The Ministry of Health will not buy a tomograph for children's hospital, even after the death of a child

The Ministry of Health of the Novosibirsk Region refused to acquire a CT scanner at the Children's Clinical Hospital No. 3 of the city of Novosibirsk. Even after the death of a child in a medical facility, officials called spending on a medical device "inappropriate." This is reported by "Reedus". Residents of Novosibirsk have already collected over 113,000 signatures on a petition to install a tomograph. The author of the document was Jana Raine. In early 2019, the daughter of a woman died in hospital due to medical errors. Doctors could not deliver the correct diagnosis due to the lack of a computer tomograph. After the death of the girl, the Deputy Minister of Health of the Novosibirsk Region, Elena Aksenova, stated that “computed tomography for children is performed at the emergency hospital on Krasny Avenue”. Another MRI device will be placed in the branch of the same institution on Continue Reading


Ministry of Health: there are not enough children's hospitals in 37 regions of Russia

Almost in 40 regions of Russia there are not enough hospitals or their buildings, which will require at least 80 billion rubles, said the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova. In response, the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko announced a distant horizon for solving problems with children's hospitals. "Only in the construction of republican regional and regional children's hospitals and their individual buildings needs 37 constituent entities of the Russian Federation," Interfax quotes Veronika Skvortsova as saying at a meeting of the Regional Health Council at the Federation Council on February 7. "According to the regions, regional budgets do not allow today to solve this problem on their own, which, of course, justifies the need for federal participation," the minister added. According to her, even in such large regions as St. Petersburg, the Murmansk region, the Tyumen and Samara regions, Khakassia, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Novosibirsk Region, Continue Reading


Kurgans complained about the lack of doctors in the children's clinic

A complaint was made on the Web about the department of Kurgan children's polyclinic on Savelyev Street, 33. An anonymous user on the zadolbalo.net portal said that one young girl doctor works at two different sites at once and simply does not have time to pay attention to young patients. “If you come to the reception, he won't say anything, listen to the breath, weigh, measure growth, write on the card that everything is fine. Well, on vaccinations send. No advice, no comments on the correct treatment and prevention of the child’s diseases — nothing, ”the city dweller complains. "URA.RU" tried to contact the chief physician of the Kurgan children's polyclinic Elena Golub, but the receptionist said that she was at a board meeting in the health department. The phone number of the head of the department of the clinic in Savelyev Street did not answer. The agency sent a Continue Reading


Dorenko smashed the statement of the children's ombudsman for circumcision of girls

Journalist, chief editor of the radio station Govorit Moskva, Sergei Dorenko, criticized the words of the children's ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova about forced female circumcision. The human rights activist called the procedure of clitorectomy, which was done to the girl in the Moscow clinic, as a “purely medical issue”. In her opinion, the doctor must decide how circumcision is safe for the child. Dorenko was outraged by the detached position of the Ombudsman. “Remember this day. We have taken another step to hell, ”the journalist wrote on Twitter. Then he turned to Kuznetsova. “Listen to me, Anna Kuznetsova, girls from 5 years old have been maimed in Moscow,” wrote Dorenko. He clarified that some girls are cut off the clitoris, the other – even the labia majora, and sometimes – at the request of the parents – also the labia majora. Dorenko described in detail the procedure. In the conclusion of Continue Reading

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Russia has created an artificial children's heart with a two-year service life

Heart transplantation saves thousands of lives, but waiting for a donor organ can last quite a long time. Artificial hearts that already exist in the USA, but are worth crazy money, help us to live to this point. Researchers from the Russian military plant Progress have mastered the production of miniature pumps, which, with their low cost, provide at least two years of life. Artificial hearts are designed for children, and are comparable in size to candy. Special conditions were required for assembling mechanisms as accurate as clocks. The workshop in which artificial hearts are assembled is separated from the plant foundation by dampers – devices that absorb any vibrations. Such conditions are necessary for maximum accuracy, because the pumps consist of parts the size of poppy seeds, which are interconnected under a microscope. In order not to scratch them, engineers use brass tools and wooden sticks – otherwise, blood Continue Reading