Doctor: free medicine – a bear service for the patient and a noose for the doctor

Mikhail Kondratiev is a pediatrician. During his studies, he worked as a paramedic in an ambulance, as a nurse in a hospital ward, and after university, as a doctor in the emergency room of a children's infectious diseases hospital. He does not work more in medicine: after practicing, the hospital did not renew his contract because of a complaint and related proceedings. In fairness, I must admit: our medicine is indeed one of the most affordable in the world. But everyone became hostages of this achievement: both doctors and patients. Health workers are pulling the burden of several rates, processing, night shifts – medicine in our country has long been a feat. On the other hand, patients, abusing the accessibility and free medical care, for the most part transferred the responsibility for their health and the health of their children to the shoulders of doctors. I saw the situation from Continue Reading


In the Urals, a doctor is judged who gave the patient illegal drugs

In the Urals, a scandal unfolding around a new “case of doctors”: a gynecologist prescribed an elderly patient who suffered from severe pain, the medicine left after the death of his mother. But the head nurse of the hospital "surrendered" him: now the doctor faces eight years in prison. Medical colleagues, a human rights defender, and city residents demand that the doctor be acquitted. Case of doctor Baksakova was conducted by police investigators Photo: Alexander Mamaev © URA.RU Oleg Baskakov is the only gynecologist in the city of Novaya Lyalya, Sverdlovsk Region (the population is slightly more than 10 thousand people). At one time, they promised him to provide official housing, but they didn’t give it – he lives right in the hospital, in the premises of a closed maternity hospital – in the ward where once the newborns were lying. In March 2018, his mother died of cancer, she Continue Reading


7 things are named that the doctor has no right to do during the appointment

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation told reporters what a doctor has no right to do while taking patients. These rules are enshrined in articles in the Federal Law of Russia. A medical professional may pay a fine for an offense or even fall under a criminal case. What is forbidden to do to the doctor at the reception You can find a lot of information on the Internet about the rights and obligations of medical workers. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation periodically receives complaints about the violations of doctors. Few citizens pay attention to these points. Deputies published a document on the official website of the State Duma, which indicates things that are forbidden to do during a doctor’s appointment. It is strictly forbidden for a medical professional to raise a voice on a patient. He also faces a fine if he offends Continue Reading


Why is it difficult to get a doctor in Germany?

According to a survey conducted by the Federal Association of Hospital Physicians (KBV), approximately one in three patients, regardless of whether he is insured in private or with a state insurance policy, has the opportunity to immediately sign up for a consultation with a doctor. But as practice shows, clients of public hospital funds have to wait much longer. Only 10% of patients with private insurance will receive a doctor for about three weeks, while with the public – 16% of patients. Patients with state insurance have to wait at a specialist for longer compared to a family doctor. Only 19% of survey participants were immediately able to get to a narrowly specialized doctor, and 37% – to a family doctor. 32% of respondents waited for a specialist to receive for more than three weeks. See also: German doctors do not trust their hospitals Quarterly, physicians receive a fixed budget Continue Reading


In Altai, the doctor refused to take a pensioner, advising "call the priest"

In Novoaltaisk, the doctor of the L. Y. Litvinenko City Hospital refused to accept a 68-year-old man in serious condition, advising him to "call the priest." SK conducts incident verification. The man felt bad on May 2, began to cough up blood and gasp, his granddaughter Xenia told the local edition of Tolk. An ambulance delivered a blood-repairing injection to a man and recommended urgent hospitalization. The relatives immediately took the man to the city hospital, where a surgeon on duty was called to them. According to her granddaughter, the doctor spoke to them rudely. “In the end, he said that in general the grandfather would not look so that we could 'call the priest',” said the victim’s granddaughter. After 40 minutes, another doctor came from resuscitation, the pensioner was taken an X-ray, and then put in intensive care. According to his relatives, he was diagnosed with a perforated ulcer Continue Reading


In the Kama region, the doctor refused to take the child without an appointment and left the office.

A resident of Perm named Dmitry complained about the actions of the doctors of the city polyclinic №4. According to the man, his six-year-old son, he can not record admission for two months, and in the very institution of the child refuse to accept. A video appeared in the community “My city – Perm”, in which a man asks to explain to doctors why his otolaryngologist refuses to examine his child. The staff of the institution reported that admission is carried out only by appointment – personally through the pediatrician or online. To the man's remark about the problems with the recording, he was recommended to “not delay the queue”, and the doctor himself left the office. As the author of the video writes, as a result, the man had to leave with nothing. “Such problems are not only with the otolaryngologist, but with almost all narrow specialists. At least Continue Reading


Israeli medicine news: False doctor received 11 years in prison for rape patients

On Thursday, April 4, the Jerusalem District Court sentenced 56-year-old Dror Rutkowitz, who pretended to be a naturopath, to 11 years in prison. The pseudo-doctor is found guilty of a series of sexual acts, including rape, as well as fraud. His victims were at least five patients. According to the indictment, in the early 1990s, Dror Rutkowitz studied alternative medicine methods in Canada for a year, but he never studied as a doctor abroad or in Israel. For the past 10 years, the defendant has been posing as a naturopath. First, he led a reception at the hospital "Bikur-Holim", and then rented space under his own blade on Gilel Street in Jerusalem. In his patients, the false doctor tried to create the impression that he was a “graduate”, but at the same time, the investigation materials indicated that Rutkowitz did not have a license to practice medicine. According to the Continue Reading


A doctor from New York threw his girlfriend a tea drug for medical abortion

A doctor from Rochester, New York, did not want to become a father so much that he decided to get rid of his own child without the knowledge of his mother. Brooke Fiske and Sikander Imran were in a relationship for three years at a time when a man got a new job and moved from New York to Virginia. The doctor did not have time to get used to the new place, as the girl informed him about her pregnancy. Fiske wanted a child, but the news did not at all make her beloved – he began to convince the girl to have an abortion. Expectant mother was not announced At the 17th week of pregnancy, she went to visit the father of the child to discuss future plans. He carefully prepared for the meeting and did not forget to buy a drug to stimulate childbirth, which in a Continue Reading


Optimized doctor

Medics could not be lured to the village, even with a million rubles, and those who arrived could not stand up and give money back, just to return to the city. A quarter of the doctors who came to work in the villages of the Kurgan Region under the “Zemsky Doctor” program quit and left, returning the received millions, said Larisa Kokorina, Director of the Kurgan Region Health Department. Specialists are trying to attract in the Urals lifting allowance, subsidies for the repayment of the mortgage, official housing and so on. Since 2012, a million rubles were received by 210 doctors who came to work in the countryside. However, in the five years of the program’s operation, 45 specialists have already quit. “At the same time, 21 doctors were employed in 2012. Of these, only two have worked all five years. The others quit earlier and returned the funds they Continue Reading


Russian doctor raped a patient after tonsil removal

In the hospital of Izhevsk, a 53-year-old ENT doctor abused a 32-year-old patient, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda in Izhevsk. A criminal case under article 131 of the Criminal Code ("Rape"). The attack took place on September 19 during a reception after an operation to remove the tonsils. The man was drunk and offered to drink the girl who came to the office. Having been refused, the doctor pounced on her. The victim could not resist, because she had not yet moved away from anesthesia during the operation. Having released the victim, the doctor demanded that the incident be kept secret. When she reached her ward, she called the police. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) A Russian doctor raped a patient after removing the tonsils Please follow and like us: