Ministry of Health promises to cure a new way

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has expanded the list of chronic non-infectious diseases in which patients need to remain under the scrutiny of medical professionals. Since May 7, the Ministry of Health of Russia has introduced updated rules for the implementation of dispensary observation. According to the new order, a much larger contingent of citizens with chronic diseases falls under the enhanced observation of physicians. In total, the updated list contains about thirty chronic ailments. First of all, the list includes diseases of the heart and vascular system, as well as the condition of patients who have only undergone surgery or are recovering from a stroke or heart attack. Also, dispensary observation should be subject to citizens with chronic lung disease, including those who have had pneumonia, as well as suffering from bronchial asthma. The list of diseases included by the Ministry of Health includes stomach ulcers, Continue Reading

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CRISPR injection into the brain of the embryo can cure genetic disorder

A rather controversial new study suggests that there may be a way to prevent Angelman syndrome, a genetic disorder that can cause seizures, difficulties in communication, and is associated with autistic spectrum diseases. The fact is that in order to test the experimental treatment in mice, scientists had to inject CRISPR enzymes, which edit the gene, directly into the brain of the developing fetus. Genetically modified fruits are uncharted ethical territory. Potentially beneficial experimental treatment should be balanced by anxiety about the patient's well-being. As always, on mice The treatment, which was presented at a scientific conference in February, but has not yet been included in academic journals, affects a specific UBE3A gene that helps cells break down and process proteins. When this gene mutates in the developing brain, Angelman syndrome occurs. But research shows that it can be avoided if the genes turn on before birth. In an experiment Continue Reading

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Created a cure for age-related muscle weakening

The sad fact is that after 35 years, almost every person begins to lose muscle mass and weaken. Of course, this process can be slowed down with the help of physical exercises, but not every person is involved in physical exercise. Especially for those who can not or do not want to keep their body in shape, researchers from the medical department of the University of Texas at Galveston have created a drug to maintain muscle mass. Experimental medicine has already shown its effectiveness and safety in mice. Scientists have learned that one of the main causes of muscle dysfunction and adults is the activity of a protein called nicotinamide N-methyltransferse (NNMT). Being in the muscle tissues, it causes their weakening, therefore the goal of the researchers was to create a medicine that reduces its activity to a minimum. It is known that it was successfully created and acts as Continue Reading

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Electrical synchronization of brain areas can cure depression

Stimulation of the brain by electrical impulses is actively used to treat various mental illnesses. Most often, this requires surgical implantation of the electrodes, but the method called transcranial stimulation with alternating current (tACS) does not imply interference. Thanks to him, researchers have already managed to cure auditory hallucinations in schizophrenics and reduce the sensations of back pain in one of the patients. A new study of its kind has shown that technology can also cure deep depression. Unlike deep brain stimulation (Deep Brain Stimulation), tACS uses softer electrical impulses and synchronizes the activity of different areas of the brain. Researchers noted that in patients with deep depression, electrical oscillations of the left frontal area of ​​the brain occur much more actively than the right. To correct the so-called “frontal alpha asymmetry,” the researchers decided to balance the activity of both areas with the help of the very tACS-stimulation. The Continue Reading

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Scientists have taken a step towards creating a cure for prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is considered one of the main causes of death for men, after heart disease, lung cancer and melanoma. According to the World Health Organization, by the age of 65-70, every fourth man faces this terrible disease. The likelihood of a successful cure depends on how quickly the problem is found, so scientists are developing both early diagnosis technologies and ways to stop the growth of cancer cells. It turned out that the healing elements are even in coffee, and they very effectively cope with the disease. For the first time, scientists have noticed the healing properties of coffee when studying statistics about men: it was found that coffee lovers are faced with prostate cancer 11% less. Highlighting the six main components of coffee, they began to combine them with each other and see how they affect tumors. First, experiments were carried out in test tubes, and then – Continue Reading