“A nurse is not a cleaning lady!” The nursing staff of the hospitals brought to the protests

According to Rosstat, since the beginning of 2019, 16 thousand nurses and medical assistants have left Russian health care. The reduction of junior medical staff in Russia has become rampant. Doctors and industry experts warn that they will soon have to dismiss patients, because there is no one in the hospitals to care for them. Lyudmila Butuzova At the end of February, optimization reached the Anzhero-Sudzhensk city hospital (Kemerovo region). The management of the institution plans to cut 105 rates for nurses. Some of the employees will simply be fired, and the bulk of them will be transferred to cleaners since May 16, that is, to posts with lower salaries and without a number of social guarantees that were legally imposed on junior medical staff. Justifying her order No. 224, the head physician of the hospital, Olga Kozlova, publicly stated that it is quite possible to do without nurses, since Continue Reading


Ministry of Health: there are not enough children's hospitals in 37 regions of Russia

Almost in 40 regions of Russia there are not enough hospitals or their buildings, which will require at least 80 billion rubles, said the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova. In response, the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko announced a distant horizon for solving problems with children's hospitals. "Only in the construction of republican regional and regional children's hospitals and their individual buildings needs 37 constituent entities of the Russian Federation," Interfax quotes Veronika Skvortsova as saying at a meeting of the Regional Health Council at the Federation Council on February 7. "According to the regions, regional budgets do not allow today to solve this problem on their own, which, of course, justifies the need for federal participation," the minister added. According to her, even in such large regions as St. Petersburg, the Murmansk region, the Tyumen and Samara regions, Khakassia, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Novosibirsk Region, Continue Reading


Polyclinics and hospitals decided to leave without imported medical equipment

The Ministry of Industry and Trade suggests taxing imported medical equipment entering Russia. According to Vedomosti, for distributors of foreign tomographs, ultrasound scanners, catheters, lasers and other medical equipment, it is proposed to cancel the preferential tax regime and introduce a full VAT, which from January 1 will increase to 20%. The increase in prices for imported equipment at the expense of fees to the budget will increase the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers, whose share in the market, according to the Pharma-2020 strategy, should double in the next three years – from 21% to 40%, the Ministry of Industry and Trade argues in the draft order approval of the Strategy for the development of the medical industry in Russia until 2030. " The problem with medical imports arose last year, when a new classifier of medical devices, OKPD-2, began to operate. Because of this, part of the imported equipment has Continue Reading


What will remain free in hospitals?

As it turned out, according to the standards of officials from medicine until 2020, for every Russian they put 0.3 ambulance calls and 1.98 calls to the clinic. Then maybe even less … And that's all we need to know about our “social state”, which is spelled out in the Constitution. The Ministry of Health of Russia published document No. 11-8 / 10 / 2-5437 – this is a reminder for citizens "On guarantees of free medical care." THE CONSTITUTION THERE IS NOT A DECISION … In the very first line of the document, the authors change the text of the Constitution. The fact is that the present article 41 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation reads: “Everyone has the right to health protection and medical care. Medical care in state and municipal healthcare institutions is provided to citizens free of charge. ” In the document of the Ministry Continue Reading