A resident of Serpukhov, whose husband cut off her hands, made prostheses in Germany

A resident of Serpukhov, Margarita Gracheva, whose husband Dmitri chopped off her hands, returned to Russia from Germany, where she was made two prostheses for her right arm. Now she has to complete a rehabilitation course for her left hand, which she managed to recover. Ahead is a rehabilitation course for the left hand in St. Petersburg. In Germany, I made two prostheses (one more functional, the second simpler, for rough work). Many thanks to everyone who helped me adapt to my new life! Although this is only the beginning of the way, you need to get used to the prostheses and learn to manage them! For nearly a month, Rita Gracheva and her mother, Inna Vladimirovna, accompanied her, spent in the German town of Duderstadt, where an orthopedic factory and a specialized clinic are located. Rita's mom told KP that German specialists performed fittings every day and even helped Continue Reading


In Moscow, a policeman exploded hands

In the Moscow region on the highway A-108 an explosion occurred, as a result of which the local precinct was torn off his hands. The reason was the explosive device, which was in the box, which the man tried to remove from the roadway. The incident was reported by a representative of the emergency services of the Moscow region. “The driver works as a district police officer, he was in his spare time. He stopped in front of the box, wanted to remove it from the road. When he picked it up, an explosion occurred, ”the source of the newspaper Gazeta.ru reports. As a result of the explosion, the policeman injured his face and lost the hands of both hands. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) In the Moscow region a policeman exploded hands Please follow and like us:


On the dancing uterus did not stop. Malysheva came on the air with his head in his hands

The host of the program “To Live Healthy”, Elena Malysheva, brought a model of her head to the studio for recording the program. Also received and her co-hosts. Thus, the program decided to illustrate the development of Alzheimer's disease. According to Malysheva, in case of a terrible malady, I would like to have a spare head. “Will you recognize loved ones and loved ones? Will you remember something or will time take your head off your shoulders like we did today with our heads torn down? ”- Malysheva asked the audience. Previously, she had to respond to criticism about the dancing uterus. The TV presenter noted, as the National News Service writes, that the format of the program provides not reading a lecture, but entertainment education. Therefore, there is nothing unusual in using growth figures. The scandal, as written by “URA.RU”, caused a dance performed by actress Svetlana Galka in Continue Reading