In Russia, the incidence of syphilis over 18 years fell ten times

At the end of 2018, the Russian Ministry of Health fixes a decrease in the incidence of syphilis. Indicators fell ten times compared with 2000, reports RT. In 2018, the incidence rate of Russians was 16.5 cases per 100 thousand people, 18 years ago it was 165.7 cases per 100 thousand people. In total, 24.5 thousand people lived in the country with a diagnosis of syphilis in 2018 (239.3 thousand in 2000). The highest incidence rate is registered in the Republic of Tuva, where 43.5 cases of syphilis account for 100 thousand people. Irkutsk Oblast (33.7 cases), Primorsky Krai (31.6), Altai Republic (31.6) and Kaluga Oblast (31.4) follow it. The least likely to suffer from syphilis are residents of Kalmykia – 2.5 cases per 100 thousand people. Also, a low incidence rate was noted in the Kostroma region (3.3), the republics of Karelia (3.7), Komi (3.8) and Dagestan (3.8). The Continue Reading


Fell, stand in line, die

Hip fracture is the second cause of death of elderly people after a heart attack, but there are almost no emergency operations that can save thousands of lives. The fracture of the proximal femur is by far the most common injury in people over 60 years old, said the chief geriatrician of the Russian Ministry of Health, Olga Tkacheva. Frequent dizziness, instability of gait, impaired vision, hearing, cognitive deficit, diabetes mellitus and various neurological diseases that progress with age are aggravated by osteoporosis associated with the aging of bone tissue. The combination of these factors leads to sad consequences. Every year more than 125,000 elderly people break the thigh neck. And almost 40% of them die in the first year after the fracture, said Acting Director of the National Medical Research Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after Priorov Nikolai Zagorodniy during the Eurasian Orthopedic Forum (EOF-2019). The death rates Continue Reading


Helicopter with shift officers fell in the Tomsk region

The Mi-8 helicopter made a hard landing near Tomsk, as a result of which three people were injured. According to the regional State Department of Emergency Situations, the helicopter landed on the industrial zone of the city Kedrovka. On board were 25 people, 22 of them – the shift workers, the rest – the crew. Three people received minor injuries and were sent to the hospital for examination. The causes of the incident are established. West Siberian transport prosecutor's office said that the accident occurred during the approach. According to preliminary data, the landing gear broke down at the helicopter. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) A helicopter with shift workers fell in the Tomsk Region Please follow and like us:


The military, who fell into the abyss on the BTR, are in serious condition

The surviving Russian servicemen who were in the armored personnel carrier that had fallen into the abyss in Abkhazia are in serious condition. “The condition of the officer and conscript soldier who suffered after the fall of an armored personnel carrier from a 40-meter height in Abkhazia is assessed as stably heavy, he underwent operations,” a source in Russian military medical circles told TASS. He clarified that one of the victims had been operated on at a military medical institution in Rostov-on-Don, and the other in St. Petersburg. The survivors were diagnosed with fractures and damage to internal organs. As reported, on January 18, the BTR-80, in which there were five Russian servicemen, followed in a convoy to a mountain range in Abkhazia. Previously, because of the fall of the ground, the combat vehicle fell down – three soldiers died on the spot, two were hospitalized. Upon the incident, a Continue Reading


In Chebarkul, after a ski race, a soldier fell ill with pneumonia, and then died in a hospital

A 20-year-old soldier of the military unit of the Chebarkul garrison, Dmitry Popov, called up from Perm, died in a hospital in Moscow after becoming ill with pneumonia. This was reported to Znak.com by an expert with the ombudsman for the Chelyabinsk region, the coordinator of the human rights organization “The servicemen also have rights” Alexei Kovalev, who will soon start working with the family of the deceased. The soldier’s mother, Elena Popova, is sure that her son could be saved. The young man died on February 3 in Moscow at the Central Military Hospital named after Vishnevsky, where he had already been brought in serious condition. Now, on the fact of the death of a soldier, a pre-investigation check is conducted, the results of which will be a procedural decision. As the mother of the deceased serviceman, Elena Popova, told Znak.com, her son fell ill in early January after Continue Reading