Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova called the results of healthcare optimization "terrible"

The optimization program in the field of healthcare, which took place in many regions of the Russian Federation, was carried out terribly. This was stated by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova in an interview with the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on Rossiya-1 TV channel. “Both the quality and accessibility of services in healthcare have deteriorated sharply,” said Golikova, saying that in the current state of affairs “everyone is to blame, both the center and the regions,” and we need to think about rectifying the situation. One of the solutions to the problem could be to create a rigid vertical in the field of medicine, however, some regions, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, do not agree to transfer healthcare to federal subordination. In addition, Golikova said that in 2020, a bill could be passed on a pilot project on drug insurance. “When a person can purchase medicines, and Continue Reading


Basic laws that govern the rights of healthcare providers on call

Over the years, the inhabitants of Russia have repeatedly raised the question of whether an ambulance needs to remove shoes during a call to the house. Few people know the laws that say that they can’t do this. However, many patients claim that there are certain rules for the behavior of emergency doctors in people's homes. The Ministry of Health has repeatedly commented on this opinion. Are there any rules saying that doctors should not take off their shoes Many patients in Russia who call an ambulance to their home in emergency situations are sure that medical workers do not have the right to take off their shoes. This opinion is connected with the fact that doctors should get into the room where the patient is as soon as possible and provide him with urgent help. Other residents of Russia say the opposite. They are convinced that ambulance workers must Continue Reading


Neither the minister herself nor the senators know what to do with Russian healthcare

On the eve of the Federation Council, an interesting conversation took place with the current head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova. The topic of discussion with senators was the personnel shortage of domestic medicine, which cannot be dealt with despite all efforts. Among possible measures to address the issue of personnel, Veronika Skvortsova proposed increasing the number of budget places in medical universities by 30%. Nobody spoke out openly against this proposal, but senators considered it necessary to limit the flow of medical personnel from region to region. How to do this, hardly anyone understands. Thus, Russian medicine, led by Skvortsova, seems to have come to a standstill. Today, more than 25 thousand doctors and more than 130 thousand paramedical personnel are lacking in primary care. Not solving this problem is like death. And for many Russians – literally. The number of budget places in medical universities really Continue Reading


Lean ROSATOM polyclinics – what does healthcare optimization lead to?

We publish a letter from our reader. I used to be wary of collecting donations for the treatment of seriously ill patients. There are a lot of such announcements online now. This was not the case in the Soviet Union. Treatment was provided to us by birth. A few months ago, I had to decide on the health of one close relative. The doctors could not make the diagnosis long enough. Many repeated identical studies have been carried out. Two months after the initial appointment, an ultrasound was prescribed, thanks to which at least a preliminary diagnosis was made. With such a disease, the count goes on the clock. Apparently, the therapist suggested that the person wait for a 1.5 month appointment with a vital specialist, because there were no coupons for earlier dates. Miraculously, we were able to get an appointment in 10 days. The regional hospital was crowded, Continue Reading


Russian healthcare awaits modernization

Reduce the waiting time for medical care, create schemes according to which a person will most likely be able to get an appointment with a doctor. And also, the salary of medical workers, social support measures for people in white coats. Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the modernization of primary health care. Until November 30, an analysis of the technical condition and degree of wear of buildings, equipment, vehicles will be carried out. This will allow the regions to approve the passports of all medical facilities by the end of the year. Also expand the use of telemedicine. By the way, on Yamal it is almost everywhere. It is used for consultation with specialists from leading medical centers of the country. Particular emphasis was placed on the development of a network of feldsher-midwife points. Vladimir Putin – President of the Russian Federation: “We are talking about faps, polyclinics of Continue Reading


Kudrin proposes more active transition to paid healthcare

The Kudrin Center for Strategic Research stated the need for growth in health care spending from 3.2% to 5% of Russia's GDP. However, simply increasing government funding for health care by 1.8 times by 2024 would not be enough. It is necessary to build an official system of co-financing. If the co-financing system is not formally built, it will remain "in the shadow", since it is already necessary to pay for medical care, including for formally free services, they warn the CSR. “The growing need for medical care together with the rise in price of new medical technologies will require an increase in government spending on health care by at least 1.8% of GDP (from 3.2% in 2016 to 5% in 2035),” leads RIA News ”the text of the report“ Health care: the necessary answers to the challenges of the time ”. But this is not enough, the report indicates. Continue Reading