A 65-year-old billionaire died during a genital surgery

In Paris, during a penis enlargement surgery, Belgian businessman Ehud Ari Laniado died. The cause of death was a heart attack that began after an injection into the genitals. Doctors tried to reanimate the 65-year-old billionaire, but could not help him. It is expected that Laniado will be buried at home in Israel. Despite the wealth, the billionaire was very shy about his small stature, the Daily Mail reports, referring to his late friend. “He stopped thinking about growth only while the accountant, at his request, read out information about his bank account, which happened many times a day,” he argues. A short note, but reads like a fascinating novel: Once there was a short man with a small MPH. Why he had a little of him was a mystery, but the Israeli origin of a man suggests mischievous thoughts about unsuccessful circumcision (a joke). Throughout his 65-year-old man Continue Reading


The guard's wife Putin suddenly became a billionaire

Lyudmila Murova, spouse of the former head of the Federal Security Service Evgeny Murov, was included in the Forbes list, becoming the owner of a number of large enterprises. This is what the Interlocutor writes about, noting that the company previously belonged to the arrested businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who worked closely with state contracts from the FSO. According to Forbes, to which the Interlocutor refers, the pensioner Murova became the owner of a share in the United Medical Center, one of the largest Russian medical companies, in particular, “crushing the market for issuing official certificates for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Migration Service in St. Petersburg”. Murovoy also now owns half of Mikhalchenko’s “Ovsyanoye” estate (the second half is owned by a colleague of her husband, KGB Nikolai Negodov). The assets in Murovoy include the share in LLC “Property Management“ Plant “Izmeron”. The plant itself is engaged Continue Reading


Israeli billionaire Ehud Laniado died during an operation to increase dignity

According to French media, a 65-year-old billionaire Ehud Laniado, a citizen of Israel who died in Paris during a penis enlargement surgery. Laniado, who also has a Belgian passport, was a co-owner of the Antwerp company Omega Diamond. He made a fortune on diamond mining in Angola, with which the president was on friendly terms. Although in Israel the name of the deceased was not known to the general public, according to experts in the diamond trading market, this is one of the largest players in the diamond market. The Belgian authorities suspected Laniado of tax evasion on a large scale. . (tagsToTranslate) Newsland (t) news (t) breaking news (t) Israeli billionaire Ehud Laniado died during a dignity increase operation Please follow and like us: