A Chinese citizen with a coronavirus complains about a hospital in Chita

A Chinese citizen Wang Yunbin, who was hospitalized with coronavirus in the Trans-Baikal Territory, complained about the conditions of detention in the Chita hospital. His letter and video from the hospital published the portal Chita.ru. “Hello, I’m that Chinese from Russian news from the Trans-Baikal Territory who is allegedly infected. I just cough, nothing else bothers me, doctors don’t tell me that I’m infected, and they don’t give me test results. I learned from the news that I may be infected, ”the translation writes. The man apologizes for his illness, explaining that he simply went with his wife and child to rest in China, not knowing about the coronavirus. “Despite the result, I hope for help, since my child has a fever and has diarrhea – from the Chinese news I realized that it is very dangerous, but the conditions in the hospital where we are are not enough for Continue Reading

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Why doesn’t the ambulance take to the hospital?

I often hear "Lenka had such high pressure, but she didn’t even take the ambulance to the hospital!" “Maybe she’d better lie down in the hospital, get examined?” Dear friends, I will answer you the most frequently asked question about the survey. Long gone are the days when the hospital lay examined. Now everything is so modernized and reformed that the hospital treats you with a diagnosis with which they bring you exactly as many days as are allowed by law, not a day more. After this period, you are discharged and it does not matter if the treatment helped you or not. Nobody will lie down, examine you, reveal any ailments. Forget it already. It’s supposed to lie with pneumonia for 10 days, so keep track of it, continue to be treated at home, and then work. They removed / did not remove the exacerbation of pancreatitis within 10 Continue Reading


Nurses: in the Sakhalin Regional Hospital they inject stubs and sterilize a one-time

Nurses: in the Sakhalin Regional Hospital they inject stubs and sterilize a one-time Three nurses, working in the anesthesia and resuscitation department of the Sakhalin Regional Clinical Hospital, contacted the Sakh.com news agency. Go to the media, and before that, go to the prosecutor (a copy of the statement is in the editorial office) they were forced by intolerable working conditions and fear of being extreme in case of any incidents. The fact is that the usual practice in the institution, they say, is the use of expired medications and even sterilization of disposable consumables – tubes, dilatation kits for tracheostomy, "blades" for intubation, and so on. Handicraft packaging of “disposable” items after sterilization All this is superimposed on difficult working conditions – periodic processing, increased workload, lack of staff and disrespect from direct management. As a result, there is a constant staff turnover and fear that the next patient, Continue Reading


All doctors quit Novocherkassk infectious diseases hospital

In the hospital of the infectious diseases hospital of Novocherkassk (Rostov Region), only nurses remained, all the doctors quit. About this writes "KP" with reference to the city health. The medical staff of the institution consisted of four infectious disease specialists, including the head. Two doctors older than 70 years and their younger colleague wrote leave of their own free will. Head of the department while on sick leave, but he also decided that he would leave the hospital as soon as he recovered. Whether the doctors quit due to low salaries, heavy workloads or other reasons, the publication does not report. Patients with infectious diseases in connection with this situation will be hospitalized in medical institutions Aksay and Rostov-on-Don. On the eve of in Russia, doctors went to protests because of the adversity in their industry. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) All doctors quit Novocherkassk Continue Reading


The Ministry of Health will not buy a tomograph for children's hospital, even after the death of a child

The Ministry of Health of the Novosibirsk Region refused to acquire a CT scanner at the Children's Clinical Hospital No. 3 of the city of Novosibirsk. Even after the death of a child in a medical facility, officials called spending on a medical device "inappropriate." This is reported by "Reedus". Residents of Novosibirsk have already collected over 113,000 signatures on a petition to install a tomograph. The author of the document was Jana Raine. In early 2019, the daughter of a woman died in hospital due to medical errors. Doctors could not deliver the correct diagnosis due to the lack of a computer tomograph. After the death of the girl, the Deputy Minister of Health of the Novosibirsk Region, Elena Aksenova, stated that “computed tomography for children is performed at the emergency hospital on Krasny Avenue”. Another MRI device will be placed in the branch of the same institution on Continue Reading


At the Russian Railways Hospital, a woman was mistakenly removed a breast.

In the Saratov railway hospital, a woman’s breast was removed due to a medical error. According to the data of the Southern SU on transport of the RF IC, in 2017, a 55-year-old woman applied for help to the Road Clinical Hospital at the Saratov-2 station of Russian Railways, presenting the survey documents. In the oncology department of the hospital, her mammary gland was removed. At the same time, the doctors diagnosed her based only on the examination that the woman conducted in the institution of a non-cancer profile, and the diagnosis was not confirmed. The examination found that she was diagnosed with breast cancer incorrectly. Accordingly, the operation was performed unnecessarily. A criminal case was initiated on the fact that the employees of the NUZ “Road Clinical Hospital” at Art. Saratov-2 Russian Railways OJSC medical services that do not meet the safety requirements of a 57-year-old woman (part 1 Continue Reading


Myths and Reality: Up to 6000 Israelis per year die from hospital infections

Each year, between 4,000 and 6,000 Israelis die as a result of complications from hospital infections, mostly from antibiotic-resistant bacteria. A report published by the State Inspectorate in 2013 also showed that, in general, approximately 40,000 patients in hospitals suffer from such complications, also known as nosocomial infections. A report by the Ministry of Health, published on Sunday, April 21, in the Jewish daily Yediot Aharonot, revealed Israeli hospitals with the worst rates of nosocomial infections. Hospitals were divided into three categories — large, medium, and small — to ensure a fair comparison of infection levels. Among the six major hospitals in Israel at Rabin Medical Center on the Beilinson campus in Petah Tikva, the highest incidence was registered (132), followed by Hadassah with the Ain Kerem campus in Jerusalem (116) and Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv (107). The hospital with the fewest infections was the Soroka Medical Center in Continue Reading


Employees of the maternity hospital in Bashkiria were given for cleaning old pants and tights

In social networks, the Salavatsky maternity hospital in Bashkiria is again discussed, or rather, the working conditions of its employees. Photos of cleaning rags sent from Kazan were put on the Internet – torn tights and underwear appeared in bags with old rags, the website Newsbash.ru reports. According to the rules, medical rags are a rectangular white cotton fabric. But the reality is far from ideal – the maternity hospital employees sent bags with used clothes and underwear for washing operating tables, carrying out genoborok, and even wiping tables in the buffet and cribs for newborns. The union of health workers "Actions" noted that in this way the management could save on special materials for cleaning. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) breaking news (t) Maternity hospital employees in Bashkiria were given out for cleaning old underwear and tights Please follow and like us:


In Chita, the nurse of the maternity hospital put three wipes in the vagina of the child and did not tell anyone

In Transbaikalia, a nurse is judged who has forgotten the napkins in the body of a newborn, and then was afraid to say so, so that she would not be fired. As a result, the child has a female inflammatory disease, lawyer Anastasia Kopteyeva, who represents the victim's mother, and who collaborates with the human rights organization Zona Prava, told Rosbalt. The regional Ministry of Health refused to fire the nurse – the woman is still working. According to the prosecution, on the evening of January 13, 2017 a healthy girl was born in the Transbaikalian regional perinatal center in Chita. On the same day, the ward and procedural nurse of the neonatal ward Lyudmila Cherkasova discovered vaginal bleeding in the newborn. Without telling anyone about this, she applied the forbidden method — with tweezers deeply inserted into the baby’s vagina, two synthetic wipes measuring 135 × 185 mm were Continue Reading


In the Urals, in the hospital, a cancer patient committed suicide due to the lack of painkillers.

An oncological patient committed suicide in a hospital in the city of Ozersk in the Chelyabinsk region. The investigative committee of the region has begun verification upon the incident. The man was in the hospital due to cancer and suffered from severe pain. According to the group “Says Ozersk” in “VKontakte”, according to relatives, he was given painkillers injections, but for some reason they did not give an injection on a weekend day. The man could not stand the torment and committed suicide. It is still unknown why the pain killer was not prepared in advance, and why the patient did not receive the drug. “On the fact of the death of a man, an inspection is being conducted,” Vladimir Shishkov, a senior assistant to the head of the TFR in the Chelyabinsk region, confirmed to “URA.RU”. "URA.RU" repeatedly reported similar cases when cancer patients, without receiving painkillers, ended up Continue Reading