among doctors and parents of children.

"Unfortunately, the vaccine for serotype B is not registered in Russia. But this, of course, does not negate the fact that the vaccine should be given. With it, the risk of the disease is significantly reduced."– considers pediatrician Maria Dimakova.

"There is a vaccine for serotype B, but it is not registered in Russia"– the user writes @ uska411.

It turns out that a simple parent, and even living in a village, will not be easy to deal with optional, expensive, but such important vaccinations.

Recall that the tragedy occurred in the village of Yaroslavsky, Khorolsky district on July 22. At six o'clock in the morning, the 4-year-old Varvara on her birthday had the first signs of indisposition: fever, headache. In just about 6 hours during transportation in the ambulance carriage from Yaroslavsky to the village of Khorol, the baby did not become. The investigative committee initiated a pre-investigation investigation into the death of a child. Appointed forensic examination. A preliminary cause of death – meningococcal infection not specified.

Until the hour "X" none of the doctors of this diagnosis or assumption is not voiced. Parents suspect doctors of incompetence and are counting on a criminal case.
Read more: https://primamedia.ru/news/838486/?from=37

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