Russian healthcare awaits modernization

Reduce the waiting time for medical care, create schemes according to which a person will most likely be able to get an appointment with a doctor. And also, the salary of medical workers, social support measures for people in white coats.

Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the modernization of primary health care. Until November 30, an analysis of the technical condition and degree of wear of buildings, equipment, vehicles will be carried out. This will allow the regions to approve the passports of all medical facilities by the end of the year.

Also expand the use of telemedicine. By the way, on Yamal it is almost everywhere. It is used for consultation with specialists from leading medical centers of the country. Particular emphasis was placed on the development of a network of feldsher-midwife points.

Vladimir Putin – President of the Russian Federation: “We are talking about faps, polyclinics of district, inter-district hospitals and similar institutions. That is, about such institutions where people come most often, most. What they face almost every day of their life. ”

Veronika Skvortsova – Minister of Health: “Among the most important principles is ensuring the availability of primary health care with its maximum approximation to the place of residence, or to the place of work and training. In accordance with the three-level organization of medical care, this principle is implemented using three blocks of measures to improve territorial planning. ”

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