Due to the negligence of doctors killed 3-year-old baby

In Bukovina, the wife blames doctors for the death of his 3-year-old son. According to TSN, Sasha Gorday, who suddenly had a fever and a cough, could not make a diagnosis for several days, and then did it with an error. “How was it possible to kill such a child? How can you live with it, how do you tell me? ”- Lesia Pride’s mother cries. In early June, her Sasha began to cough, his temperature rose. The doctors of the district hospital made different diagnoses. “The first doctor said there is nothing terrible, this is coughing fever. On the second day – purulent sore throat, stomatitis, on the third day – perhaps it is measles. Three doctors listened to him. Three doctors said that the lungs were clean, ”the boy’s mother said. Since there is no infection department in the Putyla hospital, Sasha’s parents were advised to go 120 Continue Reading


Deadly "simulation": as in prison doctors treated a prisoner

Despite the obvious symptoms of a serious illness, the doctors of one of the Russian colonies actually brought the prisoner to death. Meanwhile, while in Kaliningrad, a criminal case was opened against doctors who allegedly “killed” a premature baby in a maternity hospital, the Russian penitentiary system is undergoing the usual horrors, and it is impossible to even imagine that doctors who condemned prisoner Nikolai Kolyubakin to the agonizing death once gave Hippocratic oath . A human rights activist wrote about this monstrous case in her blog. journalist Olga Romanova: “How everyday they killed a man. Nikolai Kolyubakin. Etapirovan in IK-2 of the Ryazan region in November 2018. At the end of April I began to lose weight strongly, spoke of indisposition and severe pain in the intestines, in June I stopped eating. In early June, he turned to the medical unit of the colony. He was examined by the Continue Reading

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Skvortsova revealed how much the salary of doctors has increased in the last 5 years

Today, December 6, it became known that the average salary of health workers in the period from 2012 to 2017 increased by almost 50%. This information was reported by the Minister of Health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova in the framework of the “government hour” in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The head of department said that according to the data of Rosstat for five years, the average monthly salary of doctors, middle and junior staff increased by more than 48%, 46% and 75%. On an effective contract transferred 2.3 million employees of state and municipal health care institutions. “This figure is 85.5% of the total number of people employed in healthcare,” Skvortsova noted. The minister said that the regions continued to work on improving the wage system, aimed at increasing the share of salary payments in the salary structure to 55-60%, taking into account recommendations received from the Continue Reading


In Georgia, doctors found tweezers in the stomach of a woman, forgotten 25 years ago

According to doctors, tweezers could never have been removed at all if the patient had not filed complaints on another occasion. Georgian doctors discovered tweezers in the stomach of a woman, which was forgotten by their colleagues after the operation a quarter of a century ago. According to local media, the woman made a completely different complaint. The oncosurgeon of the Tbilisi clinic, Irakli Todua, noted that the tweezers were found during computed tomography, which was performed before the operation. The doctor noted that then the patient underwent surgery on the gallbladder. Now the woman feels fine. According to the doctor, there is nothing surprising in what happened. He also did not rule out that tweezers could never have been removed. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) In Georgia, doctors found tweezers in woman’s stomach (t) forgotten 25 years ago Please follow and like us:


SC began checking data on imposing loans for the treatment of doctors

The Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee in Moscow (SU IC) began checking information about doctors in one of the private clinics of the capital, imposing loans to patients for the treatment of non-existent diseases. Earlier in the air of one of the central TV channels, a story was published about employees of a private Moscow medical clinic, diagnosing non-existent diseases to patients and imposing expensive medical treatment on credit, the department said in a statement. Also in the story told about the deterioration of the health of one of the patients, which in this clinic was a procedure for cleansing the blood. The procedural decision will be made on the basis of the results of the inspection of the institution by the investigators. Recall that in April 2017, it was reported about employees of a private clinic in Penza, forcing patients to take loans for treatment. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker Continue Reading


Without fingers and brains: doctors consider affected by New Year's firecrackers

On New Year's Eve in Moscow alone, more than twenty people were injured when starting firecrackers. Interfax reported this on Monday, January 1, from an informed source. "During the day, 31 days and nights of January 1, 23 people were admitted to hospitals from different districts of the city, injured when firecrackers were launched," the agency’s source said. According to a source, most of the victims are assessed as moderate, there is no threat to life. The source added that the youngest of the victims is five years old, the oldest is 49. According to the Fifth Channel, among the victims – seven children, the youngest – 4 years. It is also reported that a 44-year-old man had his finger amputated. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) breaking news (t) Without fingers and brains: doctors consider people affected by the Christmas firecrackers Please follow and like us:


Attach the plantain. Ukraine becomes a country without doctors

In the Ukrainian hospitals began a shortage of doctors. It comes to the fact that the remaining doctors have to be on duty for themselves and for their colleague who has left, and anesthesiologists are transported from office to department in order not to disrupt operations. The reason is that the specialists are leaving in large numbers to work in Europe, and there is simply no one to replace them. One instead of four The catastrophic situation has developed in Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region – there is simply no one for local people to operate. “Most of the operating surgeons of the“ Nikopol City Hospital No. 1 ”KP have quit, and now, on the daily shift, instead of the prescribed four urgent surgeons on duty in pairs, 12 hours each, only one works during the day. Also, a shortage of personnel arose among the nurses of the anesthesiology, intensive care and Continue Reading


Doctors are sounding the alarm: a stroke can catch up at any age

Doctors are concerned that over the past decade, the average age of people who have had a stroke is rapidly decreasing. The figures show that in recent years the number of people aged 40–45 years who survived the first stroke has increased from 33% to 38%. According to preliminary estimates, only in 2016, about 57 thousand people in England suffered a stroke. More and more young and middle-aged people suffer from strokes. The British Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes that the cause of this phenomenon lies in the unhealthy lifestyle that has become the norm in modern society. Therefore, doctors urge citizens to seek help with the manifestation of the initial symptoms of the disease in order to avoid tragic consequences. The slightest delay – and a person can remain disabled for life or even die. Professor Julia Verne (Julia Verne), director of public health in England, said Continue Reading


Kurgans complained about the lack of doctors in the children's clinic

A complaint was made on the Web about the department of Kurgan children's polyclinic on Savelyev Street, 33. An anonymous user on the zadolbalo.net portal said that one young girl doctor works at two different sites at once and simply does not have time to pay attention to young patients. “If you come to the reception, he won't say anything, listen to the breath, weigh, measure growth, write on the card that everything is fine. Well, on vaccinations send. No advice, no comments on the correct treatment and prevention of the child’s diseases — nothing, ”the city dweller complains. "URA.RU" tried to contact the chief physician of the Kurgan children's polyclinic Elena Golub, but the receptionist said that she was at a board meeting in the health department. The phone number of the head of the department of the clinic in Savelyev Street did not answer. The agency sent a Continue Reading


Status "Moscow doctor" received more than 230 doctors

In Moscow, the number of medical workers who have been granted the status of “Moscow doctor” has increased by another 70 people. Currently it has 235 doctors, according to the portal of the mayor of Moscow. Currently, the status of "Moscow doctor" is assigned to doctors of 15 specialties. In April, we began to evaluate the work of emergency doctors. It is planned that until the end of 2018, oncologists, gastroenterologists, dentists and doctors of clinical laboratory diagnostics will also be able to receive status. Alexey Khrypun, head of the city’s health department, noted that despite the difficult exam, representatives of all the specialties included in it take part in the project. "In the near future, the first owners of the status of" Moscow doctor "among ambulance staff will be known," Khripun said. Obtain the status of "Moscow doctor" can physicians with a specialist certificate or certificate of accreditation of Continue Reading