In the Urals, a doctor is judged who gave the patient illegal drugs

In the Urals, a scandal unfolding around a new “case of doctors”: a gynecologist prescribed an elderly patient who suffered from severe pain, the medicine left after the death of his mother. But the head nurse of the hospital "surrendered" him: now the doctor faces eight years in prison. Medical colleagues, a human rights defender, and city residents demand that the doctor be acquitted. Case of doctor Baksakova was conducted by police investigators Photo: Alexander Mamaev © URA.RU Oleg Baskakov is the only gynecologist in the city of Novaya Lyalya, Sverdlovsk Region (the population is slightly more than 10 thousand people). At one time, they promised him to provide official housing, but they didn’t give it – he lives right in the hospital, in the premises of a closed maternity hospital – in the ward where once the newborns were lying. In March 2018, his mother died of cancer, she Continue Reading


Question of life and death: Russians suffer from a shortage of drugs

The Ministry of Industry and Trade received a letter from the National Chamber of Pharmacy proposing to punish pharmacies and their employees for collusion with pharmaceutical manufacturers. At the same time, there is a shortage of specific drugs in Russia. This problem is not solved, but the punishment mechanism for pharmacies that impose certain drugs on people has already been thought out, writes Gazeta.ru. In the Union, "NFP" calculated that in 60% of cases, pharmacy chains offer exactly those drugs to buyers, with whose manufacturers they have signed an agreement. Since such agreements occur in a market where patient life is at stake, experts suggest banning pharmacies from entering into contracts for marketing purposes. A possible sanction for this may be a six-month suspension of a specialist certificate or certificate of accreditation of a pharmaceutical worker. While the pharmacy and pharmaceutical businesses are negotiating, the people of Russia are dying Continue Reading


Rostec and Alisher Usmanov will deprive Russians of cheap drugs

The Russian government is inventing new projects to raise money from the Russians. The next step is mandatory labeling of goods The government announced its intention to outlaw all drugs produced from January 1, 2019, which do not have special markings. To do this, a special QR code will be applied to the medicine, which, according to the authors of the initiative, will guarantee that the product is not counterfeit, since with its help anyone who wishes can move from the manufacturer to the pharmacy counter using a special application. This whole system, which in the future should cover the entire Russian market (not only pharmacies), will be given into private hands, namely the Center for the Development of Promising Technologies to Alisher Usmanov, and the Rostec State Corporation, which has already offered its services for the production of the necessary equipment for implementation of the project, and the amount Continue Reading


The Minister of Health of Russia recognized the need for foreign drugs.

The Minister of Health of Russia, Veronika Skvortsova, during a speech at the symposium of pediatric surgeons, said that the country would not be able to do without foreign medicines, reports RIA News". “Russia is becoming self-sufficient in many ways, but so far we cannot completely abandon the original medicines and medical products that are manufactured in other countries, but have no analogues in our country,” Skvortsova said. Earlier it was reported that Russia could ban the importation of drugs from the United States in response to the sanctions of the United States against the Russian side. State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin noted that in relation to 90 American drugs restrictions on supplies to Russia will not act. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) breaking news (t) The Minister of Healthcare of Russia recognized the need for foreign medicines Please follow and like us:


The situation with drugs in Russia is nowhere worse

The lack of a drug reimbursement system in the country should be regarded as a political cowardice of the Russian authorities. On average, the state spends a little more than 1.1 thousand rubles a year on drugs for one Russian. Moreover, if in Moscow the cost of medicines per patient reaches 2.8 thousand rubles, then Chechnya spends 330 rubles per person, said the head of the Center for Health Economics and Management in Skolkovo, Yury Krestinsky, speaking at the Adam Smith Institute’s pharmaceutical forum – reports "Pharmaceutical Bulletin". – State participation in the provision of medicines to citizens remains extremely low, therefore it is impossible to talk about the effectiveness of the health care system as a whole. The global trend is as follows: more than 57% of the cost of medicines is borne by public state funds, while in Russia the situation remains paradoxical: more than 70% of the Continue Reading

Tens of billions: how much money Ukrainians spend on drugs

26% of the money spent on drugs is money down the drain. In 2017, Ukrainians spent 54 billion hryvnia for the purchase of medicines in https://ru.narodna-pravda.ua/2018/07/25/nardepy-predlozhili-radikalno-umenshit-kolichestvo-aptek-v-ukraine/ "target =" _blank "rel =" nofollow "> pharmacies, and a quarter of this amount went to drugs whose effectiveness has not been proven in clinical trials. According to https://ru.narodna-pravda.ua/ "target =" _ blank "rel =" nofollow "> PEOPLE TRUTH, this is stated in the release of the program" Vesti.UA ". Among the most popular drugs – four have no basis for clinical use. Last year, 26% of Ukrainians' money went to medicines without proven efficacy and simply enriched pharmaceutical companies. Ukrainians spent 1 billion hryvnia on homeopathic medicines, another 2 billion hryvnia was spent on drugs that do not have certificates in modern world standards of medical care. As reported by https://ru.narodna-pravda.ua/ "target =" _ blank "rel =" nofollow "> PEOPLE, in Ukraine temporarily Continue Reading


Preferential drugs – a matter of life and death

According to statistics, almost 13 million Russians have the right to receive medicines for free or at a discount. However, to get into the category of beneficiaries is only half the battle. Then you still need to get medication from the state. For all beneficiaries who have been waiting for a prescription for months, the news of more than 150 thousand overdue drugs worth more than 333 million rubles. discovered in warehouses of St. Petersburg, sounded like a mockery. Drugs that were purchased for beneficiaries were simply “rotten” at the warehouse, although they were often refused to those in need, claiming their absence. Stocks were discovered during a prosecutor's check, which was initiated after the appeal to the supervisory department of a resident of St. Petersburg Olga Prosyuk, whose mother has myeloma ((blood cancer). Every month she should receive the drug, the cost of which by prescription is about 1 Continue Reading