In the Kama region, the doctor refused to take the child without an appointment and left the office.

A resident of Perm named Dmitry complained about the actions of the doctors of the city polyclinic №4. According to the man, his six-year-old son, he can not record admission for two months, and in the very institution of the child refuse to accept. A video appeared in the community “My city – Perm”, in which a man asks to explain to doctors why his otolaryngologist refuses to examine his child. The staff of the institution reported that admission is carried out only by appointment – personally through the pediatrician or online. To the man's remark about the problems with the recording, he was recommended to “not delay the queue”, and the doctor himself left the office. As the author of the video writes, as a result, the man had to leave with nothing. “Such problems are not only with the otolaryngologist, but with almost all narrow specialists. At least Continue Reading


The surgeon, who left the initials on the liver of patients, appeared before the court

British surgeon Simon Bramhall admitted to the royal court of Birmingham (Birmingham Crown Court) that he left his initials on the liver of two patients during operations in 2013. A 53-year-old surgeon, who was removed from practice, admitting that his victims had initials on the bodies of victims, denies the charges of assault against him with the aim of causing bodily harm. The court in this paragraph took the side of the accused and admitted that the surgeon in this case did not violate criminal law. Bramhall left his initials on the patients liver during an organ transplant. Currently, the doctor is suspended from work and denied the right to practice medicine by decision of the Birmingham court. Prosecutor Tony Badenoch said: "It was a very complicated and unusual case, both within the framework of expert medical testimony filed by both parties, and by the law." He also added that Continue Reading


Veteran sues hospital for a scalpel left in his body

For several years, an elderly veteran from New Haven, Connecticut, suffered from abdominal pain until he found out the reason for his illness – it turned out that surgeons had forgotten a scalpel in his body during an operation. An alien body was detected during an X-ray examination, when 61-year-old Glenford Turner turned to a local veteran hospital with severe pain and dizziness. It turned out that the scalpel was forgotten in August 2013 in the same medical facility during a prostatectomy. The surgical knife was dangerously close to the patient’s intestines and stomach. Turner had to undergo a dangerous operation to eliminate the tool. Now the injured military demands damages. With the support of the law firm Faxon Law Group, he filed a lawsuit with the US Federal District Court. "It is unthinkable when a medical facility, especially serving veterans, is so negligent for patients … Better treatment can Continue Reading