Question of the day: why do not Skvortsova, Siluanov and Golikova resign?

A rare case of self-criticism today has been demonstrated the day before.

"Health optimization has been unsuccessful in many regions."– said Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova in an interview with the program "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" on the channel "Russia 1".

Wow! The Deputy Prime Minister dared to talk about MANY (highlighted by us – ed.) Regions that became victims of thoughtless reforms. And she didn’t even soften the social diagnosis: not just “not good enough” or “not quite successful”, but “unsuccessful”, that is, failing, stupidly, dangerous to the health and life of millions of people who, on their own, excuse me, feel the results optimization.

If the query "optimization of medicine" is put in any search engine, then reading articles, posts, blogs will not be for the faint of heart. Rather, for lovers of BDSM … Over the past three years, and "New News" published hundreds of materials on this topic. But Ms. Golikova had never before assessed her own work on a medical field, like the work of, say, Minister of Health Skvortsova, or her predecessor, Deputy Prime Minister Golodets. But here is a special case.

The problems of medicine in Russia were discussed at a meeting of the State Council, which was held on Thursday in the Kaliningrad Region by President Vladimir Putin. The main issues related to ensuring the accessibility of primary health care for citizens and the quality of service delivery. Characteristically, ALL who spoke after Putin's critical assessment were extremely self-critical.

So, according to the Minister of Health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova, the infrastructure of clinics and hospitals is very outdated. “No one has touched systemic infrastructure since the end of the 1950s,” Skvortsova said in an interview with the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin program. First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov said these institutions are located in terrible condition (highlighted by us -red.) "The topic has not been addressed for years. Modernization of polyclinics, district hospitals, which are in poor, if not terrible condition," Siluanov said in an interview with the program.

The country's chief financier opened the eyes of the people to the absence for at least 60 years of "systemic investment" in health care. But I forgot to explain that consistency in this matter is achieved by one – the only way – by adequate budgeting of the process.

“The main problem is chronic underfunding by the state of medicine,” political scientist Georgy Bovt writes on BFM.ru. “In terms of the share of government spending on medicine in GDP of less than 3%, our country not only shamefully lags behind the average European level of 7%, but even such poor countries of Eastern Europe as Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria. At least one and a half times. Not to mention France with their 11%. And to the United States with their share of medical expenses in 17% of GDP, where only federal costs for the two main medical programs far exceed budget entagona, we like the moon. "

But who, gentlemen are good, laid these wretched "less than 3 percent" in the budget of Russia? Not Siluanov? Not Skvortsova? Not Golikova? Not Golodets? .. Who, if not them, told us about the successes in the implementation of national programs in medicine by the state TV host? About the super-duper high-tech centers that seem to solve the problems of rural old people themselves, who remain not only without hospitals, but even without paramedic points? About the steadily growing life expectancy of Russians, which for some reason contradicts the trend towards the extinction of Russians and the excess of mortality over fertility …

So all these "mothers" and "fathers" of failed and unsuccessful optimization of medicine must not only recognize their own cowardice and inconsistency in the budget process, but also honestly resign. The rules on social networks suggest starting with closing down Kremlin hospitals for members of the government and forcibly sending ministers and deputy prime ministers to regular budget institutions for treatment – preferably at the district level.

According to Siluanov, medical facilities are in a "terrible state." Willingly believe!

By the way, the most significant increase in budget expenditures for 2020 is observed under the item "Health" – there expenses will increase by one and a half times. And in this “breakthrough”, too, there is no merit of the above-mentioned persons. Medicine was added after President Putin staged a distribution in late August in a closed meeting with representatives of the economic bloc.

True, experts are not in a hurry to rejoice at the coming golden rain. The Ministry of Health is not going to fundamentally change anything in Russian healthcare. It is important to spend the money and then report back. And for this, it is best to conduct a noisy large-scale campaign for a total medical examination of the population. Diagnose everyone. But no one promises to treat so far.

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