The leader of the "Alliance of Doctors" was called to the UK because of VIDEO and words about hiding the real situation with coronavirus

The Office of the Investigative Committee for the Central Administrative District of Moscow summoned for questioning the leader of the Alliance of Doctors trade union, Anastasia Vasilieva, who was checked for the distribution of fakes about coronavirus. This Vasilyeva reported in Twitter. What kind of false message in question is not specified. Earlier it was reported that RIA FAN complained to the police of RIA FAN, connected with businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, because of the appeal of the union leader to the doctors because of the coronavirus. The UK reported on the verification of part 1 of article 237 of the Criminal Code (distortion of information about events, facts or phenomena that endanger human life or health) and part 4 of article 128.1 of the Criminal Code (defamation) due to the spread of fake "regarding the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia since the goal of enhancing panic moods. " Continue Reading


The results of modeling the coronavirus epidemic in Russia

The spread of coronavirus in the world in pandemic mode has come to Russia. It is very important to be aware of the scale of the disaster in a timely manner. There are many works in the world on modeling the coronavirus epidemic based on official empirics published in open media. For example, the work “Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now” gives important conclusions obtained by modeling, and on their basis practical recommendations. The main foci of the most intense spread of the disease in China, Italy, Spain allow, according to official data, to judge the parameters of the epidemic. So, on March 27 in China, the number of cases amounted to 81667 people. In Italy – 80539 people. In Spain – 57 786 people. In the USA – 85327 people. In Russia, more than 1000 people are reported. Obviously, the figures given depend on the efficiency and integrity of Continue Reading


British prince Charles cured of coronavirus and left self-isolation

The British prince Charles, who had previously been diagnosed with coronavirus, after consulting with a doctor, stopped observing the regime of self-isolation, BBC reports with reference to the statement of the royal residence Clarence House. The 71-year-old prince spent seven days in isolation in the Scottish castle of Balmoral. Clarence House noted that Prince Charles was doing well and was complying with the restrictions imposed by the British government in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The fact that the coronavirus was diagnosed with the direct heir to the British crown last week. His wife, 72-year-old Duchess of Cornwall, Camille, also passed the coronavirus test, he turned out to be negative. The couple after that went on self-isolation to the castle in Scotland. Clarence House previously emphasized that it was impossible to establish from whom Prince Charles had contracted the virus, since before that he had many meetings with different Continue Reading


Chechnya told how Kadyrov is protected from coronavirus

To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, greatly limited the circle of contacts. All those with whom the manager still has to meet are pre-examined by doctors. This was told by the Minister of Health of Chechnya, Elkhan Suleymanov. According to Suleymanov, at the entrances to the territory where the head of the region is located, there are medical posts that constantly monitor the health of people who come into contact with Kadyrov. The head of the ministry also noted that officials would like to quarantine, but they cannot afford it. “The measures that we are promoting in relation to the entire population also concern us. We would gladly retire to quarantine, but we cannot afford it, ”RIA Novosti quoted Suleimanova as saying. The first coronavirus infection in Chechnya was officially confirmed on March 24. After that, the authorities in the region announced the Continue Reading


Ready for coronavirus: Russia mobilized funds to fight COVID-2019

The situation with coronavirus is developing rapidly, the disease came to Russia later than everyone and spreads most slowly. But this does not affect the government’s adoption of measures to ensure public safety. Now about 26 thousand medical workers have been mobilized, ready to provide support to citizens. In addition, 55 thousand infectious beds are fully prepared to receive patients; 12 thousand resuscitation beds have been prepared. Medical facilities with a supply are provided with all the necessary drugs. The government also provided round-the-clock import of food products to retail chains in order to avoid a shortage of goods. From March 23 to April 12, all visits to schools were canceled, most companies transfer their employees to remote work. The Ministry of Health conducts awareness campaigns on personal hygiene to educate citizens. The Government of the Russian Federation seeks to make clear that the situation is under control. The only Continue Reading


The number of coronavirus infected in Russia increased to 93 people

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova immediately reported a 1.5-fold increase in the number of infected with the dangerous coronavirus COVID-19 over the past day. According to her, most of the cases recently returned to Russia from abroad, and only seven people were already infected in Russia itself. According to Tatyana Golikova, four patients have already recovered, 79 more remain in hospital treatment. In the morning, the Ministry of Health spoke about 10% of recovered patients. Tatyana Golikova also instructed Rospotrebnadzor to deliver test systems on COVID-19 to all regions that are ready to accept them in their laboratories. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection was obliged to revise the procedure for paying sick leave so that those who quarantine after visiting countries with an unfavorable situation on COVID-19 or have contacts with patients in Russia itself do not lose money, RIA Novosti reports. According to the World Health Organization, Continue Reading


Chinese authorities have promised to overcome the coronavirus by June

According to Zhong Nanshan, head of the special commission of the State Committee for Health of China, the dangerous coronavirus COVID-19 will continue to spread in China and around the world at least until June, but if the authorities of other countries cannot curb it, China will have to deal with its importation from the outside. "According to the forecast, the epidemic around the world will continue to spread until at least June. The emphasis in the fight against coronavirus in the future may shift from exports (diseases from China) to imports," RIA Novosti quoted Zhong Nanshan as saying. Australian scientists recently published a more pessimistic scenario of the spread of the disease – in their opinion, with a catastrophic development of events, the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the year will exceed 68 million people, 12 million of which will be lost by China. In the USA and Continue Reading


Coronavirus displaces geopolitics

Citizens' interest in requests for “geopolitical greatness” will disappear as the number of infected people grows. When people are frightened, they begin to ask the authorities “uncomfortable” questions. Coronavirus reached Moscow. Judging by the official media, the first infected Russian is in the hospital, dozens of those who met him along the way are in quarantine. The metro promise to selectively and remotely measure the temperature of passengers. True, without explaining what will be done with those with whom it will be increased. I suspect that it was impossible to keep silent about the fact that the infection didn’t pass Russia by. Too many people are involved in epidemiological activities to prevent information from leaking sooner or later. But only yesterday it seemed that the virus was shunning our country as plagued. For some reason, he first rushed to Europe and Asia, capturing cruise ships, hotels and brothels. There would Continue Reading


Coronavirus in Moscow: quarantined patients complain of non-sterile conditions

After the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Moscow, the authorities of the capital spoke about the thousands of people under surveillance, as well as the preventive measures taken in the city. Patients themselves say that the conditions in the infectious department are far from quarantine. The official position of the authorities was indicated by Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, six relatives and five acquaintances of the patient were hospitalized, but they did not show symptoms. And 13 people were sent to the hospital from the plane on which the infected person flew, they have “a slight malaise like SARS”. 83 people without symptoms are placed in home quarantine, writes the National News Service. According to the mayor, since the middle of last month in Moscow more than 12 thousand studies on coronavirus have been carried out. “Currently, under the supervision of more than 5.5 thousand people,” Sobyanin wrote Continue Reading


Dr. Brand: "Officials conceal the incidence of coronavirus in Russia"

The country's authorities are pretending that nothing is happening with the coronavirus and probably now this is the best they can do The famous Russian doctor Pavel Brand strongly doubted in his blog that there is no coronavirus epidemic in Russia: "COVID-19. An epidemic that does not exist … The faint of heart is better off not reading! And so … Do you really think that in the Russian Federation there are no cases of COVID-19? How is this even possible? Let's remember: 1. We have a land border with China (the 6th longest land border in the world, if I remember correctly …) 2. In the Russian Federation, according to official figures, 40,000 live, and according to unofficial figures, almost a million Chinese. They are constantly moving across the border. Relatives and friends come to them, they go to their homeland quite regularly. 3. Russia and China have a Continue Reading