"Conditions do not compare." Belarusian doctors about why they left to work abroad

According to the Ministry of Health, about 200 Belarusian doctors leave to work abroad annually. In reality, their number may be greater, because the statistics do not take into account those who went to work in Russia. Young specialists say they want to go abroad due to lack of career prospects, poor living conditions and low salaries. The government’s departure of doctors causes serious concern (although, for example, this does not bother the president). FINANCE.TUT.BY talked with Belarusian doctors who left to work in other countries about why they decided to move, how difficult it was to do it and how work abroad differs from work at home. The picture is illustrative. Photo: Olga Shukailo, TUT.BY History from the Czech Republic: “The hospital provides housing. There are dinners, medical insurance " Surgeon Anton (name changed. – Ed.) From Grodno has been living and working in the Czech Republic for five Continue Reading


All doctors quit Novocherkassk infectious diseases hospital

In the hospital of the infectious diseases hospital of Novocherkassk (Rostov Region), only nurses remained, all the doctors quit. About this writes "KP" with reference to the city health. The medical staff of the institution consisted of four infectious disease specialists, including the head. Two doctors older than 70 years and their younger colleague wrote leave of their own free will. Head of the department while on sick leave, but he also decided that he would leave the hospital as soon as he recovered. Whether the doctors quit due to low salaries, heavy workloads or other reasons, the publication does not report. Patients with infectious diseases in connection with this situation will be hospitalized in medical institutions Aksay and Rostov-on-Don. On the eve of in Russia, doctors went to protests because of the adversity in their industry. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) All doctors quit Novocherkassk Continue Reading


"Many people think that if you beat doctors with sticks, they work better."

On October 31, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation officially recognized the reduction in the number of doctors in many regions of Russia, and President Vladimir Putin on the same day proposed the creation of medical "special teams" from volunteers and students of medical schools, similar to student construction teams. All this happens against the background of strikes and layoffs of doctors in many regions of Russia due to "optimization" (in fact, reduction of hospitals and clinics), underfunding of ambulances and complaints of doctors about salaries. Semyon Halperin, president of the Doctor’s Defense League, in an interview with Present Times, called the current situation in Russian healthcare “complete collapse” and believes that officials who “stole budget money, optimized, closed hospitals, and carried out massive reductions” are responsible for it. None of them, Halperin emphasizes, was punished for his actions. – What does the reduction in the number of Continue Reading


They promised to deal with the salaries of doctors

Russian President Vladimir Putin, TASS reports, instructed at the legislative level to approve the requirements for the structure of the salaries of doctors. The list of instructions says: "To adopt the necessary regulatory legal acts aimed at approving the requirements for the salary structure of medical workers, including the establishment of the share of guaranteed payments for official salaries in the salary structure, while providing for the reduction of compensation and other payments." Also, officials should provide for the establishment of a single list of incentive payments and a single list of compensation payments, as well as the conditions for the purpose of these payments to medical personnel and the introduction of a training system and the formation of a managerial personnel reserve for the healthcare system. Executors of instructions have a deadline of April 30, 2020. At the same time, amendments will be made to the Labor Code of Continue Reading


Doctors talked about the main benefits of grapes

It helps strengthen cells and has a rejuvenating effect. The grape seeds contain vitamins A, E and K, as well as natural oils. All these substances contribute to cell strengthening and anti-aging effect. But the berries are worth eating with the seeds, then they will bring more benefits. In addition, the grape contains a substance from the plant estrogen resveratol group. It lowers blood cholesterol and inflammatory processes in the vessels. Also in the grapes there are important phenolic compounds: caffeic acid, quercetin and miracetin. According to doctors, they protect the body from the development of cancer. Doctors also advise choosing darker berries, as they have more antioxidants. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) Doctors talked about the main benefits of grapes Please follow and like us:


Decomposition of medicine: bureaucrats become millionaires, doctors become poor

Catastrophic processes take place in Russian medicine, which in the end will completely destroy it. The class stratification of nomenclature and plebs in science, education and medicine began not 5, but 15-20 years ago. In the 90s, the directors of research institutes and university rectors realized that they were landlords of profitable real estate and their incomes no longer depended on their main activity. In the zero years, they learned to earn money on paid expert examinations of the world pharmacy and protect the “commercial segment”. Nowadays, they have known the joy of distribution and state security, which began to be distributed in the right hands. As a result, they became at the same income level with top officials and middle-class businessmen. But unlike them, they also gained administrative and political weight. The catastrophic events taking place recently on the medical front, according to the Moscow blogger Gleb Kuznetsov, serves Continue Reading


Doctors talked about diseases that are worse than cancer

Doctors have denied the stereotype that oncology is the worst disease, naming five deadly diseases. According to doctors, today malignant tumors can be treated in most cases, if detected at an early stage. Meanwhile, there are diseases that leave a person almost no chance. For example, "mad cow disease" or Creutzfeldt-Chkob disease affects the spinal cord or brain, which is destroyed, leaving the patient without vital feelings. In second place on the list is fatal insomnia, a genetic disease that can last from seven months to three years, during which a person gradually dies, experiencing hallucinations and panic attacks. In the case of incurable rabies, asphyxia leads to death. If the infected person does not vaccinate within two weeks, the irreversible stage occurs when, after external sedation, the patient suddenly dies from heart paralysis or breathing. Next, doctors identify Marburg hemorrhagic fever, also known as "green monkey disease". First detected Continue Reading


The main cancer center in Russia revealed the salaries of doctors fleeing from there

The medical staff of the main cancer center of Russia – the National Medical Research Center for Oncology named after N. N. Blokhina – receives the same salary as always. The reduction in incentive payments was only in July, which led to salaries of less than 20 thousand rubles for nurses and less than 40 thousand for some doctors, the cancer center press service said. “There was a decrease in incentive payments for July. Now the salary level of all staff has been restored, ”Reedus quoted the representative of the medical institution. The press service also clarified that there would be no layoffs. “Nobody wrote a letter of resignation,” the cancer center said. In addition, the institution denied information about restricting the work of volunteers. “The only thing we limit the volunteers to do is to bring to the clinic products that are prohibited for sick children,” the press service Continue Reading


The lethal outcome of Russian medicine: doctors quit, patients die

The Health Foundation, having studied the statistics of the Ministry of Health, released data on the growth of nosocomial mortality in Russia. Over the year, it grew by 5, 5%. Mortality growth was noted in 79 regions. The fund also reported an increase in hospital admissions in the country. This means one thing: there are more patients, but their treatment has become worse. Two scandals shocked the medical community in just the past week. In a maternity hospital in the Stavropol Territory during a cesarean section, a 24-year-old woman in labor died. Seeing that the patient’s condition began to deteriorate sharply, the doctors of the Andropovsk regional hospital together left the operating room. The 72-year-old doctor retreated first, citing pressure. Her younger colleague simply did not want to take responsibility – especially since there was not her change. She urgently needed to leave for family reasons. As a result, 24-year-old Continue Reading


Due to the negligence of doctors killed 3-year-old baby

In Bukovina, the wife blames doctors for the death of his 3-year-old son. According to TSN, Sasha Gorday, who suddenly had a fever and a cough, could not make a diagnosis for several days, and then did it with an error. “How was it possible to kill such a child? How can you live with it, how do you tell me? ”- Lesia Pride’s mother cries. In early June, her Sasha began to cough, his temperature rose. The doctors of the district hospital made different diagnoses. “The first doctor said there is nothing terrible, this is coughing fever. On the second day – purulent sore throat, stomatitis, on the third day – perhaps it is measles. Three doctors listened to him. Three doctors said that the lungs were clean, ”the boy’s mother said. Since there is no infection department in the Putyla hospital, Sasha’s parents were advised to go 120 Continue Reading