In the Smolensk region, a mother of two children died due to lack of medical care

In one of the villages of the Smolensk region, a woman died due to the fact that she was refused medical care. According to Readovka, a 38-year-old female pharmacist at the pharmacy in the village of Kholm-Zhirkovsky felt ill on November 22 and tried to see a doctor, but within three days the doctor did not appear on the spot. As a result, on November 25, the woman died. According to the publication, the cause of death was pulmonary thromboembolism. The woman left two children and a husband. The Investigative Committee announced the start of the audit. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) In the Smolensk region, a mother of two children died due to lack of medical care Please follow and like us:


In Kurgan, certificates for children in the pool became paid

In Kurgan, parents are unhappy that certificates for children in the pool have become paid. A mother of many children complained about this to URA.RU, who asked not to give her last name. “I have three children, I take them to the pool to improve their health. Now I have to pay for the certificate for everyone. There is nothing more to profit from, except for the health of children, ”resident of Kurgan was indignant. The chief doctor of the children's clinic, Eduard Weber, explained to URA.RU that the fee is not taken for reference, but for one of the tests included in the examination. “An analysis of enterobiosis is not part of the state guarantee program, so we charge a fee to compensate for the cost of reagents,” Weber explained. According to the head physician, the cost of the analysis is about 160 rubles. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news Continue Reading


Volokolamsk children are given fake diagnoses

Now in Volokolamsk suspiciously quiet and deserted. The central district hospital, where the day before was crowded with ambulances that brought the sick schoolchildren, and the citizens who had escaped the emergency situation, did not have a trace left. The stores are empty. The streets are empty. Moreover, to the extent that there is no one to ask the way. “They're sitting at home, saving up their anger,” Zoya Mozgalina, a correspondent for the “NO” correspondent, a consultant at the pharmacy Gorzdrav enlightened – And what do you want? Yesterday was such a shock. Humbled, shouted. You will also win when your child is dragged on a stretcher. Yours are writing incorrectly, she nods disapprovingly at the notebook, they grab the roast: they beat the head, the governor was thrown with snow. From my place everything is seen differently. Grandfather from that rally barely crawled to the pharmacy, the pressure Continue Reading


Corruption of the Ministry of Health: how a Belarusian test site was made out of Belarusian children

About the tragedy in Gantsevichi district, when a child died after the introduction of the vaccine, the whole of Belarus heard. But few know how the Korean Eupenta vaccine hit our country. The history of the efforts of the Ministry of Health is very vague and therefore even more frightening. The Ministry of Health did not tire of repeating everywhere that the tragedy with a two-month-old child happened after the use of two vaccines: Korean Eupenta and French Imovax Polio. Therefore, in Belarus, until the end of the investigation, the use of these two vaccines is suspended. Representatives of the Korean plant immediately arrived in Belarus, expressed regret and condolences to the child’s family, and at the same time assured that they would do everything possible for an objective hearing. But the French are still keeping quiet silence and are not even going to go to Belarus. There is nothing Continue Reading


The official told the parents of sick children that "she needs to return youth"

Residents of Saratov actively oppose officials closing medical facilities in the city. At the meeting of citizens with officials, the authorities behaved rudely and were rude to members of the initiative group of citizens. According to Svobodnye Novosti, a member of the public chamber of the Russian Federation and the United Russia party, Elena Stolyarova threatened to call the police at the meeting, and her colleague Tatyana Topilina responded to the words of the citizens that they needed a hospital, said: “I need to return youth And left the meeting. As the deputy of the regional Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bondarenko told the Rosbalt correspondent, the process of “reorganization” of medical institutions, which boiled down to their closure, met with resistance from parents of children who were treated in Polyclinic No. 10 and Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 6. “Some time ago, parents were Continue Reading